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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Hamburg

1) Angie’s Nightclub Hamburg

Angie’s Nightclub Hamburg comes second to none in turning your nights into dazzling days. People come from far off places to visit this one of a kind and high-spirited place. The night owls come here to celebrate and leave with their hearts filled with joy. Angie’s Nightclub is always set in providing you the kind of fun that Hamburg is most famous for. It is one of the most versatile clubs in the town. 

2) Angel Club Hamburg Blue House

Angel Club Hamburg Blue House is miscellaneous and diverse from progressive and house to electronic, hip-hop, jazz, a variety of genres are played. Local as well as international DJs and artists, come to the place to play and perform. The crowd is crazy and insane. You will get to meet with your like-minded people here. The venue gets heated as the dusk sets in. It is also famous to throw the best parties and events that Hamburg is acclaimed for. The weekends at Angel Nightclub are synonymous with the hard-partying. The ambiance and atmosphere are just matchless, enough to compel you to dance your ass off. 

3) Blankenese Kiez Internat Hamburg

Blankenese Kiez Internat Hamburg is best known for Techno, Deep House, Tech House, and GOA. Blankenese has established itself as one of the most preferred and loved places of music lovers, dance enthusiasts, and drinks maniacs. Be prepared for anything as the venue brings something different every day. But, of course, excellence is common!

4) Bermuda – St. Pauli Hamburg

Bermuda – St. Pauli Hamburg is One of the most paramount hotspots for your ultimate fantasies is the Bermuda Bar. It comes second to none when we talk about the best music bars in the town. The Bermuda Bar prides itself in serving people with a once in a lifetime kind of fun and entertainment. Hamburger Berg is already famous for its wonderful nightlife scene. Bermuda with some other contemporary bars, came out to be the lifeline of the Hamburger Berg’s entertainment

5) Cascadas Hamburg

Cascadas Hamburg  is most famed for! You can enjoy a variety of different music genres all through the week such as Latin, Blues, Pop, Funk, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Swing, and more. The Cascadas has all the elements for which the best bars and clubs are famous for! Be it music, dance, drinks, ambiance, or crowd, there is nothing in which Cascadas is lagging behind any other paramount clubs. The best and hottest Salsa parties happen in Cascadas. People from far off places are dragged to this dreamlike venue, more often than not. 

6) Chains Club Hamburg

Chains Club Hamburg is one of the most wonderful, awe-inspiring, and high-spirited clubs in Hamburg. It can be safely bet; the Chains Club is going to be the eternal chain in your life after you visit it for the first time! The black walls of the club, give it a mystical and esoteric look. The venue is also famed for the best events and parties that ever happen in Hamburg. 

7) Buddy’s Hamburg

Buddy’s Hamburg is One of the most famous and loved places for the wildest parties is the Hamburg Reeperbahn. On that account, the chic and modern pub the Buddy’s, right in the heart of the city, has established itself in turning Hamburg’s bleak nights into bright days. So, the extensive celebrations till the morning are not uncommon in Hamburg. The venue opens every Friday when the famous and one of its kind Schlagermove boat party happens. It also functions for your separate parties if and when you want. Buddy’s is for those who are watching out for the best hit parties. 

8) Baalsaal Club Hamburg

Baalsaal Club Hamburg

9) Dollhouse Hamburg

Dollhouse Hamburg makes its guests feel all the feelings of pleasure. Not only, the venue is loved by the local Hamburgers but the international guests also get compelled to be at the Dollhouse. In an established and high-quality ambiance – the Dollhouse offers you the erotic and artistic table dance shows as well as stage shows with no direct body contact between guests and dancers. The club is unisex. The most erotic shows of the Dollhouse are for both women and men. The guests are offered an enjoyable, funny, and easygoing atmosphere. You will get to enjoy both ladystrip and menstrip. 

10) Club Du Nord Hamburg

Club Du Nord Hamburg just stands out among its contemporaries and positions itself at the peak of the Hamburg’s club scene. Numerous panels and LED stripes on the walls and ceilings with modern beamers, the club throws contemporary and innovative lighting that can also be tailored to the guests’ wishes. 

11) Club Hamburg

Club Hamburg was completely renovated in the year 2011. The Club Hamburg is where modernity meets urbanity and where vogue meets culture. The venue is considered as one of the top-notch places where they can unwind and recline with their friends after a busy day.

12) Chikago Bar – St. Pauli Hamburg

Chikago Bar – St. Pauli Hamburg inside of the bar is as luminous and dazzling as the outside. It is all illuminated in red. The intense lighting with vibrant loud music makes it a dreamlike kind of a place. The venue also serves as a round-off spot for the people, who after a long and tiring day, come by and recline here to shed off all the exhaustion and get the vigor for the next long day. This is what the visitors tell about Chikago Bar. 

13) Cotton Club Hamburg

Cotton Club Hamburg was established in 1959 and named as Vati’s Tube Jazz Club and was renamed as Cotton Club in 1963. People love this club/music venue as it reminds them of the old Smoky bars of America and of course, for its live music sessions that happen almost every day! The most popular genres are Dixieland, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Blues, Skiffle, Hot and Happy Jazz, and more.

14) Die Insel Hamburg

Die Insel Hamburg venue is the first underwater club in Germany. ‘Die Insel’ means, ‘The Island’. The club is nothing less than a dreamlike island where you can enjoy the best music, food, and cocktails while accompanied by the vibrant fish all over. 

15) Docks Club Hamburg

Docks Club Hamburg has been among the top-notch clubs in Hamburg for years. The venue is most famous for the varied events and the long line at the door. The Docks has ample room for throwing parties around 1400 guests. Since its establishment in 1988, all and sundry is welcomed in the most uncomplicated and chic atmosphere in the Docks Club. Be it ‘GayGay’ (the gay party series) or the ‘Goose or Crane’ (the techno marathon); the Docks Club has plenty of space to throw such big events. 

16) Edelfettwerk Hamburg

Edelfettwerk Hamburg is One of the most spacious and high-spirited clubs in Hamburg is the Edelfettwerk. The venue is most loved for its different areas and lounges. The Main Hall is the most spacious room of the Edelfettwerk that comprises over 640 cubic meter area. In the past times before establishing as a club, the venue was functioning as a factory. Hence, the original and exclusive industrial character just continues with the high walls. 

17) Fabrik Hamburg

Fabrik Hamburg

18) Fundbureau Hamburg

Fundbureau Hamburg is the club stands out for its reliable, qualitative, tried and tested ecstasy. The venue is experienced and professional, but never monotonous and gray. The club got established in the year 1998 and has always changed under the changing needs of different times – this is why the Fundbureau is capable of preserving its forever charm among people.

19) GAGA Hamburg

GAGA Hamburg is One of the most paramount clubs, which come true to nature and culture of Hamburg is the GaGA. The venue is a spellbinding and fascinating club where you go and leave with ultimate satisfaction and joy. The venue is sure to make you forget all the worries of your life. Beautifully lit in golden, the interior of the venue is so welcoming that you will feel at home. You are received by the polite and devoted staff, who leave no stone unturned to make your nights stand out. You will never want to leave once you come up to GaGa.

20) GeizClub Hamburg

Geiz Club, Reeperbahn, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Deutschland

GeizClub Hamburg is One such spot in Hamburg is the Geize-Club. The venue is one of a kind sex club where you go and leave with the ultimate satisfaction, pleasure, and delight. All the guests get the exclusive hospitality at the Geize-club. This is a real sex club in Hamburg where the most beautiful, heavenly, and celestial sex workers are always there for you. 

21) Golden Cut Hamburg

Golden Cut Hamburg has all the essential elements and tradition, which have become the norm of Hamburg now. You should not procrastinate to visit this heavenly place on earth. Go and get your own exclusive experience of entertainment! To visit this exuberant and full of life club is a chance worth taking!

22) Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg

Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg is the favorite club among people who know what hard-partying is all about! The dance enthusiasts come up to this energetic, vibrant, and get up and go kind of venue to start their weekend from! Chase the fun on a big floor with table football, a variety of delicious drinks, dance platforms, and a big light show for a most successful party-weekend! Große Freiheit 36 is a famous club on the street. It has all the entertaining aspects for what the young at hearts get attracted to. You can hardly find such a bright and breezy club anywhere in Hamburg.

23) Gruenspan Hamburg

Gruenspan Hamburg has been making headway as one of the most notorious and celebrated drug dens in Hamburg’s best live-music venues. Almost all the club music genres can get to the stage at Gruenspan. However, the club seems to have a certain fondness for songwriters and singers. You can hardly find any better spot than Gruenspan in Hamburg. Anything going on here is likely to be fit with your mood. 

24) H1 Club & Lounge Hamburg

H1 Club & Lounge Hamburg is well-liked among the music fanatics, dance enthusiasts, and drink maniacs.  H1 Club and Lounge is a make-believe kind of place where the magic happens. The guests appreciate the most welcoming and all the go ambiance and atmosphere of the club. The music scene is loud and miscellaneous, enough to hype you to do the energetic dance moves while drinking their typical rums and whiskeys. The bar offers an extensive lounge for the guests who do not want to dance. So, they can recline there while enjoying the A1 beverages. 

25) Hafenklang Hamburg

Hafenklang Hamburg is relatively small but among the most loved night places in Hamburg. Guests from far off places visit this unique venue and become regular customers of it. Hafenklang has two separate concerts’ rooms on two different floors. The above concert room is called Golden Salon as its walls are painted in golden. The bar is located downstairs. The world-class beverages, cocktails, and wines are served by the nice-looking and pleasing bartenders, who would make you forget all the delicious tastes you had ever have anywhere else. 

26) Inside 80’s Club Hamburg

Inside 80’s Club Hamburg is One of the most high-spirited, liveliest, chic, and frisky nightclubs in Hamburg is the Inside 80’s Club. The venue is the most famous among people who are full of vim and young at heart. Inside 80’s Club is a kind of small pub that mostly plays the party music from the 80’s. Still and all, the latest music is played as well.

27) HALO Club Hamburg

HALO Club Hamburg is One of the liveliest clubs of the night scene in Hamburg is HALO. The most authentic and the real McCoy parties can only be found here. Over the last 15 years, the Halo Club has been loved and acclaimed for its state of the art sound systems, authentic atmosphere, and international DJs’ bookings. Among the most famous and acclaimed DJs, who have graced this venue with their exceptional and legendary sets include Yellow Claw, Avicii Alesso (Late), Don Diablo, Ty Dollar Sign, Salvator Ganacci, and more.

28) Juice Club Hamburg

Juice Club Hamburg is writing Hamburg’s club history. The venue has embraced the globally-acclaimed DJs, artists, and bands all through the years. It is one of the adult nightclubs in Hamburg. The best of Hamburg’s parties and events happen in the Juice Club. Not only the national but the international guests come to the venue to make it even livelier than ever. If you are planning to visit this unique and exuberant nightclub in the town, ensure your shoe-laces are tightly tied as you will keep dancing like crazy all through the night.

29) Moondoo Hamburg

Moondoo Hamburg  is one of the chicest, spell-binding, high-spirited, and liveliest clubs of the night scene in Hamburg. It is a casual place where no strict rules are followed. People come to visit Moondoo for the real fun, that a perfect nightclub is supposed to extend. The terrific resident, as well as the touring DJs and artists, make their appearance at Moondoo almost every evening.

30) Logo Hamburg

Logo Hamburg is an undisputed fact that among the pioneers of a live-music culture in Hamburg, is the Logo Hamburg. Since its origin in the year 1974, various top-notch bands and artists have made it to the Logo almost every evening. Before it earned fame as a real and authentic live-music club, the Logo Hamburg was functioning as a students’ luncheon with economical food and few-and-far-between evening concert club. The performances of bands and artists evolved with time to become today’s real thing.

31) PAL Hamburg

PAL Hamburg is your thing! PAL, saw the light in the year 2014 and quickly established itself as a SILO for the high-quality techno and house music. The sleek interior of the PAL includes the main hall for techno and a separate floor for the house. It means, the PAL caters for the needs of all and sundry.

32) Kaiserkeller Hamburg

Kaiserkeller Hamburg has been among one of the pioneers of live-music clubs in Germany. Great German and English artists including Cisco and his Dynamite, Beatles, Rory and the Hurricanes, and Tony Sheridan recorded for the club. The venue with 550 seats for guests extended a much larger space than other live-music clubs in the town.

33) Molotow Club Hamburg

Molotow Club Hamburg is the first and foremost address for all the lovers of rock music and electronic dance. The most successful bands have been rocking the stage here for almost three decades. Not only the concerts of Molotow are vaunted but its parties are legendary too. For instance, the MOTORBOOTY is one of the most acclaimed and celebrated parties that Molotow brings for its guests. 

34) Pooca Bar Hamburg

Pooca Bar Hamburg is a small, dark venue that is well hidden in the shade of surrounding cafes, but there are no two ways about it that Pooca Bar is worth to visit with friends and loved ones to have an explicit nightlife experience in Hamburg. The nights are like unrealistic here. The Pooca bar is more of a club than a typical bar. 

35) S.L.U.T. Club Hamburg

S.L.U.T. Club Hamburg offers all the fun elements, which a best gay club must have in place. The club has a strict dress code for different weekly themed, special parties and nights. Among its common gears are rubber, leather, mask, boots, and most importantly skin. You can expect the kinky fun and hardcore actions at S.L.U.T. Condoms, gloves, and lube are for free. 

36) The Room Bar & Club Hamburg

The Room Bar & Club Hamburgis considered among the World’s Finest Clubs since its birth in the year 2014. The venue perfectly extends the new vision of Hamburg’s club era. The renowned and master-in-craft designer Frank Theuerkauf, had designed the interior of the venue to make it look what it is today. 

37) Stage Club Hamburg

Stage Club Hamburg was born in the year 2003, primarily as a live-music club. Soon after its inauguration, the venue got the attention of every nightclub lover in the town. Many international artists have already been greeted and rocked the stage of the Stage Club. Some esteemed international stars who had come here to perform include Lindsey Stirling, Nigel Kennedy, Suzanne Vega, Michael Buble, Adele, and more.

38) Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg

Uebel & Gefährlich Hamburg 

39) Thomas Read Irish Pub Hamburg

Thomas Read Irish Pub Hamburg is one of a kind, exotic pub invites you to relish 200 types of cocktails, whiskeys, long drinks, and beers. The venue is further divided into five segments. An Irish Pub, Nightclub, Live Floor, Beach Club, and a Craft Beer Garden. The Irish pub has a quaint and out of the ordinary character. A small stage for solo performers and artists. A pool table and a dartboard for your entertainment.

40) Waagenbau Hamburg

Waagenbau Hamburg is among the most famous night clubs in Hamburg, which offer the best electronic music for their audience. The venue extends a lot of freedom to its guests. Strictly, no strict rules are applied here. The management, staff, and security ensure that you get a friendly, welcoming, and secure experience at this dazzling club. 

41) Tunnel Club Hamburg

Tunnel Club Hamburg is a quaint, dazzling, and most exuberant nightclub. Since its birth in the year 1993, pretty nearly all the famous star DJs and artists have performed in this spellbinding nightclub. The Tunnel Club owns a list of resident DJs including DJ Shoko, DJ Dean, DJ Maniac, DJ Doom, The Air Wolf, Wave Storm, Kevo, Magnus, ChrizzD, Tunnel DJ Gang On Tour, Patrick Bunton, and more. They ensure that the loud sounds of EDM, Hard Style, Hard Trance, and Core become known worldwide.

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