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Red Lantern Boston


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Red Lantern Boston, Guide & Review

Filled with antique statues and beautiful lanterns – the sexy, provocative, and gorgeous back-bay nightspot and restaurant that attracts the most stylish and cracking up young audience with an enchanting and exotic vibe is Red Lantern Boston. Guests come inside the venue through the custom oversized Asian doors as they find themselves in a vestibule, where they will enter via large Asian ceremonial doors in black lacquered from where they get inside the main atrium. The main room is nothing less than a sea of red and black decor, with hundreds of lanterns hanging on the ceiling. The main room is filled up with a few small as well as some bigger community tables. Separate seating for custom wok station and bar is also available. The back side is the private room for accommodating up to 40 guests. This room is also furnished by Chinese apothecary ornamentation as in large and small vials with fabric-lined ceilings for an elite and luxurious atmosphere.

The miscellaneous and extensive menu of Red Lantern is nothing less than have-a-go Asian favorites including from new and innovative to the traditional and beloved. The menu serves the world-class noodles, sushi, duck, and steak. Special featured dishes such as Orange Miso Salmon and Poke Bowl showcase the updated flavors of Asia. The sensual and sophisticated Asian Restaurant, Red Lantern Boston is most famed for its award-winning cuisine. The exceptional cuisine and stunning decor unite for bringing you on a paramount culinary journey.
Red Lantern Boston extends state of the art and exuberant lighting and sound systems, which fill up the venue with booming music sound for the after-dinner shenanigans. What keeps you away from this one of a kind and exciting spot that extends the fun and entertainment like no other! Rush to Red Lantern at your earliest for a once in a lifetime experience!

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