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Teatro Kapital Madrid, Guide & Review

The largest and the most diverse club in all of Madrid, Kapital Club is spread out over 7 floors! With each room oozing a different vibe and atmosphere, Kapital Club has become the most sought after club in all of Madrid. A favourite amongst VIP guests and Real Madrid football players, club goers have a huge chance of bumping into some very famous faces in this club. Of course, being such a super exclusive club in Madrid comes with a price.

Kapital Club is quite stringent about its rules and policies. It is important for you to know all about it so that you don’t risk being sent back from the doors.

You should be prepared to spend most of your night exploring every nook of this club. With 7 floors to explore, each with its own unique taste, style and ambience, it might be a while before you can pick your favourite room and decide to spend the rest of the night there. The club keeps more than enough room for party goers to find their own little happy place.

Beauty, elegance, and sophistication are highly appreciated at Kapital Club, so be sure to dress the part. With some of the most luxurious VIP areas, bars, expert bartenders to tend to your needs, live shows and performances, and mind boggling dance performances, Kapital Club has won over the hearts of locals and international tourists in Madrid.

This is the ultimate guide to Kapital Club, Madrid. We will tell you everything you need to know about this club; right from the dress code, how you can get to the club, and what you can expect there.

Kapital Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

The most famous club in Madrid, Kapital Club has something up its sleeve every single night! The most distinct feature about this nightclub is its sheer colossal volume; stretched out over 7 floors, each floor on Kapital club has a different ambience and feel to it; something for everyone.

If you are planning on visiting Kapital Club but are not completely sure about the dress code policy here, you have come to the right place! Here are the dress code guidelines of Kapital Club, Madrid.

Kapital Dress Code for the Ladies

The trendiest of all clubs in Madrid, Kapital Club has a pretty strict dress code policy for its club goers. The dress code for this club is strictly elegant. For the ladies, this translates to wearing one of your prettiest dresses, a fancy top with pants or even a skirt. Kapital is all about elegance and beauty, so keep up your appearances to exude confidence and personality.

When it comes to shoes, go all out! Opt for the nicest pair of killer heels that you can find in your wardrobe. Kapital Club is all about dressing for impressing. You definitely want to stand out from the crowd and make an impression of your own.

As for your hair, a neat, beautiful hairstyle is always appreciated. Opt for some hair accessories to add a little bit of personality to your hair.

Tattoos are always welcome at Kapital. However, when it comes to how much skin you can expose, it is probably best to be a little cautious. Less is more when it comes to fashion at Kapital.

Kapital Dress Code for the Gents

The men at Kapital are impeccably dressed, well groomed and definitely worth looking at. if you are wondering how you need to dress at Kapital to make an impact, well, opt for a nice looking collared shirt with a great pair of trousers. Try and avoid wearing t-shirts and jeans as they are just too casual for the atmosphere at Kapital.

As for the shoes, keep in mind that a man’s shoes are one of the first things that catch a lady’s eye. You want to make a strong first impression with your shoes. Opt for a fancy pair of formal shoes which go great with the rest of your outfit.

As for your hair, it is always best to come well groomed. Avoid shaggy hair and a beard. Instead, trim it neatly. You could opt for the newest trendy hairstyle; short on the sides and long on top. It tends to be well favored by the club as well as amongst the ladies.

As for tattoos, there are no restrictions as such. Of course, if you end up with a huge face tattoo, the club bouncers will definitely think twice before letting you enter.

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When it comes to keeping up appearances, Kapital Club can be quite strict. If you are still worried about the dress code to follow, check out the Facebook page or the official website for Kapital and go through the pictures of the club. Here, you can get a few tips and ideas on what to wear to look your best for Kapital.

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