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Teatro Kapital Madrid, Guide & Review

The largest and the most diverse club in all of Madrid, Kapital Club is spread out over 7 floors! With each room oozing a different vibe and atmosphere, Kapital Club has become the most sought after club in all of Madrid. A favourite amongst VIP guests and Real Madrid football players, club goers have a huge chance of bumping into some very famous faces in this club. Of course, being such a super exclusive club in Madrid comes with a price.

Kapital Club is quite stringent about its rules and policies. It is important for you to know all about it so that you don’t risk being sent back from the doors.

You should be prepared to spend most of your night exploring every nook of this club. With 7 floors to explore, each with its own unique taste, style and ambience, it might be a while before you can pick your favourite room and decide to spend the rest of the night there. The club keeps more than enough room for party goers to find their own little happy place.

Beauty, elegance, and sophistication are highly appreciated at Kapital Club, so be sure to dress the part. With some of the most luxurious VIP areas, bars, expert bartenders to tend to your needs, live shows and performances, and mind boggling dance performances, Kapital Club has won over the hearts of locals and international tourists in Madrid.

This is the ultimate guide to Kapital Club, Madrid. We will tell you everything you need to know about this club; right from the dress code, how you can get to the club, and what you can expect there.

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