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Soho Rooms Moscow, Guide & Review

Looking for the most contemporary and luxury venues in Russia, the Soho Rooms provide a vibrant and exciting experience for every discerning guest that decides to visit.The Soho Rooms nightclub is located at Savvinskaya Naberezhnaya  in Moscow, Russia.

Soho Rooms is a complex cocktail of emotions and experiences which make you want to come here again and again. Exclusive is the motto of the club. The interior of the club is thought to detail. Each element of the architecture and decor helps to create the special style. The club is divided into zones, and it is impossible to get lost within them. Located in the center, the dance floor is visible from all points.

The Soho Rooms features four separate areas or rooms including the Disco Room, the Dining Room, the Bar Room, and the exclusive terrace area. The interior décor of the Soho Rooms club represent high-end luxury blended with plush nightclub club in the given venue. As you enter the exclusive bar area of the club, you would be greeted by a massive chandelier that is covered with precious Swarovski crystals all over. You would also be intrigued by the tick floors coupled with large windows, brick walls, and amazing designs all across the club.The main hall of the club is the Disco Room. You can also try the Bar Room for a pre-party that will give you the mood for the whole night and the Pool Terrace with a swimming pool.

Visit Somo Rooms and there henceforth,  you will also wish to join its exclusive guest list, and be privileged to enjoy the most complex cocktails of emotions at this exciting place. If you like commercial music and lively places, you should pay a visit to this club.

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