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P1 Gaststätten GmbH Diskothek Munich, Guide & Review

For decades, the legendary P1 Summer Festival has been the most elaborate staging in German nightlife, where it can quickly come to an intake stop after a short time. Real elephants, giant wheels, Jesus statues, Harley parades or Roman festivals – from Steve Aoki to Tiesto to Jan Delay – there’s nothing the P1 guest has not experienced yet. Once you have passed the door, the night lies at your feet. From tradition to escalation, the historic catacombs of the P1 Club have already experienced everything. The scent of H’ugo’s crispy truffle pizza and sparkling fireworks is in the air. 


Six VIP areas surround the dance floor, on which even the Rolling Stones swung their legs. Inspired by the legendary Studio 54, the club’s primary goal is to let go and get lost in the night. It quickly becomes clear that this is not about bright LED walls or pompous installations. It’s about the magic of the community. The P1 family knows each other. And if not, this is the place to get to know each other as you pass the door. Special highlights are set every few months with the big P1 festivals! Whether terrace opening, summer party or Oktoberfest madness – there is always something offered and no night is like the other!


Not for nothing it has been lovingly named the most beautiful terrace in Munich for years. Leather couches on colorful rugs fit into cozy niches of candlelight and a rich variety of patterns. The outdoor living room fascinates with attention to detail. Lounge chairs, books, pillows, longboards and intimate seating blends harmoniously into the shabby-chic atmosphere. Incidentally, the more than eight giant screens also make it wonderful to win world championship victories and Champions League titles – especially since the outdoor sound system with its own outdoor DJ console in Munich is unparalleled.

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