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Tunnel Club Hamburg, Guide & Review

In the heart of Hamburg, The Tunnel Club is a quaint, dazzling, and most exuberant nightclub. Since its birth in the year 1993, pretty nearly all the famous star DJs and artists have performed in this spellbinding nightclub. The Tunnel Club owns a list of resident DJs including DJ Shoko, DJ Dean, DJ Maniac, DJ Doom, The Air Wolf, Wave Storm, Kevo, Magnus, ChrizzD, Tunnel DJ Gang On Tour, Patrick Bunton, and more. They ensure that the loud sounds of EDM, Hard Style, Hard Trance, and Core become known worldwide.

The club owns an in-house and exclusive label, the Tunnel Records. The compilation of the series Tunnel Trance Force is released in CDs every three months. ‘Underground Rules’ is the motto of the Tunnel Club, which comes true as the club brings its undeniable sounds directly from the venue into your mind! The ambiance and loud music beats just blow the audience off while making them dance like crazy! 

The best events and parties of Hamburg happen in the Tunnel. Every night offers something unique and matchless. The bar offers a unique and delicious set of long drinks, whiskeys, and cocktails, enough to satisfy your thirst as well as make you yearn for more! The venue has all the essential elements which combine to make a perfect night venue. Everything in the Tunnel seems so perfect and in place. Be prepared for anything as nothing will come out as you had planned. The venue gets overcrowded on weekend parties, so you need to get reservations beforehand.

Among the most loved and famous night spots in Hamburg is the Tunnel Club. Visit this venue as soon as possible to experience a perfect night out and forget not to take your loved ones along! We wish you all the best. Have fun!

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