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Legacy Nightclub Boston, Guide & Review

Legacy Nightclub Boston is situated in Tremont Street, which is a hub of many legendary venues extending best of Boston’s nightlife for the last two decades. Legacy Boston was originally opened as a Jukebox in the year 1982. Its basement served as one of the hottest and sexiest nightclubs at that time in Boston. Opened 365 nights a year until 2001 – Legacy Nightclub prides itself as the longest running club in the history of Boston.

Legacy Boston is nothing less in the exuberant atmosphere, exotic ambiance, gastronomic food, thirst-quenching cocktails and champagne, music, events, and parties than its big brother named ‘Royale Boston’. The design aspects of both venues are quite similar. Legacy Nightclub unites all the major elements of Royale into a more intimate and smaller package. Legacy Nightclub has a space of over 5K sq. ft. that can accommodate all kinds of parties and events. The best of Boston events and parties happen in Legacy Nightclub.

Legacy Nightclub provides you with a nostalgic and comfy setting where you can opt for stepping away from the monotonous business of your lives to recline and relax, entertain and build relationships. You can also avail yourselves with the unique and exceptional access to opportunities, business deals, and investments, which are not to be found so easily, otherwise.

The goal of the owners and staff of Legacy Nightclub is to honor and regard the legacies of their predecessors, to help others who are starting off their journeys, and most importantly, growing on their own. Legacy Nightclub is arguably one of the most sophisticated and chic clubs in the town that attract the bustling crowds with an intimate dance-floor and bottle service. So, just not read about the most exuberant and dreamlike venues to pay visits to! Get up and explore them on your own!

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