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SO36 Berlin, Guide & Review

SO36 is a popular nightclub based in Berlin. This is one of the oldest nightclubs that you can find in SO36 as well. This is another prominent reason behind the popularity of the club. Back in the past, a lot of people have visited SO36. SO refers to the South Eastern Region of Berlin. Now you have a clear understanding behind how the name of this nightclub came into play SO36 is well-known as a venue that offers punk music to the guests. It has been one of the most popular music genres in Berlin from the 1970s.

SO36 club is extremely popular among the locals who are based in Berlin. It is one of the most popular clubs among locals as well. Some of the local stars also come to this nightclub for their outstanding performances. This has further contributed towards the popularity of the club among locals. During the 1970s, the ownership of SO36 passed to a new management. They are taking care of the nightclub since then. Hence, locals are familiar with the experiences that they can grab while spending time in the club.

During the recent past, SO36 received lots of positive attention with the LGBTQ techno scene. The introduction of Electric Ballroom to the club contributed a lot towards this fact. Therefore, you will be able to get a perfect experience with a perfect vibe while you are spending your time in the club. It is a great venue available for the guests to enjoy new waves in music and move forward with them.

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