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Hamburg is a multicultural city that caters to both the international/local audience. Whether you are interested in music, art or simply want to enjoy a leisurely trip, this city has got you covered. People who have visited Hamburg sing praises of its nightlife. The combination of stunning nightclubs, wild parties and famous DJ’s will make your night lively. R&B music is played in multiple venues and is quite popular. Hamburg is a big city, and finding the right club can be time-consuming so, to help out our fellow travellers, we have created a list of Hamburg’s top R&B clubs.

1. HALO Club Hamburg

One of the liveliest clubs of the night scene in Hamburg is HALO. The most authentic and the real McCoy parties can only be found here. Over the last 15 years, the Halo Club has been loved and acclaimed for its state of the art sound systems, authentic atmosphere, and international DJs’ bookings. Among the most famous and acclaimed DJs, who have graced this venue with their exceptional and legendary sets include Yellow Claw, Avicii Alesso (Late), Don Diablo, Ty Dollar Sign, Salvator Ganacci, and more.

2. H1 Club & Lounge Hamburg

One of the most popular and sought-after nightclubs in Hamburg is H1 Club and Lounge. The venue is well-liked among the music fanatics, dance enthusiasts, and drink maniacs.  H1 Club and Lounge is a make-believe kind of place where the magic happens. The guests appreciate the most welcoming and all the go ambiance and atmosphere of the club. The music scene is loud and miscellaneous, enough to hype you to do the energetic dance moves while drinking their typical rums and whiskeys. The bar offers an extensive lounge for the guests who do not want to dance. So, they can recline there while enjoying the A1 beverages.

3. Moondoo Hamburg

Among all the sleaze and sex shows, Hamburg does great. Moondoo is one of the chicest, spell-binding, high-spirited, and liveliest clubs of the night scene in Hamburg. It is a casual place where no strict rules are followed. People come to visit Moondoo for the real fun, that a perfect nightclub is supposed to extend. The terrific resident, as well as the touring DJs and artists, make their appearance at Moondoo almost every evening Moondoo is one beautifully lit place, with spacious lounges and stage. The state of the art sound system is enough to make you dance like crazy on the loud and sparky music beats. People hold this venue dear for its most delicious liquors and cocktails as well. The master-in-craft bartenders make the best mixes for you. The staff and management are very easy-going and pleasing who ensure that you get the most unrestricted pleasure experience at the place. The venue is the most loved venue by the partygoers and dance enthusiasts.

In Conclusion

Hamburg is a hub of entertainment from nightclubs to cultural activities everything can be found here. You will get to interact with people from different countries and just might end up making new friends. As for R&B lovers, give our recommended clubs a try; we guarantee you will love them. Performing German traditions is a must. So, after a night of fun do visit “Der Fischmarkt”. Buy a Fischfrikadelleand beer combo which is said to ease the hangover. After which you can explore Hamburg’s other scenic spots. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a night of merrymaking.

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