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Tunnel Boston, Guide & Review

Tunnel is one of the most paramount, exuberant, and exotic nightclubs in Boston. It is nothing less than a pioneer, which has changed the nightlife of Boston for the better. Situated underneath W Boston is one of its kind venue Tunnel – that promises to alter the Boston’s club scene altogether with the best sorts of entertainment it extends. This exclusive and exciting club has established itself as the most loved and famed venue in Boston ever since it saw the light. People from all over Boston come to experience the unique fun that is on offer in Tunnel. Tunnel is welcoming for all and sundry. Everyone is offered with something they like exclusively.

Tunnel justifies its name as it is more of a tunnel not only physically, but its discreet and tactful street-level entrance, as well as the narrow layout, makes sense for its name. As you enter the club, you will have to descend via an up to the minute staircase or an ultra-modern mirrored elevator as the club is located one story down. The owners Max Camponovo and Brian Lesser are the brainboxes behind this notion. On account of its wide stakes and experience, Tunnel vows to provide its guests with one of a kind and once in a lifetime night-out to remember forever.

The beautiful and awe-inspiring tunnel-like structure is designed by the famous and master in craft Sousa Design Architects – Tunnel is evident of their skillfulness. You will get to dance under the luminescence of more than 3600 LED floating fixtures, which keep on changing the pre-set lighting effects with over 6500 effects. The music scene is miscellaneous and diverse. The most loved aspect of Tunnel is it unique and exceptional champagne, whiskey, wines, beers, and cocktails. The menu of drinks is very rich that caters for all and sundry.

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