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Palais Club Munich, Guide & Review

Palais is a club located next to the train station, in which they dance House music. The interior design wonder anyone enters: Velvet walls, spangles, red lights and chandeliers create a great atmosphere. It is popular with trendy young. It is advisable to arrive early enough to not get out of the club. Palais is a nightclub situated in the city center, near the Hauptbahnhof. It’s not the coolest spot in town, but has been consistently fairly popular for many years. Perfect for those who still feel like an extended “Afterhour” under the actual party night.

Until late in the afternoon, you can celebrate more, sitting together with friends, and make the night the day. The Music Centre has changed a lot over the many years. In the former strip club, there was more pop-heavy music with erotic twist at the beginning and has currently evolved into the elite of the electric clubs and the Munich Afterhours. Actually you can come again in the early afternoon and some of the eve dance always still bravely. Electro, minimal, House, technology that is the hobby horse and the DJs usually 4-5 hours at a time. A free opportunity here offered the DJ set and the electronic travel can ever drift off into a song with a wild ROAR or Indian Bongos and mantra–like chants. Very cool. Always exciting, hypnotic and intriguing.

The drink menu is great, there is everything the heart of nightlife. Cocktails, long drinks, bubbly and co. Not exactly cheap but it yummy! The visitors are all nice people, average age 25-35. Who is on the road at the weekend and still want to dance when everything is somewhere else, is here at the right place. Here you can come even when elsewhere the shops reopen. Time plays no role. 

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