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STORY Miami, Guide & Review

Among the dance clubs available for the people in Miami region to visit, the STORY Nightclub has received a lot of attention. That’s mainly due to the uniquely themed events that take place in the nightclub. There is something for everyone to come and enjoy in the nightclub as well. This is something you will fall in love with.

The STORY Nightclub is located at a conveniently accessible venue from the Miami Beach. Therefore, you can easily access the nightclub and unlock all the great experiences that are made available to you. You can also find tourists from all around the world coming to this nightclub to enjoy the time. The nightclub has earned reputation for offering some of the best nights. If you are lucky enough, you can witness that from your own eyes. To increase your chances of being lucky, you should take a look at the event calendar, which is published on the website of STORY Nightclub. Then you can get a quick overview of the different events that are being organized in here. With that, you can select the best nights to visit and enjoy your time.

Due to the close location to Miami Beach, you can expect a full crowd to be present in STORY Nightclub at all times. You should be mindful about it when you are visiting the nightclub. When you walk into the STORY Nightclub, the first thing that you will see is the packed dance floor. But you can always find a space to creep in and enjoy your time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the packed space that you can discover inside the nightclub. You will also fall in love with the décor that is available in STORY Nightclub. There is a unique theme in the club and everything has been decorated according to it.

Story Miami Dress Code Guide

Whenever you’re in a mood for experiencing energetic nightlife experience, look no further than Story, a sophisticated nightclub in the heart of Miami.

A 27000 square feet long dance floor, hybrid music systems, bright visuals, premium bottle service, and VIP tables – Story offers them all from Thursday to Saturday. If you want to enjoy all these amenities, then follow these two tips:

  1. Follow the dress code of the nightclub.
  2. Reach the nightclub 30 minutes before the show begins.

The second tip is very easy to follow. But what about the first tip? What is the dress code at the Story nightclub? Let’s find out in this article.

Story Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code is simple. Be elegant and stylish. Wear a long dress or skirts or shirts. Don’t wear ripped jeans or baggy clothes.

Get a nice hair cut before stepping into the nightclub if you don’t have one. Your hairstyle should go well with your dress. If you’re not sure what kind of hairstyle would suit your attire, then you have two option. The first option is, you can go to a professional hair stylist and get your hair done. The second option is, watch videos to know different kinds of hairstyles that you can use to get decked up for a private party at Shots.

Don’t wear tank tops or sandals. The nightclub management doesn’t allow women clad in tank tops or shorts or sandals or beachwear.

Heels are mandatory for ladies. So no matter what you wear, don’t forget to wear heels. Don’t dance too much if you’re not comfortable with them.

Story Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Story has a dress code policy, and the nightclub management is very particular about it. Button down shirt, dress shoes, dark jeans or dark pants are the accepted dress code at Shots. Torn jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, polo shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes are not allowed in the nightclub.

Your dress code should be elegant but not flamboyant. Long sleeve shirts look nice on everyone irrespective of the body shape. So men can wear them.

What if you don’t have that perfect dress? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have something nice to wear to a party at Shots. You can explore the chic stores in Washington Ave, Ocean Drive, and Lincoln Road. You can easily find a trendy and fashionable outfit there within your budget.

Our Suggestions 

At Story, you get an opportunity to party like there is no tomorrow. So it’s better you wear the best dress in your wardrobe. Choose a color that suits you the best. If you have any doubt or confusion, then wear something in black. It’s a safe color. Plus, a black shirt or a dress never goes out of fashion. Just make sure the shirt or the dress fits you perfectly.

Bouncers have the ultimate power. So don’t mess with them. Don’t carry sharp or dangerous weapons. If caught, you’ll find yourself standing the queue in front of Shots for an indefinite period.

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