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Ralph Pelster GmbH Munich, Guide & Review

The perch is cult pub, celebration bar, scene local, living room beer garden and Wohlfühlort in one. And in the middle of Schwabing, directly at the Münchner Freiheit. Whether celebrating, chatting, listening to good music or watching live sporting events, everyone (and everyone!) will find the right one for themselves here. Party for outside and inside. From fresh draft Kölsch or Tegernseer, to delicious cocktails, to rhubarb juice cherries and back to exclusive spirits from all over the world, you’ll certainly find the taste in the barschwein drinks menu that will make your party even more enjoyable. 

Since they are always quite well attended, they recommend, especially on weekends for groups of 4 or more, to secure a place on their online reservation. By the way, the topmost bargain bids are “Give me a go” and “respectful dealings with one another”. Really good place if you want to drink something before going to a club. It is really good for groups, especially if you can get a table. It gets really crowded so it’s nice to go upstairs to dance a bit. They have really cool drink choices, especially if you are in big groups. Great cozy small bar, nice atmosphere and very cheap. 

It can be very busy here sometimes, so you sometimes have to wait a little bit longer before you can order. Know what to expect: you won’t get super fancy drinks and the barkeeper’s might be stressed out. At the same time, there mostly young people, it usually gets crowded, yet there are two floors and often a DJ. If you’re looking for a relaxed bar to have a conversation this place isn’t for you. However it’s great for having a couple of beers with the lads and playing a match of football.

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