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Super California Adelaide, Guide & Review

Dj Booth Lifesaver The new DJ booth is styled like an elevated beach lifeguard hut with ramps going up to the decks, taking the lines “Last night a DJ saved my life” to a whole new level. It’s also now in the middle of the dance floor, guaranteeing that the puppet masters who are making you groove can see your excellent/questionable movements.

Juice Bar with Fruit Super California has blessed us with a freshly squeezed juice bar, which is almost a tribute to the Vodka Bar days (if you’re old enough to remember their greatness). The health-conscious may relax here, while the rest of us blended that magic with vodka to make our dance shoes go a bit faster. They also put everything in a Super California-branded takeout cup with a lid. So there will be no spills. You’ve won.

Mural of a Desert Cactus The stunning new desert cactus painting that adorns one of the walls gave us major Coachella feelings. This is ideal for this time of year, when our FOMO is at an all-time high. The artwork extends to the ceiling, and the lighting creates the impression of peering into a desert night sky. Don’t become too enthralled.

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