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Empire Boston, Guide & Review

Empire Boston is a 14K sq.ft. Asian restaurant and lounge that situated right in the seaport region of Boston. This awe-inspiring and gastronomic spot is just a few steps away from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Empire Boston is operated by an award-winning group named Big Night Entertainment Group. The restaurant extends a stylized interior, ethereal atmosphere, exquisite ambiance, and a well crafted and tantalizing menu; all of which transport the guests and visitors to another make-believe and dreamy world. The restaurant has a capacity of three 40-seats private dining areas which open to one colossal private event zone. Empire Boston is capable of hosting 600 guests at one given time and can make room for the groupings of all the sizes for seated dinners and receptions.

This innovative and one of its kind restaurant is soaked in bright gold, oranges, and turquoise colors. This space is further punctuated with serpentine and complicated patterns, luxurious fabrics, and exuberant Asian art. In addition to that, the modern, sleek, and up to the minute space is fashioned in a way that provides the guests with an old feel having a touch of mysterious Hong Kong. The place is divided into many distinct rooms that feature exotic details in decor and furnishing; Bar and Lounge, Imperial Dining Room, Great Wall Gallery, Salon, Private Dining Rooms, Persimmon Room, Private Bar, and an Asian open kitchen – all of them are aesthetically different from one another.

The menu is extensive and vibrant that includes Asian delicacies and favorites, ranging from the traditional and beloved to the new and innovative. From sushi and steak to noodles and lamb – the menu caters for all the taste buds. In addition to that, all the best parties and events of Boston happen in Empire Boston too. So, the restaurant is all fun under one roof! Come and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Empire Boston Dress Code Guide

Located in the Boston’s Seaport district (just a few steps away from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center), the Empire is an upscale nightclub offering top class food, throwback remixes, and hip-hop music. The nightclub is an architectural masterpiece with beautiful design, broad tables, and unique art. If you wish to enjoy the delectable cuisine while enjoying the music played by the local DJ, then make sure you wear the best dress you have in your kitty.

Empire Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The primary dress code for men is business casual. You can wear a collared shirt with jeans but make sure they are not baggy. Shorts, work boots, gym shoes, sneakers, sportswear, etc. are not allowed in the Empire nightclub. Ripped jeans and t-shirts with visual images might be trendy and fashionable, but they are also not appreciated in the nightclub. So it’s better you don’t wear them.

Dress shoes are decent as well as comfortable. So those types of shoes should be your first choice when you’re getting ready for a party in the Empire nightclub.

Empire Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

​Wear something which is comfortable, trendy, and suits your body type. Dresses, skirts, jeans, and pants – all are allowed. Just make sure you don’t wear tank tops and sandals. Wear stylish shoes, preferably heels.

Black is the color of the season. So whether you’re fat or thin, it doesn’t matter. Wear a short or long dress in black with good stilettos. You’ll look fab.

Our Suggestion 

The Empire nightclub management has the absolute discretion to decide which dress code is allowed. Unless you’re a celebrity, don’t wear something that is prohibited in the nightclub. Don’t wear camouflage pants and track jackets or carry drugs and alcohol. You can get refreshing cocktails within $19 in the Empire nightclub. Enjoy it with comfort food and good music.

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