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Teatro Barcelo Madrid, Guide & Review

Formerly known as club Pacha and T Club, Teatro Barcelo, Madrid, has slowly risen to fame, now being one of the most popular and glamorous clubs in Madrid. If there is one thing which has been highlighted at Teatro Barcelo, it is the attention to detail. There are several rooms at this club, and each club has been designed so intricately, so as to give you a complete experience of its own.

One of the most unique, and probably best parts about Teatro Barcelo, Madrid, is the fact that the room enjoys amazing food service every night. So you not only get to enjoy some of the most exclusive parties and amazing cocktails, but you are also not left starving for your life after using up all of your energy on the dance floor!

Teatro Barcelo is one of the few clubs in Madrid which welcome an early 20’s only crowd on Thursdays. On these nights, the club is filled with young, enthusiastic crowds who have just begun their journey of enjoying some of the best night life. Teatro Barcelo gives everyone such an experience that compared to this club, all others kind of fall behind in terms of excellence.

The door policy for Teatro Barcelo is extremely strict; even if you follow their dress code guidelines to the T, there is still a chance to be turned back if you are not too careful.

This is the ultimate guide to Teatro Barcelo, Madrid. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines, the directions to the club, the drink prices, VIP Tables, and everything else.

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