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A small night club with a capacity to host just 300 people at a time, Moondance Club in Madrid is a popular night club with a rich, international feel. This night club is known to host several exciting events for international student crowds, with one night of the week sincerely dedicated to college going party lovers in Madrid!

Moondance Club is located centrally in Madrid and has fast turned into one of the popular spots in Madrid for enjoying nightlife. The interior of the club has been decorated to look as modern and trendy as possible, and very rightfully, attracts some of the liveliest, music-loving, all night partying, young student crowds of Madrid. The main attraction you will find in Moondance Club is the massive dance floor. The music taste in Moondance is quite varied. The club does this intentionally just so that all kinds of crowds get the kind of music that they prefer at some point or another.

Open 4 nights a week, Moondance Club is an extremely popular night club in Madrid which is a must visit for those who want to enjoy the rich international student crowds and have an authentic night of nonstop partying till sunrise.

This is the ultimate guide to Moondance Club, Madrid. Find out everything you need to know about the directions to the club, what you are expected to wear, what kind of crowds visit, the drinks and tickets for the club, and everything else you need to know!

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