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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Mexico City

1. AM Local Mexico City

AM Local is a club opened 14 years ago, since then it has been responsible for programming the most proactive in electronic music at a national and international level. Located next to the Bosque de Chapultepec, within the Condesa neighborhood, where it is known as the Soho of Mexico City.

2. Mama Rumba Mexico City

Are you in search of a club to dance your night off in Mexico City. Mama Rumba is a night club focused on one thing: Cuban salsa! Mama Rumba is located at La Roma, it is a two story building. This makes it better for you to grab a seat for yourself upstairs and you will get a superb view of the stage .

3. Leonor Mexico City

You are thirsting for a memorable night out! Leonor is the perfect destination for you. Leonor, an underground club hidden in the heart of Mexico City. Located in the middle of a busy street, you would never stop to think that the door to this place led to a location filled with great music and excellent drinks. Every weekend, this little place hosts epic nights of dancing, fun, and excess. The music depends on the DJ, but the most successful set lists are usually MJ, Madonna and top 40. Leonor is far and away one of the best nightclubs in the area.

4. Apotheke Mexico City

Apothéke Mexico City is the first of its kind. Apotheke is a favorite spot amongst the youth in search of great music and cocktails. Apotheke is located in a hot-spot in the city. The entire experience is a privilege. It is important to mention that on Saturdays Apotheke is open from noon to spend the afternoon with friends, and enjoy a brunch accompanied by champagne to start the night.

5. BAR Donceles Mexico City

Looking for a great fun night in Mexico look no further than Bar Donceles. Awesome bar and good music indeed and be sure to dance your night out to the fullest. If you’re into dark wave 80s, rock or metal this is the place to go. Beers and alcohol served and a small menu on food.  You will  Really enjoy the atmosphere and the employees are really nice.  Basically a big house, every room has different musical genres. Nice vibes. Would go again a year ago.

6. La Santa Masaryk Mexico City

In need of an awesome night out in Mexico be sure to find it to your satisfaction at La Santa Masaryk. La Santa Masaryk is one of the popular Dance & Night Club located in Presidente, Mexico City. Enjoy the best moments with your friends from dancing the best music with excellent DJs on the deck.

7. La Purísima Mexico City

La Purísima could be the disco version of Marrakech. Before entering, a spectacular phrase framed in lights welcomes you with the only entry requirement: “Pare de Sufrir!!” (Stop suffering). The walls are black with crimson highlights and pictures that are far more pornographic than pure. There are also tables and armchairs along with a stage for the muscle-bound strippers to grind on.

8. Híbrido Mexico City

Hibrido is a popular choice of the younger, student crowd of Ciudad de México. This huge venue is the perfect place to dance all night whilst the DJs spin popular house and techno hits into the early morning. here’s several bars spread out over two floors, and a rooftop balcony on the third. Hibrido features a rooftop balcony, three floors, techno and house Club whose most famous party is Sunday night Elektro Sundays. Their schedule on other nights varies so check social media. Electro Sundays ago from 10 pm and continue until Monday morning. Famous DJs and thumping beats. There are also Hibrido clubs in several other Mexican cities.

9. Pata Negra Condesa Mexico City

Nominally a tapas bar, this oblong salon draws a friendly mix of 20-something chilangos and expats. Live Veracruz-style son jarocho bands perform on Saturday, while the program during the week usually features jazz, salsa or funk music. Happening bar/nightspot for cocktails & pub grub plus DJs & dancing in a casual space.

10. Fünk Club Mexico City

Looking for an amazing night out in Mexico then look no further than Fünk Club. Fünk Club is a basement club located in the federal Insurgentes Mexico City, Mexico District. Best underground electro venue with the best sound system.

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