Mexico City Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Mexico City, or the City of Mexico is the capital of Mexico and the most populous city in North America. It is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the Americas. It is located in the Valley of Mexico (Valle de México), a large valley in the high plateaus in the center of Mexico.

It has a vibrant and deep nightlife culture with lots of parties of all styles all over the city. Read on and you will find something to do at night or somewhere to party until dawn.

Mexico City is one of the most enjoyable destinations. It’s a historic center, better known as Zocalo, is declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is the heart of a living culture that exudes everything accumulated since the founding of Tenochtitlan. Visit its neighborhoods flooded with art nouveau and art deco, enjoy its cuisine and lose yourself in the streets of the city with the most museums in the world.

So as briefed above the city offers a wide and great range of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs which has actually improved the nightlife experiences for their locals as well as foreigners, in context of the same, here in this article, we will provide all the necessary information related to nightlife features of Mexico, including a comprehensive list of the best destinations. You will find all the tools and necessary information here to organize your holidays in Mexico City the most complete way to make your journey a beautiful experience.

The Nightlife in Mexico

Vibrant, colorful, and lively, Mexico City is a city of over 8.8 million people. It is a busy and bustling metropolis that has a complete traffic nightmare during the day. But nighttime paints a different picture. With the night air, there is a more laid-back atmosphere, and as the night air becomes cooler, hipsters stroll the plaza among families and anyone interested in a pleasant night out is out to enjoy the evening.

In Mexico City, a delicious evening dinner begins around 8 pm, Mariachi bands play until midnight, and afterward, the exotic night clubs are hopping, with all-night dance parties. So check out our recommended options here for the best venues available in Mexico and all are ready to make you happy while you are enjoying your nightlife experience over there:

Dinner in the middle of Mexico’s biggest green lung

A moonlit picnic in which you breathe fresh air, dine and listen to music in the 5.3 hectares of land which make up the Botanical Gardens of the Chapultepec Forest, considered the oldest urban park in America. You prepare your own menu and bring whatever takes your fancy, but if you want to surprise your date, you can buy a picnic basket at which includes a bottle of red wine, a tablecloth, LED candles, plastic glasses, two ciabattas, two apples, and chocolates. Entry is free and you don’t need to reserve, but arrive early to make sure you get a comfortable spot.

Oldest downtown neighborhoods with Coffee, Pizza, and Wine

The force behind this project is Rubén Ochoa, architect and respected historian in the San Rafael area. He is found in the Privada Roja, a building that was completed in 1908. They offer artisan roasted coffee from Veracruz and Oaxaca, as well as traditional Pizzas which are cooked in a 1920s art-deco stone oven. As well as jazz nights, martinis and jars of clericot, during the day Ochoa leads guided tours of Mexico City’s central districts, informing you about all the historical and architectural facts from the Mexican Revolution to the Porfirio Días era, showing you lost buildings, educational institutions, galleries and evening hotspots.

Explore incredible attractions after dark at the Museums at Night

Set aside the last Wednesday of every month to look around exhibitions in the city’s cultural hotspots at night. The Museum Night concept was born in Berlin around 1997 and it takes place every month in Mexico City, while in other cities it happens more sporadically. Usually, these museums offer guided visits, tours, workshops, concerts and other special activities on the night.

Medieval style diner and magic show

The Mesón del Cid is a themed restaurant that was founded in 1972 which is in the style of a castle with dark varnishes, colored stained glass windows, armor, stately elegance and many a story to tell. As well as trying the rustic and traditional Spanish cuisine, which features suckling pig, mushrooms, cheeses, and homemade bread, Fridays include a bit of magic which El Mago Hir oversees. Saturdays are the medieval nights. The menu includes four times, you choose the main course and for two hours, you are served jugs of red wine.

Enter the twilight zone of Rum and Cigars

The 3rd floor of Molière 48 is one of the most mysterious floors in Polanco. There is a red telephone booth that with the correct number code (cigar), opens a door onto a terrace which leads to a rum, whiskey and cigar heaven. The sign on one of the wall reads, “Gentlemen you may smoke”; in the specific smoking room, they sell cigars from brands like Vegas Robaina de San Luis, Flor de Las Antillas, Toro Gordo, Cohiba and many more from various tobacco brands from all over the world. If your bank balance is sufficient enough, ask for a private cellar to store your purchases.

Little Venice in the middle of Mexico City

Xochimilco was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and its neighborhoods are full of tradition and respect for nature. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico City, in which you float through canals in traditional Trajinera Boats. During the tour, you will come across boats with mariachis players, ‘ranchero’ trios and marimbas who will offer to play you a few songs and liven up your evening. Ask to visit the Island of Dolls, an eerie plot of land where dolls are hung from the trees. Its creation is attributed to Julián Santana Barrera, who is said to have used the dolls to scare away the spirit of a girl who drowned near the area.

Watch the sunrise from 65m above

Want to have a 360-degree view of Mexico City while admiring the sunrise? Monumental Sunrises are offering you this incredible experience, thanks to which you will see the sunrise from the highest point of the Revolution Monument. The tour includes coffee and a pastry to help you get to the little light from where you can admire the city’s emblematic buildings such as the Frontón México, the Opera House, the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center and the Chopo University Museum, which was brought piece by piece from Germany. To enjoy this experience that lasts for around 2 hours, bring comfortable shoes and a coat as well.

Best Bars in Mexico

Mexico City is a good place to try Mexican beer, mezcal, pulque, and craft cocktails. We have to admit that Mexico City has awesome Bars and Nightlife. Most of Mexico City’s nightlife can be experienced in Condesa, Roma, and Hipodromo, three neighborhoods that all are located next to each other, south of Bosque de Chapultepec.

Mexico City has become an equally vibrant nightlife destination, with a slate of new, boundary-pushing cocktail, wine, and beer bars spread throughout the city. There’s a vibe for everyone, from a hidden boho cocktail haunt to a sweaty salsa hall to a mezcal-slinging dive bar. So if you are taking a trip to Mexico very soon, here your recreation for the nightlife attraction and liquor need is sorted with the list of best bars, pubs and cocktail lounges available in Mexico. Go out with your friends and loved one to have a memorable experience on your vacation:

La Casa de las Sirenas

Tequila, Mexico’s national alcoholic drink, has become world-famous. Developments and experiments have led to the existence of several different types. In Mexico City, the best bar to visit to explore the flavors of tequila is La Casa de las Sirenas. This is a restaurant-bar located within a building from the 16th century that has an extensive tequila list. Get comfortable in the tequila salons inside and pick and choose your favorite drinks from more than 250 brands.

Cicatriz Cafe

With its meticulously executed craft cocktails and thoughtfully curated natural wine list, Cicatriz has changed the game for drinking in Juarez. Owned by New York transplants and siblings Scarlett and Jake Lindeman, the relaxed drinks destination combines new American style dishes, like an indulgent crispy chicken sandwich, with signature drinks like the Yokos, the house version of an Aperol spritz.

Xaman Bar

As you enter into this hidden bar, the bohemian smell of copal incense welcomes you to a night of mellow music and fancy cocktails. Xaman’s list plays with local ingredients like guava and hoja santa, which find their way into fermented syrups, bitters, and other boozy concoctions. Local and foreign artists blend in alongside an edgy business crowd, so be prepared to people-watch with a cocktail in hand.

Bar La Opera

If you have a flair for the historically dramatic, spot in at the Bar Opera and take a look at the hole supposedly shot into the ceiling by Emiliano Zapata. This old decadent beauty of a bar was once the place to see and be seen in high-class Mexican society and was the after-hours hang out for the city’s opera, as you might have guessed from the name. The liquor list here is indeed a never-ending story, but no fancy molecular, smoke-infused cocktails, just straight-up regular drinking. The food is also really good, with escargot and octopus some of the favorites.

Area Bar

Polanco is home to a fashionable rooftop bar, the Area Bar, which belongs to the Hotel Habita. The elite of Mexico City can be found at this luxurious venue, which offers breathtaking views of the trendy neighborhood. Make the most of the beautifully decked lounge area, which has its own rooftop swimming pool during the day. When night falls, enjoy the delights of lounging at this upscale bar while sipping a delicious cocktail.

Jules Basement

Proudly presenting itself as the first speakeasy in Mexico City, Jules Basement is not a bar to be missed. This bar lies behind an unassuming fridge door, which opens out into the creatively and abstractly decorated bar area. Jules Basement is well-known for its delicious cocktails, which are prepared with the utmost skill and attention. Music and entertainment are welcome at Jules Basement, which hosts gigs, stand-up comedy shows, and cocktail tasting sessions.

Artic Bar

Mexico City is home to Latin America’s very first ice bar “The Artic Bar”. At this special bar, you can experience the freezing temperatures of 15˚F in their ice room, where you can lounge on ice sofas. Don’t worry about wrapping up before arriving. The bar provides suitable clothing to wear, as well as a free shot served in a glass made of ice. For those who wish to dance, there is a separate lounge area and dance floor set at room temperature. The atmosphere here will ensure an unforgettable night.

Wallace Whisky Bar

When you are tired of mezcal, tequila, and tacos, Wallace Whisky Bar in Condesa is the place to go. It is a rather cool and friendly place to relax with friends after a busy day. It offers excellent drinks and classic bar snacks to delight the tastebuds. Although, as the name suggests, it specializes in whiskey, Wallace Whisky Bar also has an excellent selection of beers. These include Mexican craft beers as well as the classics.

Puebla 109

Located inside a wonderful building that dates back to the beginning of last century, Puebla 109 is an exclusive location in Mexico City, consisting of a restaurant, bar, and an even more private club. Sophisticated with a delicate touch of art, the upscale bar promises an intimate ambiance in which you can sample a variety of gin-and-tonics. There are also other delicious cocktails, inspired by the traditional flavors of Mexico but prepared using techniques from cultures from all over the globe. Ideal for cocktail lovers, Puebla 109 is a bar in Mexico City which should be on your list of bars to visit.

Best Bar Restaurants in Mexico

Mexico City offers a variety of cuisines. Restaurants specializing in the regional cuisines of Mexico’s 31 states are available in the city. Also available are an array of international cuisines and fellow Latin American cuisines. Mexico City is known for having some of the freshest fish and seafood in Mexico’s interior. La Nueva Viga Market is the second-largest seafood market in the world after the Tsukiji fish market in Japan. The city also has several branches of renowned international restaurants and chefs. Mexico’s award-winning wines are offered at many restaurants, and the city offers unique experiences for tasting the regional spirits, with broad selections of tequila and mezcal.

The healthy expat community and plenty of things to do are confirm, that there is a diverse array of local joints, hip hangouts, brunch spots, and smaller restaurants all over the city ready to cater to just about any culinary as well as booze desire. So, get a taste of the vast local produce for yourself by making your way to the streets of Mexico and experience the diverse and tasty culinary scene with our guide to the best restaurants in Mexico. Here we have come up with some of the best and premium restaurants available in Mexico so you don’t find yourself in the hassle of looking for:

Tacos El Huequito

Many taquerias in Mexico City claim to be the creator of the taco al pastor, but El Huequito makes a strong case for itself with quality ingredients and generous servings. Though locations now dot the city, head to the original downtown stand, established on Ayuntamiento Street in 1959. If you want to go full-force, order the special, a little mountain of pastor meat that could fill 10 tacos, accompanied by salsas and tortillas.

Street Tamales for Breakfast

Tamal vendors can be found all over the city – just lookout for someone on a street corner with steamer pots. One will be filled with all varieties of tamales (wrapped in either corn husk or banana leaf) and the others will hold hot atole drinks made from masa. A champurrado (a chocolate atole drink) and a tamal together make for a perfect and dirt-cheap Mexico City breakfast.

Tasting Menu at Emília

While you can order a’ la carte, the elegant 10-course tasting menu is the way to go at Emília, the latest project from talented chef Lucho Martínez and the Edo Kobayashi restaurant group, which has worked to introduce more Japanese dining to the city. Seasonal produce comes together with strong Japanese influences in dishes like smoked duck with lamb demi-glace and yuzu kosho, as well as grilled bass with beurre blanc, ikura, and cauliflower. The space features a big marble counter and a slick open kitchen.

Café Tacobar

A tiny bar on the quiet side of Roma Norte, Café Tacobar has something for everybody at any time of the day. Grab a cup of coffee early in the morning, or come by as the afternoon unfolds for a beer paired with tacos on handmade Oaxacan Tortillas. The tacos change daily, but favorites include the mushrooms and short ribs. At night, the bar serves serious drinkers and restaurant-industry regulars, who come to sample bartender Khristian de la Torre’s signature cocktails (like the Salmoncito, with gin, Campari, and grape juice).


Since opening in 2017, Meroma has been a favorite of Mexico City diners. The Roma Norte restaurant boasts a serious pantry filled with ingredients from all over Mexico, pulling from regions as far away as Baja California. The menu follows the seasons, featuring dishes like perfectly cooked duck breast, or charred quail with green beans and roasted onions. Despite the elegant fare, Meroma is relaxed in look and feel, best enjoyed at a late lunch on the quiet terrace.

El Sella

The nearby hospital supplies most of the clientele at El Sella. Suited in white lab coats and blue scrubs, everyone is here for the chamorro, a braised pork shank served with an endless supply of tortillas. Chamorro is a popular dish made at many restaurants across town but this version is particularly succulent. Arrive early because the dining room fills up fast every day of the week.

Masala y Maíz

Saturday brunch at Masala y Maíz is a great way to kick off the weekend. The team combines ingredients from nearby organic farms for an inventive menu that draws on both Mexican and Indian cuisines. Chefs Norma Listman and Saqib Keval opted to set up their project in San Miguel Chapultepec, a refreshing choice outside the usual Roma and Condesa food circuits.


Chef Enrique Olvera, the celebrity chef behind New York’s Cosme – offers two different dining options at his highly acclaimed Pujol: a multi-course tasting menu in the formal dining room and a “taco omakase” meal at the low-slung bar featuring various tacos, antojitos, and botanas. You will likely get to taste Olvera’s famed mole madre dish no matter which you choose, it will just be in taco form at the bar. If you are set on going to Pujol, you will want to book your reservation before you book your flight.


A demure plaque outside a nondescript Roma townhouse marks the entrance to Lorea, a new restaurant that highlights the talents of Mexico City native Oswaldo Oliva, who spent the past decade cooking in Spain. The two-story apartment has been converted into a dark and stylish culinary temple, with an open kitchen, plenty of space between tables, and natural wood touches. The dining room can get a bit cold, so bring a shawl.

Best Nightclub in Mexico

Craving for an all-nighter and looking for the right place to dance along with a cheery and lively crowd? Well, Mexico is the place for you! Comprising of beaches, mountains, and vast scenic landscapes, this city has some of the best nightclubs and really ‘has it all!’ Whether you want to sway with the live orchestra, chat with the locals or really drink your way till the sunrise, Mexico will never disappoint you. When you are planning to visit the Mexico City, we strongly recommend you to choose a place to stay close to these top late-night hangouts, as these are indeed a must thing to do while you are in Mexico. Wherever you are, you are sure to have an absolute ace time during your stay in Mexico. After dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city, refer our recommended options here and keep the nightlife festivities going at the best clubs in Mexico. Check out our recommendations here, grab a group of friends or special someone and explore Mexico’s glamorous nightlife activities going on at the optimum best night clubs:


Mono has been for years one of the favorite nightlife options in the city. It is located in the upcoming barrio of “la Juárez,” in a centenary house where national and international DJs gather together to create parties that keep everybody dancing and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. The best time to arrive is after 2 am.

Americana Club Social

You might feel a bit like you have stepped back in time when you enter Americana Club Social, but the experience of visiting this reputable, sensual Mexico City hotspot is out of this world. Stepping past the velvet rope on the door, you are met with artwork by Gildo Medina, live electronic and house music and outstanding service. As if that weren’t enough, the luxurious club itself is situated in a converted colonial house that has two floors, the second of which boasts a stripper pole.


Just a couple of blocks away from Café Paraíso is located this center – mainly of electronic music – whose name refers to the famous Janis Joplin. Until 2 am the vibe is very juvenile with young adults (early 20s) filling the place. After that hour, older adults begin to arrive and don’t leave until very early in the morning.

La Santa

It had a hype to live up to when it opened in the swanky Polanco district in October 2016, and live up it did. La Santa Polanco, situated right on the corner of one of the city’s fanciest avenues, Masaryk, is one of the poshest (and priciest) hotspots in Mexico City. You need to be on the list and dressed to impressed – waiting in a long queue just to be turned away is never fun. However, while the vibe is exclusive, the music is commercial.

AM Local

Spread over three floors, each with their own distinctive vibe and atmosphere, AM Local lives up to its name as you more than likely won’t stumble out until the early hours of the morning. LED lights are the principal feature of the interior design and if you think all the action is on the second floor just wait until you hit the third-floor terrace. Having now been open for well over 10 years, AM Local is a staple on the Mexico City scene and offers reasonable prices and a flexible dress code.


Located in one of the wealthiest areas, this nightclub is one of the favorites of la crème de la crème of the city. Commercial pop music and some electronic DJs make everybody dance all over the place, and the champagne bottles don’t stop coming to the tables. It has a pretty good service, so it won’t hurt you when the time to pay the bill comes.

Patrick Miller

At “el Patrick,” people come to dance without embarrassment or prejudice. Here it is all about the 80s, 90s and 2000s music, and you can find from a snobby girl to a taxicab driver who just finished working. A lot of fun occurs in circles in which people challenge others to a dance duel were the most creative and outgoing wins. It is a place where you have a good time from the moment you put one foot inside. It is not fancy at all and they only sell beer.

M. N. Roy

Situated in the heart of Roma, one of the best barrios for nightlife activities in the city, M. N. Roy also has a somewhat legendary status for its revolutionary namesake and celebrity clientele. If you get in, you will be able to enjoy electronic music and a wide selection of cocktails, but getting in is tricky; M. N. Roy is incredibly exclusive. You literally have to be in possession of a membership card (or ring!) to enter or be tight with whoever’s on the door that night.

Club Social Rhodesia

Currently one of the hottest night clubs of the moment in Mexico City, Club Social Rhodesia is well located just next to the Glorieta de la Cibeles. As with many other Roma spots, it is an old converted house that looks deceptively uninviting from the outside, although the queue snaking down the street tells you otherwise. Over three floors, they play pop/rock and dance music, the atmosphere is alternative rather than fancy, and the drinks aren’t too overpriced.


Let us conclude the topic, here in this article we had a brief introduction of Mexico along with highlighting some of its prominent norms, culture, and nightlife features. We also went through different activities and places to enjoy the nightlife of the region, Musical venues, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs as well. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals as well.

As already elaborated, the nightlife attraction of Mexico is scattered throughout the city. There are several streets / bustling areas of the city where cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries and restaurants offer something special to everyone who loves the culture, shopping and nightlife attraction. There are plenty of pubs & bars throughout the City areas and they are truly satisfying the desire of thirsty visitors where you can enjoy your cocktails with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of the hand-crafted beers and their decors.

You don’t feel any hunger during your trip, that is why we also suggested some of the finest restaurants in the city that offer exotic and delicious food along with your favorite drinks. You can enjoy the taste of good food along with some great booze.

And lastly, we went through comprehensive options of nightclubs of the city that offers great music and fun with some delightfully exotic choices of drinks and cocktail that will delight your overall experience of charming nightlife during your stay at Mexico.

All of the experiences as mentioned above will work together to make your journey to Mexico absolutely a memorable one. A perfect and balanced blend of the above-identified activities can actually boost your experience and make your trip extremely unforgettable for you.

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