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Cure Lounge Boston


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Cure Lounge Boston, Guide & Review

Over and done with the ‘Victorian Chic’ finishing, the glamorized signs of an awe-inspiring Cure Lounge are just evident right from the split second you step in the venue. The dramatic and bold statements of patterns and shapes with the sophisticated and subtle colors palette, juxtapose and balanced with Jing-Jang forms for bringing the unique and exuberant vibes to this traditional and historical gem of Boston.

A renowned designer named John Stefanon, designed the sparky interior of Cure Lounge. The aesthetics are drawn from a robust focus on mood and history. Originally conceived to be an orchestra area of the theater and a ladies lounge – this dreamingly beautiful arena just calls for the wonderful people who are young at heart. The spot is further distributed in two lounges; The Main Lounge and the Back Lounge. Both are fashioned for bringing the exciting movements within fantasy and time.

Cure Lounge is considered as one of the sexiest night spots of Boston. The vibe of the place is fun and entertainment. People have a good time here. The venue fills up so quick that you need to show up no later than 12 at night. Otherwise, your wish to have a fun-filled night will go in vain. Cure Lounge has the world’s most delectable beverages, cocktails, and drinks on offer. The menu is a little too pricey for a night out. The venue is solid if you are watching out for some potential spot for throwing a private birthday party.

The music scene is diverse and miscellaneous from Techno and House to Electronic Dance and Progressive. Not only the residents but also the world-renowned DJs and artists show up to play and perform. Best of Boston parties and events happen in Cure Lounge. Fridays and weekends are all fun. Do NOT be hard on yourself and rush to Cure Lounge at your earliest! All the bliss and joy are awaiting you there!

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