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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Hamburg, Germany

1) GAGA Hamburg

Hamburg is nothing less than a hub of the best clubbing and live music experience. One of the most paramount clubs, which come true to nature and culture of Hamburg is the GaGA. The venue is a spellbinding and fascinating club where you go and leave with ultimate satisfaction and joy. The venue is sure to make you forget all the worries of your life. Beautifully lit in golden, the interior of the venue is so welcoming that you will feel at home. You are received by the polite and devoted staff, who leave no stone unturned to make your nights stand out. You will never want to leave once you come up to GaGa.

The GaGa is one of the most high-spirited, liveliest, and full of life clubs in Hamburg, which have changed with the ever-changing needs of times. This is the reason for its popularity and ultimate charm among its guests. The GaGa is just a Go-Go kind of place where you feel the true essence of what the perfect clubs are famous for!

2) Buddy’s Hamburg

One of the most famous and loved places for the wildest parties is the Hamburg Reeperbahn. On that account, the chic and modern pub the Buddy’s, right in the heart of the city, has established itself in turning Hamburg’s bleak nights into bright days. So, the extensive celebrations till the morning are not uncommon in Hamburg. The venue opens every Friday when the famous and one of its kind Schlagermove boat party happens. It also functions for your separate parties if and when you want. Buddy’s is for those who are watching out for the best hit parties.

Buddy’s is perhaps one of the most convertible, versatile, and all-round party clubs in Hamburg. The atmosphere is rustic and family-oriented that turns the nights into days. Hard-partying till dawn is kind of the norm here. The music scene is miscellaneous from the house, pop, electro, the 70s and 80s, disco classics, and more. Not only the resident local DJs come here to play and perform but the guest DJs from all over the world make their appearance more often than not. Colorful, different, diverse – Buddy’s offers something special for everyone! Just let yourself spend the merry hours with family and friends while being carried away by the electrifying beats that you will turn your feet sore by dancing on them. On top of that, admission in Buddy’s is all free.

3) Die Insel Hamburg

Are you watching out for the most unique and exuberant places where you can get thrilled as well as enjoy the best night out? No problem. We have got something special for you! One such quirky and rare venues in Hamburg is Die Insel Hamburg. The venue is the first underwater club in Germany. ‘Die Insel’ means, ‘The Island’. The club is nothing less than a dreamlike island where you can enjoy the best music, food, and cocktails while accompanied by the vibrant fish all over.

The fish aquarium has over 1500 different and colorful fish with the water capacity of 18000 liters. The ceiling is made of mother-of-pearl stones formed by the inner layers of the oysters. Further highlights include the 7m long bar in the backyard, which is embellished by the gold-leaf on the front as well as the 220 aluminum fish, which are congregated in the front side of the clubalonside the front two bars.

4) Chikago Bar Hamburg

Since the 80’s, subsequent to the closure of all-time famous Star Club, the modern and chic Chikago Bar has been serving as an inventory for the live music sessions for Hamburg and also as a meeting spot for the neighborhood greats. Except if you are busy playing the piano or dancing your ass off on the table; with the most thirst-quenching cocktails and live music session, you can party hard at the Chikago Bar until the day rises again!

The inside of the bar is as luminous and dazzling as the outside. It is all illuminated in red. The intense lighting with vibrant loud music makes it a dreamlike kind of a place. The venue also serves as a round-off spot for the people, who after a long and tiring day, come by and recline here to shed off all the exhaustion and get the vigor for the next long day. This is what the visitors tell about Chikago Bar.

5) Angie’s Nightclub Hamburg

One of the most exuberant and awe-inspiring night spots in Hamburg is Angie’s Nightclub. Famous for the best gastronomic food, thirst-quenching cocktails, electrifying music, and freaky crowd – Angie’s Nightclub comes second to none in turning your nights into dazzling days. People come from far off places to visit this one of a kind and high-spirited place. The night owls come here to celebrate and leave with their hearts filled with joy. Angie’s Nightclub is always set in providing you the kind of fun that Hamburg is most famous for. It is one of the most versatile clubs in the town.

The venue goes easy-peasy in the day but gets heated as soon as the evening falls. The live-music maniacs make this place crowded through the night. You will get your feet sore, dancing on the most electrifying and vibrant music beats. All the club music genres are played by the most talented DJs. Not only the local but the guest DJs from all over the world come at Angie’s to play and perform. The ambiance is just perfect to give you the club vibes.

6) Cascadas Hamburg

You can find numerous clubs hanging up, however, the live music sessions many times a week, is not the case everywhere. This is what the Cascadas is most famed for! You can enjoy a variety of different music genres all through the week such as Latin, Blues, Pop, Funk, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Swing, and more. The Cascadas has all the elements for which the best bars and clubs are famous for! Be it music, dance, drinks, ambiance, or crowd, there is nothing in which Cascadas is lagging behind any other paramount clubs. The best and hottest Salsa parties happen in Cascadas. People from far off places are dragged to this dreamlike venue, more often than not.

People hold this place as their special meeting spot where they can round off their day in the best atmospheric way. It is also well-known as the most diverse live music club with crispy snacks and cool drinks to enjoy, dance, and celebrate. The venue also takes pride in winning the award for ‘Best New Club’ in the town by the Club Award 2016. On that account, the Cascadas is thriving to make its name even better with each passing day.

7) Chains Club Hamburg

The Chains Club is one of the most wonderful, awe-inspiring, and high-spirited clubs in Hamburg. It can be safely bet; the Chains Club is going to be the eternal chain in your life after you visit it for the first time! The black walls of the club, give it a mystical and esoteric look. The venue is also famed for the best events and parties that ever happen in Hamburg.

The Chains Club is a new hip-hop club in the middle of the city! The venue serves as a link between the greatest artists worldwide as in offering the musicians, DJs, speakers, visual artists, and performers, an opportunity to present themselves to the public in the most experimental ways. Not only the performers, artists, and DJs, but also the rappers make their appearance to bring you the next-level kind of entertainment. The venue is a smoker’s club but unlike a typical smoker’s club where you are likely to get an asthma attack.

8) Club Hamburg

With the modern and chic Nova system, new disc jockey technology, and a substantial PA, the Club Hamburg just stands out among its contemporaries and positions itself at the peak of the Hamburg’s club scene. Numerous panels and LED stripes on the walls and ceilings with modern beamers, the club throws contemporary and innovative lighting that can also be tailored to the guests’ wishes.

The Club Hamburg was completely renovated in the year 2011. The Club Hamburg is where modernity meets urbanity and where vogue meets culture. The venue is considered as one of the top-notch places where they can unwind and recline with their friends after a busy day.

9) Bermuda Hamburg

Whether you are a music maniac or a dance freak or an atypical cocktail lover? One of the most paramount hotspots for your ultimate fantasies is the Bermuda Bar. It comes second to none when we talk about the best music bars in the town. The Bermuda Bar prides itself in serving people with a once in a lifetime kind of fun and entertainment. Hamburger Berg is already famous for its wonderful nightlife scene. Bermuda with some other contemporary bars, came out to be the lifeline of the Hamburger Berg’s entertainment industry.

Bermuda is a music bar that got established in the year 2013. For the next five years, it was named Summer Holiday before it changed as Bermuda. The venue has two beautiful floors. You will get embraced with the high-pitched eye-catchers and the tropical ambiance as you enter the place. The venue is beautifully decorated with amazing bamboo furniture and an awe-inspiring street art by many local as well as internationally-acclaimed artists. The interior hall has the capacity around 40 seats, while the outdoor terrace occupies 20 seats.

10) Cotton Club Hamburg

One of the most high-spirited, sparky, and vibrant clubs in Hamburg is the Cotton Club. The club was established in 1959 and named as Vati’s Tube Jazz Club and was renamed as Cotton Club in 1963. People love this club/music venue as it reminds them of the old Smoky bars of America and of course, for its live music sessions that happen almost every day! The most popular genres are Dixieland, Boogie Woogie, Swing, Blues, Skiffle, Hot and Happy Jazz, and more.

The venue is best known for its Jazz sessions. People come by for this relatively informal and easygoing musical event where the master-in-craft musicians and instrumentalists play the improvised vamp and solos on chord progressions, songs, and tunes. The club is the most favorite among the people who are watching out for a relaxed and reclining night out.

11) Hafenklang Hamburg

One of the most paramount, popular, and anti-racism nightclubs in Hamburg is Hafenklang. A small, street club that is enough to quench your thirst for live music, dancing, drinking, and gaming. Hafenklang respects and serves every guest equally. The management believes that the best answers to racial discrimination are music and laughter.

Hafenklang is relatively small but among the most loved night places in Hamburg. Guests from far off places visit this unique venue and become regular customers of it. Hafenklang has two separate concerts’ rooms on two different floors. The above concert room is called Golden Salon as its walls are painted in golden. The bar is located downstairs. The world-class beverages, cocktails, and wines are served by the nice-looking and pleasing bartenders, who would make you forget all the delicious tastes you had ever have anywhere else.

12) H1 Club Hamburg

One of the most popular and sought-after nightclubs in Hamburg is H1 Club and Lounge. The venue is well-liked among the music fanatics, dance enthusiasts, and drink maniacs. H1 Club and Lounge is a make-believe kind of place where the magic happens. The guests appreciate the most welcoming and all the go ambiance and atmosphere of the club. The music scene is loud and miscellaneous, enough to hype you to do the energetic dance moves while drinking their typical rums and whiskeys. The bar offers an extensive lounge for the guests who do not want to dance. So, they can recline there while enjoying the A1 beverages.

The H1 Club and Lounge has a chic and young crowd. You get to meet the fashionable girls and voguish boys here. The ambiance and atmosphere are family-oriented. You will always get an inclusive and individual experience at H1 Club. Everything seems to be revolving around you. There are not so many places in the town where you can enjoy such a personalized experience. The interior of the venue is high-class and up to date.

13) Inside 80’s Club Hamburg

One of the most high-spirited, liveliest, chic, and frisky nightclubs in Hamburg is the Inside 80’s Club. The venue is the most famous among people who are full of vim and young at heart. Inside 80’s Club is a kind of small pub that mostly plays the party music from the 80’s. Still and all, the latest music is played as well.

The best DJs, artists, and performers come to the Inside 80’s to make this venue come to life. The atmosphere is chic and stylish, with red lighting and state of the art sound system. The bar serves the most delicious and top-notch quality drinks for which you will keep coming to this place.

14) GeizClub Hamburg

Hamburg is famous for its high-spirited and lively nightlife. One such spot in Hamburg is the Geize-Club. The venue is one of a kind sex club where you go and leave with the ultimate satisfaction, pleasure, and delight. All the guests get the exclusive hospitality at the Geize-club. This is a real sex club in Hamburg where the most beautiful, heavenly, and celestial sex workers are always there for you.

The venue is spacious and as clean as a whistle. You enter the club and get received by the nice-looking models, whores, and prostitutes. If not in a hurry, you will be served the most thirst-quenching cocktails by the nice-looking bartenders. You will see the girls standing side by side and doing the sexy moves for you. You will choose a girl who will serve you at the Geize-Club . Keep in mind, all the sex workers are independent and work on their own account. The clean, separate rooms are available. In addition to that, you can also get/take a girl of your choice directly to your place, only if they give the consent.

15) Logo Hamburg

It is an undisputed fact that among the pioneers of a live-music culture in Hamburg, is the Logo Hamburg. Since its origin in the year 1974, various top-notch bands and artists have made it to the Logo almost every evening. Before it earned fame as a real and authentic live-music club, the Logo Hamburg was functioning as a students’ luncheon with economical food and few-and-far-between evening concert club. The performances of bands and artists evolved with time to become today’s real thing.

In accordance with the economic standards of the Logo Hamburg, the venue shouldn’t exist as a 100% live-music club. As a great platform for the young musicians and international newcomers, the Logo’s reputation is undisputed. The venue has already lived more than 40 years, yet it is evolving and getting better with each passing day.

16) Moondoo Hamburg

Among all the sleaze and sex shows, Hamburg does great. Moondoo is one of the chicest, spell-binding, high-spirited, and liveliest clubs of the night scene in Hamburg. It is a casual place where no strict rules are followed. People come to visit Moondoo for the real fun, that a perfect nightclub is supposed to extend. The terrific resident, as well as the touring DJs and artists, make their appearance at Moondoo almost every evening

Moondoo is one beautifully lit place, with spacious lounges and stage. The state of the art sound system is enough to make you dance like crazy on the loud and sparky music beats. People hold this venue dear for its most delicious liquors and cocktails as well. The master-in-craft bartenders make the best mixes for you. The staff and management are very easy-going and pleasing who ensure that you get the most unrestricted pleasure experience at the place. The venue is the most loved venue by the partygoers and dance enthusiasts.

17) Moondoo Hamburg

The Dollhouse Hamburg makes its guests feel all the feelings of pleasure. Not only, the venue is loved by the local Hamburgers but the international guests also get compelled to be at the Dollhouse. In an established and high-quality ambiance – the Dollhouse offers you the erotic and artistic table dance shows as well as stage shows with no direct body contact between guests and dancers. The club is unisex. The most erotic shows of the Dollhouse are for both women and men. The guests are offered an enjoyable, funny, and easygoing atmosphere. You will get to enjoy both ladystrip and menstrip.

The venue heats up soon as the night falls. The parties go till the morning. If you are planning to visit Dollhouse for the first time, be prepared for anything! You may not be able to resist dancing all through the night! The best DJs and performers of Hamburg, as well as the internationally-renowned guest DJs and artists, make their appearance at the Dollhouse to make the venue alive for you.

17) Große Freiheit 36 Hamburg

Große Freiheit 36 is the favorite club among people who know what hard-partying is all about! The dance enthusiasts come up to this energetic, vibrant, and get up and go kind of venue to start their weekend from! Chase the fun on a big floor with table football, a variety of delicious drinks, dance platforms, and a big light show for a most successful party-weekend! Große Freiheit 36 is a famous club on the street. It has all the entertaining aspects for what the young at hearts get attracted to. You can hardly find such a bright and breezy club anywhere in Hamburg.

‘All Styles, All Charts’ is the motto of Große Freiheit 36. All styles of music and dances are on offer here! The drinks and cocktail menu is unfortunately awesome. The most thirst-quenching and delicious drinks by the pleasing and nice-looking bartenders are likely to make you forget all other pleasures . The lighting and sound systems are superb! The local talent as well as world-acknowledged DJs, artists, and performers come up to Große Freiheit 36 to make this club alive and kicking. Many genres including Electro, House, RnB, Techno, and more offer in Große Freiheit 36.

18) Juice Club Hamburg

It has been almost two decades since the Juice Club is writing Hamburg’s club history. The venue has embraced the globally-acclaimed DJs, artists, and bands all through the years. It is one of the adult nightclubs in Hamburg. The best of Hamburg’s parties and events happen in the Juice Club. Not only the national but the international guests come to the venue to make it even livelier than ever. If you are planning to visit this unique and exuberant nightclub in the town, ensure your shoe-laces are tightly tied as you will keep dancing like crazy all through the night.

The Juice Club is a kind of spot where you enter in the evening and do not leave until dusk. The state of the art lighting and sound systems are what the Juice Club is most popular for! The venue lits in red, green, and blue at night; creating a perfect club atmosphere. The best DJs, bands, and artists make it to the Juice Club to turn it into one of the liveliest spots in Hamburg.

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