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11. Comedy Cabana

Comedy Cabana

A traveling comic performs live at this brick-walled venue with age restrictions and a two-drink minimum. If laughing is the best medicine, then the Comedy Cabana is your neighborhood hospital. The longest-running laugh factory on the Grand Strand attracts nationally touring comics who would not typically venture thus far off the main path if it weren’t for the chance to unwind at the beach. Top national touring performers attend this modest but popular hangout, and the vibe among guests and workers is always bright and pleasant. This location feels more like a resident’s hangout than a comedy club, thanks to a sidebar from the showroom, and the cuisine is surprisingly decent. 

We recommend Harold’s on the ocean because it’s a great spot to meet new people or catch up with old ones over a few cold ones. If you don’t want to be the subject of any good-natured mocking, use the restroom before or after comedians hit the stage. It is Myrtle Beach‘s only five-star comedy club, with fresh comics from Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, Letterman, The Late Show, Last Comic Standing, TV, and more appearing monthly. Since 1996, this has been the locals’ and tourists’ favorite location to laugh! The doors open early, and a complete bar and restaurant are available. Arrive early or arrive late. Their meal isn’t a joke! Their age restriction is 15 years old and up with a parent or adult, 18 years old and up without a parent or adult, and 21 years old to drink. 

Everyone under the age of 30 must present their ID upon checking in. So, no alcoholic beverages for anyone who has no ID. They also provide extra All Ages Family Friendly Shows during summer (showtimes vary). On our showroom side, there is a two-item minimum requirement per customer. This might include food, alcohol, or non-alcoholic beverages. Yes, bookings are always advised. Most shows are sold out in advance; making reservations ensures that you will be able to see the play of your choice. Seating is assigned in the order of bookings. A Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card is required for all phone or online reservations.

10. Atlas Tap House

Atlas Tap House

Atlas Tap House is the newest addition to the Grand Strand’s brewpub scene, but it’s not only beer that’s drawing crowds to this downtown hot spot. It’s a laid-back hangout with a vast range of specialty beers, bourbon, burgers, and BBQ sandwiches. Atlas Tap House, located directly across from the Myrtle Ocean Boardwalk and one street from the beach, has also established itself as a must-visit among whiskey connoisseurs. Atlas Tap House has been attracting consumers who appreciate the different flavors and strains of beer and whiskey, with more than 30 unique varieties of bourbon to combine with its 100-plus special brews. Atlas Tap House has a distinct culinary selection, ranging from house-smoked meats to chicken or fish tacos. 

The inside features billiard tables and TVs dedicated to sports, while an outside terrace provides breathtaking views of the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel and the downtown district. We recommend Atlas Tap House because of its mix of outstanding food and drink and its ideal location, making it a must-visit when downtown. At the same time, the bars on Ocean Boulevard are crowded to the brim. Head one block inland to this more secluded area. This property has housed a variety of pubs over the years, but Atlas Tap House appears to have finally struck a winning combo — craft beer, whiskey, and house-smoked barbecue.

Though the cuisine is delicious, the major draw here is the beer list, which is both broad and unusual. The bar usually offers a dozen or more beers on tap, and the expert staff can assist you in finding the appropriate drink for any taste to help you cool off from the hot summer sun. The atmosphere varies depending on whether you want to watch a game, hang out at the bar, sit outdoors, and play Giant Jenga or cornhole. As the competition of removing and stacking enormous pieces of rectangular wood heats up, the outside crowd can become a little rowdier. (It’s scarier than it sounds.) Inside is very relaxed, with many bar games like pool and darts to keep you entertained while you wait for dinner or hang around.

9. Bully’s Pub & Grill

Bully's Pub & Grill

Bully’s Pub & Grill is a Relaxed sports bar with a sizable beer list, pub grub & a daily happy hour, and a pondside deck. It’s a fantastic deck with 32 draught beer varieties and excellent service. What more could you desire from your friendly neighborhood hangout? Visit in the afternoon for a bite to eat on the waterside deck. Later in the evening, stop over to watch a game on TV. They’re guaranteed to have your team on with “lots of TVs” and an NFL Sunday Ticket bundle. If you are searching for something to do, head to the games room, where you’ll find pool tables, dart boards, bowling, and the always-contentious Golden Tee. 

Bully’s is more than simply a vacation hotspot; it also connects with residents by holding events throughout the year. We recommend this bar because Flynn’s is the most authentic of the dozens of Irish pubs on the Grand Strand. The outdoor patio deck overlooking Lake Barefoot features live music and scenic views. Bully’s experience is fantastic! They can easily cater to a family or a group of 18. They can accommodate such a large group easily. The food is good, the staff service is quick, and they are super friendly. We highly recommend visiting Bully’s! Late-night college crowds would fit right in at Bully’s. So, they have a nice deck on the water. 

They don’t do a lot of dancing due to the open area having a couple of pool tables but great for all ages! They have over thirty different beers on tap and pretty reasonable prices for a fun tourist spot. Blue Moon pints are like 4 or 5 bucks! Indoor and outdoor seating is available at this venue, but it’s very busy here most of the time, even in the off-season, simply because it’s at Barefoot Landing. It was hard to get a seat barely, and this was in late March; they only had two waitresses working. These poor women were slammed! They did a great job, but the patrons had to wait a while to be served, get refills, etc. There’s a long bar with 20 seats, but good luck finding a spot there. It’s usually packed! TVs are everywhere here, with booths and tabletop seating as well. They have strong WiFi, and it is free!

8. 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill

8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill


The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk continues to attract new companies to the downtown sector, and the 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill is the most recent addition to this hotspot in town. They were taking over a historic building previously occupied by legendary nightclubs such as Mother Fletcher’s and Club Myst. So, 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill hopes to bring a new attitude and atmosphere to the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront, a more festive beach environment rather than the dance-club reputation of the building’s old owners and operators. So, using bright colors and a new patio deck extension, 8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill intends to bring luaus and other beach-related activities to the Boardwalk area, which has been lacking since the 1.2-mile boardwalk debuted in 2009. 

8th Avenue Tiki Bar & Grill also intends to focus more on cuisine, with a complete menu of bar-food fare and seafood, including fish tacos and buffalo shrimp. Burgers, steaks, and other usual stuff are available, as are frozen dessert cocktails and a Reese’s Cup Cheesecake that tastes as wicked as it sounds. We recommend this bar because it is the liveliest spot on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Happy hour is not just the most affordable time to visit 8th Avenue Tiki Bar; it also marks the beginning of the sunset hues over the ocean. It is located on the seaside, in the middle of the historic downtown Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, and specializes in healthy original Mediterranean meals, inventive burgers, and handcrafted pizzas. 

A large assortment of craft beers and a sophisticated tiki-bar craft cocktail menu will please any palate. Enjoy it on their waterfront tiki-fied terrace or indoors with a panoramic ocean view. Pets on leashes are always welcome outside. They have an extensive food menu. The Jumbo Buffalo Shrimp is delicious! It is a generous portion of gulf shrimp hand-tossed in our house buffalo sauce served with a side of blue cheese. They have Buffalo Nachos as well! Nachos are freshly made corn tortilla chips loaded with grilled chicken, celery, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese topped with our buffalo sauce and blue cheese. So, this is one of the best bars in Myrtle Beach.

7. Pine Lakes Tavern

Pine Lakes Tavern

The new proprietors of Pine Lakes Tavern have altered more than the name of the famous locals’ hangout Droopy’s. Deck seating and entertainment are available at this rustic, smoke-free sports pub serving locally produced food. The bar, game area, and toilets have already been completely renovated, offering a clean, relaxed setting for happy hour beverages or late-night parties. The big back porch overlooks Pine Lake and is the ideal spot to unwind with a drink after a game of golf at the adjacent Pine Lakes Golf Club, Myrtle Beach’s original golf course. There are fifteen draught beers on tap and a fantastic dining menu. This is a fun location to hang out with live bands and pig barbecues. We recommend Pine Lakes Tavern because it offers a terrific local audience and a laid-back ambiance. 

The back porch is the spot to be, with shaded areas where you can enjoy a cool one while watching gorgeous Pine Lake. Pine Lakes Tavern is a beautiful gastropub haven for diners looking for delicious beers, elegant comfort cuisine, and a peaceful and pleasant environment to watch the best-televised sports. For 17 years before becoming Pine Lakes Tavern in the spring of 2012, the building at 5201 N. Kings Highway was a tavern called Droopy’s. 

Pine Lakes Tavern was renowned as a residents’ late-night tavern with live music, and while it still attracts locals, the vibe has changed. The most visible changes are the physical ones. Customers sit on plush padded office chairs on wheels instead of bar stools at the new bar in the central area. They are confronted with a full bar, 15 craft draught beers, and numerous televisions tuned to the day’s major sports. There are also some cocktail-height tables in the bar area. A room with a shuffleboard machine and three stunning framed jerseys from Pete Rose, Joe Montana, and Brett Lott sits to the bar’s right and up a few steps. Both rooms include doors that open to two lovely and tropically planted outside smoking spaces, one with iron tables and chairs and the other beneath a gazebo. They overlook a beautiful pond where ducks congregate, and the pavilion has a television.

6. Bar Louie

Bar Louie

Bar Louie is a fun grill chain boasting American fare, martinis and microbrews, and happy-hour specials. This significant brand opened a location in Myrtle Beach’s Broadway at the Beach entertainment neighborhood. Bar Louie, which replaced the old Broadway Louie’s (not related), is a far cry from the casual sports bar environment that preceded it. The two-story restaurant/bar offers plenty of space and a distinct atmosphere in each location. The downstairs and upstairs bars are ideal for sports lovers who wish to watch the events, while the more isolated dining area and private party room offer a more relaxing atmosphere. The food and drink menu is vast, including many specialty drinks, like the Lone Star Strawberry Lemonade and Cherry Bombay Martini. Live music is featured on the weekends. We recommend this bar because Bar Louie fills a need at Broadway at the Beach with a laid-back hangout that also offers excellent food. Bar Louie features one of Broadway at the Beach’s top happy hours and a hearty $8 lunch. Eat, drink, and be satisfied. The Original Gastrobar’s tenets. Great cocktails, chef-inspired food, and excellent service in a relaxed setting where you are encouraged to relax and socialize. No two bars will be the same as Bar Louie. They listen to the communities and allow them to shape the experience, rather than the other way around. That is what distinguishes Bar Louie. There will be no shortcuts or excuses. It’s not always the most straightforward solution but always the best one. Because why bother if you’re not going to give folks something special? So, whether you’re searching for terrific food, a cool beverage, or a friendly atmosphere, Bar Louie has you covered. Bar Louie is one of the few places to get food. It provides a great experience. You can sit at the bar. Jessica, the bartender, is excellent and loved by the patrons. She makes perfect recommendations for food and some other events to do. So, you can have a lovely conversation, and the food is also excellent. Therefore, this is one of the best bars in Myrtle Beach. If you are in town, you have to try this bar!

5. Bummz Beach Cafe

Bummz Beach Cafe

Bummz Beach Cafe is a laid-back American eatery with a large patio, ocean views & a menu of seafood, steak & burgers. The name of this laid-back, come-as-you-are bar and restaurant says it all, and tourists often meander in from the beach for a bite to eat and a cold one. Bummz Beach Cafe is all about ocean views, frozen concoctions, live music, and fantastic cuisine, and it delivers all of this and more in a fun-filled and family-friendly ambiance only steps from the beach. Guests may drink a cocktail while sitting in beach chairs and hammocks on the rear patio deck or get their chow on with various delectable burgers, sandwiches, and salads. We recommend this bar because Beachgoers are only steps away from the great food, drinks, and party atmosphere at Bummz. 

During the warmer months, happy hour (4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays) provides amazing beer discounts, a lovely sunset view, and live music. Bummz Beach Cafe delivers a calm, family-friendly environment with live music, refreshing beverages, and the most incredible food on the beach! Bummz’s large umbrellas and tiki torches make it a great location to relax day and night while gazing out over the Atlantic Ocean. Burma has been a staple in the center of Myrtle Beach for several decades, and we intend to keep it that way for many more. Kick back and enjoy life on the beach! This beachfront beach bar and grill have more to offer than just location, but the vista from the back porch and the pane-glass windows overlooking the Atlantic cannot be beaten. 

Bummz was designed with fun in mind, and it delivers with weekly live music on the patio deck throughout the summer months and an always-active bar scene. Bummz provides much more than ordinary bar cuisine, albeit it is plentiful. Popular items include the legendary Bummz Burger, which is covered with chili, cheese, onions, and slaw, and the Philly Chicken Sandwich, topped with grilled onions, peppers, and melted cheese. There are full bars both inside and on the patio deck. So, this is one of the best bars Myrtle Beach has to offer.

4. House of Blues

House of Blues

Great live music is provided by nationally and globally acclaimed rock, folk, blues, jazz, and blues bands at this restaurant/concert space. Many mid-major touring performers, as well as smaller regional bands, play the 2,000-person arena. This national brand is based on American music and Southern cuisine, a winning mix for individuals who want some excellent comfort food and performance in their tiny music theater for dinner and a show. Touring performers perform in the music hall, while local and regional acts perform in our restaurant, bar, and The DECK. The restaurant and bar are decorated with trademark original folk art, part of the world’s most extensive collection, and the House of Blues‘ famed hospitality and scrumptious southern-inspired food. 

The small setting provides excellent views from all directions and a great sound system. Aside from paid events, the restaurant/bar area has live music seven days a week, including a tremendous Sunday Gospel Brunch. Call ahead to find out about upcoming activities. Ticket pricing and showtimes vary; most are under $20 and begin at 8 p.m., although many top artists sell out quickly. We recommend this pub because, after a long day of shopping, Broadway at the Beach visitors come to this famous location for oysters and beverages. Concertgoers who lunch at the House of Blues before the event receive preferred seating in the music venue. House of Blues Restaurant & Bar serves homemade, Southern-inspired cuisine. 

Foods from throughout the South inspire the House of Blues restaurant cuisine. The menu includes New Orleans-style jambalaya and gumbo, house-smoked Carolina pulled-pork barbecue, Delta fried chicken, Lowcountry shrimp and grits, and Memphis-style baby back ribs. Signature Southern-inspired specialties such as Voodoo Shrimp and Carolina Mess are also available, as are a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. The House of Blues bar is committed to presenting a distinct combination of traditional and contemporary specialty cocktails, spirits, and craft beer. The House of Blues experience is located at Barefoot Landing and Barefoot Resort. It combines conventional American food, live music, and art like no other place on Earth. The music is explosive, the art is motivating, and our kitchen is as energetic as the performers onstage.

3. The Bowery

The Bowery

Don’t pass up the opportunity to witness where country music supergroup Alabama started in the 1970s since nothing has changed at this run-down honky-tonk. The house band performs live music six days a week while visiting bars, and musicians jam on their nights off. Live music brings together people from all walks of life. Therefore, it is not the fanciest establishment in town but a must-see for anyone seeking a real sense of Myrtle Beach nightlife. So, stumble out the door to the Plyler Park stage for more live music. 

The Bowery, a long-running honky-tonk and country music hotspot, is a fixture on the area’s entertainment scene. Duffy’s Tavern on the Bowery offers a comprehensive menu, ice-cold beer, and other adult drinks. The Bowery, operating on the downtown Myrtle Beach beachfront since 1944, is most known for recruiting supergroup Alabama as its house band before the band’s Grammy Award-winning days. The pub is now a must-see for anyone searching to restore the flavor of old Myrtle Beach or visitors looking for terrific live music and a good time. We recommend this pub since it is a must-see for visitors and guests looking for a real taste of old-school Myrtle Beach. The drink selection is limited (beer and wine), but there are many places close in the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk area to acquire a mixed cocktail. 

This historic 1940s honky-tonk transports you to another period of Myrtle Beach, the one that earned and embraces the title “Redneck Riviera.” Confederate flags are almost as frequent on the walls as Alabama allusions. On the other hand, the music is some of the greatest country/western this side of Nashville. At this unique watering establishment, flip-flops and bathing suits blend in with cowboy boots and blue denim. The menus at Duffy’s Tavern and The Bowery include bar food mainstays and other unusual things that will go wonderfully with your drink of choice. Begin your dinner with nachos, fries, cheese stix, pizza rolls, jalapeño poppers, Zack’s pepper jack mac n’ cheese bits, or one of the other tantalizing appetizers. So, it is one of the best bars in town!

2. Tin Roof

Tin Roof, located near the 14th Avenue Pier, is a fresh new rooftop bar and live music venue directly on the beach. Enjoy breathtaking views from the open-air bar and patio, or remain indoors and listen to live music. Monday through Friday, 4-7 p.m., they offer Happy Hour. Guests may choose from 16 draught beers, refreshing drinks, buckets, and more. Furthermore, their food menu boasts “better than bar food,” with items such as Dixie Biscuits (3 fried biscuit sliders, smoked brisket, bacon, peach jam, and cheddar cheese); Smashville (custom burger topped with bbq pulled pork, bacon, and slaw); Nashville Hot Chicken (buttermilk fried chicken rubbed with cayenne, served on Texas Toast with ranch potato salad and pickles); and many other delectable eats. 

Tin Roof provides musicians with a venue to play and a place to hang out when they are not on stage. The Roof has established itself as the place for musicians and non-musicians, thanks to its excellent cuisine, lively, eclectic setting, a community of Regulars, and friendly Crew. Their stages have welcomed the famous, the should-have-been famous, and everyone in between throughout the years! We’re at 1410 North Ocean Blvd, overlooking the world-famous Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean from their rooftop patio, and they have the most incredible views on the Grand Strand. They don’t only make music; try their wonderful made-from-scratch Southern-inspired ‘Better Than Bar Food.’ $5 3 Olives flavored vodka, Fireball, and Rumple Minze are available all day. 

Happy Hour occurs daily from 4 to 8 p.m. and features 50% off select appetizers, $1 off wells, domestic beers, wine, and TR cocktails. Enjoy the Roof ‘Where Everybody is Somebody’ whether you’re there for the music, the cuisine, a drink, or a good time! Support live music and the performers that bring it to us, and we’ll hope to see you often enough to consider you a regular! They have $5 Fireball, Rumple Minze, and 3 Olives flavored vodka daily. Daily from 4 to 8 p.m., get 1/2 off select appetizers, $1 off domestic beers, wells, wines, TR cocktails, and 16 draft beer selections. This is one of the best bars in town!

1. Ocean Annie’s

Ocean Annie's

Ocean Annie’s is a lively beach bar with its pool, serving beer, tropical cocktails & simple bar food. Ocean Annie’s has been famous among locals and visitors for over three decades and draws more fantastic crowds than most other establishments along the Grand Strand. Ocean Annie’s, in addition to being on the beach, has a pool deck with live music, dancing, and a public swimming pool. And although Sands Ocean Club guests flock to Ocean Annie’s, many other visitors and residents may be seen here sipping a drink and having a good time. Of course, if you arrive at Ocean Annie’s on a busy day, you can check out the Sand Bar across the street.

Ocean Annie’s, located in Myrtle Beach’s Sands Ocean Club, is the trendiest beach bar in town! This public seaside tavern is well-known for its icy beverages, friendly faces, live music, and good times. Ocean Annie’s serves a range of refreshing cocktails delivered to your table by stunning bikini-clad waitresses. Sit back at the bar, relax while listening to live music, and take in the view of the ocean while drinking your favorite beer or one of Ocean Annie’s classic cocktails. Annie’s Tea (vodka, tequila, rum, gin with sour, triple sec, lime & cola); Myrtle Breeze (vodka, pineapple, and cranberry); Annie’s Punch (rum, pineapple, orange juice, sour, and grenadine); Myrtle Beach Sunset (tequila, triple sec, lime, sour, blue curacao, and sprite); and many others.

Cool down in the water or at Ocean Annie’s pool after a delicious drink before returning to the bar for another round or two. Ocean Sands Ocean Club and Sands Beach Club beachfront properties are available at Annie’s Resorts! Their distinctive Myrtle Beach properties provide magnificent beachfront and oceanview one, two, and three-bedroom suites. The resorts are located inside a cozy, peaceful beach neighborhood in the northern area of the Grand Strand, which is regarded as one of Myrtle Beach’s Best Locations for Families! So, this is one of the best Bars and tourist spots Myrtle Beach has to offer! Therefore, if you are in town, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once! 

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