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Shoko Barcelona, Guide & Review

Open every night of the week, Shoko Club, Barcelona is known for hosting some of the most eventful after parties filled with celebrities and VIPs of international standards. Every night at Shoko is completely unique, original and full of surprises. The décor of the venue is one of the first striking things about Shoko; a Japanese fusion inspired restaurant and one of the hottest clubs in Spain. The second striking thing about Shoko is that there is a different event every single night of the year.

Shoko has a feng shui inspired concept and décor which is quite refreshing compared to the other clubs in town. With 5 different areas, a lounge as well as a traditional Japanese style terrace, everything about Shoko is one of a kind.

The club cum restaurant concept of Shoko is unique; you will not find a similar venue in the city. An upscale night club in Barcelona, there are quite a few unspoken (and a few important spoken rules) that you need to know about Shoko night club, Barcelona.

This is the ultimate guide to Shoko Club, Barcelona. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to get to the club, what you should wear (and what you shouldn’t), and all the little tips you need to know to have an experience of a lifetime.

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