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Berlin might be the king of electronic music; however, Hamburg cannot be underestimated as well. It is home to various iconic techno DJ’s such as Moonbotica, David August, Mladen Solomun, etc. Have fun organizing a jamming session on your favourite tunes. Eachnightclub is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, which ensures that guests can thoroughly immerse themselves in the music. Every nightclub has unique drinking options available.One sip and your tastebuds will be jumping in joy. To help our fellow clubbers, we have assembled a list of high-quality nightclubs that will fulfil all your techno needs.

1. Waagenbau Hamburg

If you have been watching out for one of the finest nightclubs in Hamburg where the wildest parties happen? Go straight to Waagenbau! It is among the most famous night clubs in Hamburg, which offer the best electronic music for their audience. The venue extends a lot of freedom to its guests. Strictly, no strict rules are applied here. The management, staff, and security ensure that you get a friendly, welcoming, and secure experience at this dazzling club. 

2. Fundbureau Hamburg

An iron fence through a narrow and graffiti-covered corridor opens into a mini backyard. The gate opens and deep, warm basses just wash over your body with the presentiment and feeling of a great night. This is Fundbureau Hamburg! The club stands out for its reliable, qualitative, tried and tested ecstasy. The venue is experienced and professional, but never monotonous and gray. The club got established in the year 1998 and has always changed under the changing needs of different times – this is why the Fundbureau is capable of preserving its forever charm among people.

3. Baalsaal Club Hamburg

Another great night club for the lovers of Electronic and Techno music is the Baalsaal Club in Hamburg. The Baalsaal Club has an exuberant, exotic, and subtle atmosphere – enough to provide you with a home-like feeling. The venue is all lit in a dull red color. The best of Electronic and Techno music is on offer by the resident as well as the globally-acclaimed guest DJs and artists. 

In Conclusion

Hamburg is a good option for techno lovers. During summer, specific events related to electronic music are organized here, during which you can indulge in techno to your heart’s content. We highly recommend Waagenbau, Fundbureau and Baalsaal nightclubs. They provide excellent service, professional staff and will ensure that you have a lovely time.The drinks/entrance fees of Hamburg’s nightclubs are quite economical. If you get hungry, then head towards a restaurant for wonderful food. So, what are you waiting for? Get dressed, grab your friends and become a part of Hamburg’s techno extravaganza. Don’t miss out on a fantastic night.

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