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Pooca Bar Hamburg, Guide & Review

One of the best places to party in Hamburg is the Pooca Bar. It is a small, dark venue that is well hidden in the shade of surrounding cafes, but there are no two ways about it that Pooca Bar is worth to visit with friends and loved ones to have an explicit nightlife experience in Hamburg. The nights are like unrealistic here. The Pooca bar is more of a club than a typical bar. 

If you are watching out for the best techno music in the town, Pooca Bar is your thing! Music is great!  Not only the local DJs and artists make this venue alive with their performances but the touring guest DJs and artists come here now and then. Nothing can stop you dancing on the loud music beats all through the night. Keep dancing your ass off like nobody is gazing at you!

As a pub, the Pooca Bar has the most delicious drink and cocktail menu. The best and master-in-craft bartender ensure you quench your thirst with every sip, while still craving for more! The liquors are well-priced. The beers are rather cheap. The atmosphere is chic and quite relaxing, so is the staff. 

Apart from playing house and techno daily, the infrequent live music bands make it to the Pooca Bar almost every weekend! The venue gets overcrowded by the weekend. So, get reservations beforehand to stay away from any inconvenience. You will be charged no entry fee on the door. 

Just get up and go to the Pooca Bar to get your exclusive fun experience. Believe it or not, you are going to repent if you miss out on this once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to visit such an exuberant bar in town! The chicest and one of its kind night venue awaits you impatiently!

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