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Nest Toronto, Guide & Review

Internationally known DJs spin at this cavernous night spot featuring premium sound and light shows. Music can change the world because it can change people. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind. Nest is located on College Street, not close to the clubbing district which makes it a venue that you have to specifically want to go. Next right now is known for its ‘Barcode Saturdays’. The Barcode Saturday night is aimed towards an urban youth crowd, spinning hip hop, rap and trap. Fridays have a completely different vibe focusing on EDM music and the EDM crowd!

Nest is a small niche club that definitely achieves the vibes on each night it’s trying to achieve. On Saturdays this club captures the essence of what Barcode Saturdays is about which is hip hop music and an urban crowd. There is a large dance floor as well as booths and sitting areas surrounding the dance floor. You must be 19+ to enter Nest Club on a normal night, no exceptions are made. The dress code is generally casual. There are no major restrictions, although sneakers are generally frowned upon, try to keep them black.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. Nest is a new symbol of excellence in Toronto nightlife and sound experience. The multi-floor 800 person venue is a musical hub which brings various sounds of music together under one roof. Upstairs explores a variety of experimental and underground artist and sounds through an all new dynacord sound system. Downstairs brings in a more sophisticated club experience that includes a beautiful bar serving cocktails, craft beers and snacks, and the sounds of sexy house music rolling through a db sound system.

The space is decorated in an intriguing manner that perfectly encapsulates the theme. Giant nests that look like enormous Popsicle stick sculptures are all over the place, and gorgeous, enormous paper airplanes appear to be taking flight from their nesting place on the wall. The great décor is only slightly upstaged by the insane sound system and cool lights. The sound system is a very expensive system that sounds really good and the LED lights create a cool light show. Nest is a cool club with a great sound system and impressive lights and décor.

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