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Studio 24 Athens, Guide & Review

Maximum volume music, a well-updated cellar with plenty of drinks, coupled with a refreshed look, is a brief description of studio 24 that invites you into the ultimate fun without limitations of fun and time. It is a very inspiring place that has brought many innovations to the city’s amusement and has managed to be a must-have choice for anyone who decides to become part of the spectacular experience offered by Athens‘ winter islet, Gazi.

One of the most beloved and popular areas of Athens, which is the largest hotspot of all time, is the popular Gazi. This area has a unique charisma and this is no less than any studio that hosts its own, turning into a top meet point in Athens at night, something that will confirm in great detail Studio 24. So, with the most beautiful backdrop of illuminated Athens, where the heart of nightlife strikes, in Gazi, this particular shop has fascinated us with its unique aura, its highly uplifting mood, and its well-informed cellar, its diverse his musical choices, as well as the well-known DJ’s, march to his decks.

The studio24 is not a shop pillar for the Ceramic district, and yet came and changed the way of entertainment for young people, since it launched a somewhat different way of entertainment with musical selections that hardly anyone heard another club. It is no secret that if you are a fan of foreign music this shop will be your favorite, as trap, dubstep and electro music play its best there. Studio 24 is a place in the heart of the Gazi region, offering a warm and cozy environment for those who choose it with the music livening up, drinks flowing and turning it into one of the best clubs in the city.

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