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Sisyphos Berlin, Guide & Review

Sisyphos is one of the best techno clubs that you can find in Berlin. Once you take a look at the clubs that are located in Berlin, you will figure out that most of them are dominated by techno music. Sisyphos is a great venue available for you to grab the best out of techno music as well. People who spend their time in Sisyphos are enjoying what they are being provided with. Due to the reason, you will never regret about the decision that you take to visit this club as well.

If you are a person from Berlin, you will notice that Sisyphos is one of the most popular spots in the region as well. That’s because most of the people in Berlin prefer to get to Sisyphos to enjoy their night life. Sisyphos has got a massive floor area to accommodate all those guests as well. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your time with the best crowds, without going through any frustration.

The Sisyphos is offering its entertainment acts to the guests continuously from Friday to Monday. You will be able to take a look at the lineup of acts from the official website. It is better if you can take a look at the website before you visit Sisyphos. Then you will be able to keep realistic expectations in your mind about what you are getting as well. You should never forget to ignore the fascinating drinks menu while you are spending your time at Sisyphos as well.

Sisyphos Dress Code Guideline for Men and Women

Do you wish to experience the nightlife of Berlin? If so, then it’s a must to visit this nightclub once. Sisyphos is a beautiful nightclub offering several kinds of luxury amenities to its guests. The nightclub is located slightly away from the city, but it’s beautiful. 

The dress code is also less stringent than other night clubs of Berlin. Let’s find out what you can wear and what you can’t wear here. 

Sisyphos Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

Dress like a local person. Just a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers should be fine. You can also wear trainers if you’re comfortable. But they should be properly cleaned and ironed. Distressed clothes won’t be entertained here. 

The best color is black. The simplest way to enter the nightclub is to wear something in black. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed. 

No such restrictions regarding shoes. You can wear sneakers or dress, shoes, etc. 

The bouncers will scan your dress code with their glacier ice. If one mistake is there, then they might stop you from getting in the nightclub. 

Sisyphos Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Girls have a wide range of choices when it comes to dress code. An example of a good dress code is black leggings, black mini skirt, and a cute blacktop. The design can be anything, but it shouldn’t be gross. 

Wear beautiful nail colors and jewelry to compliment your dress. Wear a black eyeliner in your eyes and a vibrant lipstick on your lips. But avoid wearing any top that has vulgar graphics or hurtful comments against any religion. 

Your hairstyle should be nice and decent as it can make you look like a diva. But you don’t need to go to a salon to have a beautiful hairstyle. 

If you like, you can wear a beautiful scarf to enhance your look. 

A word of wisdom

Even if you’re a foreign tourist, you should avoid saying anything in English. Speak in German if you have not dressed as per the rule. Bouncers may agree to let you in happily. 

Don’t behave loudly when you’re queue. Don’t carry any arms or vinegar in your bag. These things are strictly prohibited here. 

You can wear something in kinky too if you love it. 

Don’t even think of visiting the nightclub alone. You should go in small groups. Plus, make sure your group has at least one girl. It will be easier for you to enter the nightclub. 

Our Suggestions

Please do devote some time when you’re dressing up for Sisyphos nightclub. Your dress should be stylish, but it shouldn’t seem like you have overdone it. 

Avoid carrying your camera, and don’t click pictures with your mobile phone. The nightclub management doesn’t allow to click pictures. They may even paste a sticker on your camera. So beware! 

One more suggestion is there for you. Learn the name of the DJ by heart. The bouncers will surely ask you this question. If you can’t answer, then you may have to spend the night in your home only. 

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