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11. High And Lonesome Club

High And Lonesome Club is Winnipeg’s finest honky-tonk, featuring the best in live music and a commitment to community and culture. Their mottos are “you’re all good people with excellent taste in music” and “we gotta lotta livin’ to do, let’s do it together!” Check out the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club’s lineup. It is housed inside a historic 1882 building, ensuring that your visit is, at the very least, cultural. You can expect to hear roots-blues music with a lot of funk and soul. The best place in Winnipeg for GOOD live music! This club will be remembered as a historical landmark in Canada. Make a point of stopping at Times Change while you’re in Winnipeg (d). This is a historic music venue, and artists from all over Canada (and the world) perform in this small club with a big personality. 

Enjoy the memorabilia all over the walls, the show posters past and present, the kitschy and the rustic. Grab a Standard, find a seat (or don’t), and enjoy the tunes. Winnipeg’s honky tonk crown jewel. Recently expanded (longer, not wider). A new space in the back for visitors to take a break from the music—is a great idea because it makes the front room an even better listening room. Excellent work on the new, easily accessible restrooms. You may not feel at ease if your social, material and financial status define your self-worth. But you are most certainly welcome! This little downtown gem features live stage performances of bluegrass, folk, country, and blues music on a nightly basis. 

The cover charge is usually $10, so get there early because it gets crowded around 9 p.m. Because it is a small space, it fills up quickly. The crowd is diverse, ranging from suits to bell bottoms. This is one of my favorite local places to drink. You should just be yourself here. We worked with John on our event preparation, and he assisted us in any way he could. We planned an event in a month and celebrated our dreams thanks to John and the cooperative staff at the club! The atmosphere was perfect, the drinks were cold, and there were no worries. This is not only the magical setting of my’ dive bar’ fantasies. It’s a place near and dear to our hearts for a drink and profoundly awesome music with unrivaled energy. Thank you, John, and your staff, for the fun times!

10. The Riverside – Limelight Tavern

The Riverside – Limelight Tavern is Winnipeg’s hottest karaoke bar! The Limelight has been a long-time staple in Winnipeg for the best singers around to show off their musical chops. Serving the communities of Glenwood, Riverview, and Norwood, and only a stone’s throw away from St. Boniface, St. Vital, and downtown! The Limelight Karaoke Bar has your favorite songs, whether you like to sing Rock’n’Roll, Hip Hop, Country, or anything else. They guarantee a memorable night with a large bottle selection and all the songs you and your friends require. This venue is the ideal location for a birthday or bachelorette party. Did you say Christmas party? The Limelight specializes in catering to groups of 20 or more. Bring your family, friends, coworkers, or teammates with you. 

Their extensive craft cocktail menu, a playlist of your favorite songs, and your closest friends and family will make for an unforgettable party. Are you looking for something organized but don’t have a specific event? They have glow-in-the-dark karaoke every Saturday night. Wear bright colors because they will be turning off the lights and turning on the black light. But don’t just stand out for your clothes; get up on stage and show everyone what you’ve got because it’s your turn at the Limelight. The staff is friendly, and the management is excellent. They have become highly concerned about the quality and consistency of their food. It’s always a pleasant experience. The drinks were very reasonably priced. The crowd was on point. 

Not many venues can handle a busload of engineering students on a multi-day bender, but they did it quickly. The Riverside, also known as the Limelight Tavern, is the best bar in Winnipeg for you. There’s no cover charge; they offer delicious yet cheap drinks and karaoke for the bold. It’s a basement bar, so prepare for things to get wild. If you have ever made a fool of yourself during a night out, you probably did it at Limelite. No cover charge + cheap drinks + karaoke all night = lots of deleted snap stories the following day. Great time and great live bands! They have live music and sports on television sets. So, it is an excellent spot with an exciting atmosphere! The burger was fantastic. We love their new beer vendor. They have a way extensive selection, modern and clean. The restaurant part is vast and modern and has some great beers on tap and great food!

9. The Toad in the Hole

The Toad in the Hole has classic British fare & a large selection of beer & whisky is served at this lively watering hole. A Winnipeg staple, The Toad in the Hole has been serving great food, beer & cocktails for three decades and still going strong in the heart of Osborne Village. This multi-level space has been a fixture in Osborne Village for quite some time. Friends can congregate here for almost anything: a quick game of pool, one of the best whiskeys in town, a chill night in one of the big booths, or a wild night at Soul Night downstairs. Nobody seems to mind that the bathrooms are constantly breaking or that the structure and interior are practically prehistoric. The Toad in the Hole, as the bar with the most unusual name, is more than just a regular old neighborhood pub. 

It’s a multi-level space that’s long been a Winnipeg institution. You can play pool, order fine cocktails, or sit in a booth and talk with a local—a friendly pub with a welcoming atmosphere. If you like the feel of an old English pub, this is the place to go. There are numerous options because they specialize in scotch, whisky, and a few specialty drinks such as the old whiskey sour. They take pride in their mixology. There’s also a pool table! Television to watch the Olympics or other sports, as well as a charming corner stage outfitted with various brass instruments on the walls. You’ll enjoy it here, so take a sip. Excellent music, food, and service. A great crowd with a lively atmosphere and positive vibes. 

I strongly advise you to check it out. Join them for great deals on domestic draft, bottled beer, and rail liquors. They have happy hour every day between 3 and 6 p.m. Pub classics and new creations made with fresh local ingredients. Brunch is now available, with classic breakfasts served daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pub classics and new creations made with fresh local ingredients. Brunch is now available, with classic breakfasts served daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Indulge your senses with one of Winnipeg’s largest whiskey selections. Their knowledgeable bartenders can assist you in discovering a new favorite. Most nights of the week, there is excellent live entertainment. Every Tuesday, there is a soul night, and every Thursday, there is a jam night. For upcoming events, check out Instagram or Facebook.

8. Bar Italia

Bar Italia has a wide-ranging menu of global eats, from poutine to pasta, in a tavern setup with a sidewalk patio. Bar Italia, located on the bustling Corydon strip, is a nightlife hotspot that stays open until the early morning. This lounge, known as Bar “I,” has a hopping patio in the warmer months. They regularly bring in DJs to get the crowd moving. Enjoy a comforting environment at the bar with your friends. Connect with them online to make reservations for VIP tables. They are always available here in the bar serving the best cocktails you could ask for a great evening. Spend quality time being served some of the royalties they store for you. Forget the weather forecast: the only way to tell if summer has arrived in Winnipeg is to visit the Bar I patio, which is always crowded from April to October. 

It’s probably the go-to spot for biker groups, hipsters, low-key models, and aspiring DJs simultaneously. This place is fantastic. The only way to tell if summer has arrived in Winnipeg is to check this place, which fills up quickly from April to October. It’s probably the go-to spot for biker groups, hipsters, low-key models, and aspiring DJs simultaneously. This is a must-see for bachelors. Nothing beats a fulfilling bar experience. Deluxe Fries cravings review, I show the chicken fingers with deluxe fries…one with banana peppers and mozzarella and the other with herb and garlic! Never let me down. The bar I’ve been a regular at since I was in my teens. I spent my early twenties celebrating my birthday here and have the best memories. 

The crowds have changed over the years, but the food always brings me back! The audience is younger. Bartenders are pleasant and efficient. DJs, but no bands (I’ve never seen any roll through Corydon, which is known for its lounges and bars). A well-known location. It’s a decent spot for a drink and a bite. It has a patio area which is great for the summer season. After midnight, where else in Manitoba can you get a great espresso, a stiff drink, and play some pool/pinball? So, Bar Italia is one of the best bars Winnipeg has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend that you visit this bar at least once. Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time!

7. Johnny G’s

Johnny G’s is a lively, late-night spot for pub food & drinks, including house shooters, plus live music. Guests book a table for tasty dishes here and enjoy the sights of the Winnipeg Railway Museum. The truth is that well-cooked chicken fingers, sirloins, and fettuccine alfredo will satisfy you. Take your chance to taste delicious beer. This bar offers good milkshakes among its drinks. The intimate atmosphere of Johnny G’s Restaurant & Bar allows customers to relax after a hard-working day. The professional staff welcomes visitors all year. If you want to experience quick service, you should visit this place. At Johnny G’s, they have great, fresh food and drinks at prices Winnipegers love! They have two locations in downtown Winnipeg. 

They are ideal for lunch, dinner before the theater, or a late-night snack and beer after the hockey game! Johnny G’s Restaurant & Bar, named after its founder and current owner, Johnny Giannakis, first opened its doors in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1987. Johnny G’s was Winnipeg’s fourth Late Night Restaurant at the time. The first location in the Fort Rouge area was Osborne and Morley. You will love this place. Our waitress Melissa was lovely and was often at our table to see if we were satisfied. We had onion soup and fries as pretty good entrees. We also ate pasta and chicken tenders, and we were pretty satisfied. The food came out pretty quickly also, and we were famished. Overall we were delighted. This restaurant has all great food, comfortable seating, friendly staff, a relaxing atmosphere, and clean premises! 

We go here often for a great meal (huge portions, I might add) and to get away from it all! This restaurant serves several great menu items but is well known for its Fettuccini Alfredo. I have not found another restaurant that can match their creamy garlic white sauce. The sauce almost seems baked on as this dish is not runny. Pasta-cooked right and late-night service make this a hit with the after-bar crowd. I would recommend it as a family restaurant – more for the young yuppie crowd. So, Johnny G’s is one of the best bars Winnipeg has to offer you. If you are in Winnipeg, we highly recommend you visit this venue at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a fun and memorable time. Their restaurant experience is also top-notch.

6. Fame Nightclub

Fame Nightclub is a hopping gay nightspot with a DJ-spun dance floor, drag queens, go-go dancers & bottle service. The club has an electric dance floor as well as comfortable lounge seating. You can get drunk by playing beer pong or betting on the pool table. Every Friday and Saturday night, clubgoers dance to electronic, Latin, and pop music beats. Happy hour is extended from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. to keep you buzzed. Go-go dancers, drag queens, and other performers provide live entertainment at Fame. You can also reserve a table for your birthday celebration and receive VIP treatment from the staff. Fame Nightclub provides a safe and contemporary atmosphere in the heart of downtown, with the hottest gogo dancers and some of the best DJs spinning records. 

Where you can dance to the latest beats or relax in our lounge’s ambiance, they play a decent variety of music, including house, Top 40, Dance Mix, Dubstep, and others. Fame opened in 2011 following the closure of a few other GLBTTQ* establishments in the city. It’s one of the best places to dance without being judged by many Straight Dudes. A fun venue to visit now and then! It’s full of exciting people who are all friendly and laid-back. I’m not LGBT, but I don’t judge, and no one else does. My wife and I have a great time dancing, chanting, and meeting new people. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking it out. The entry and beverage prices are reasonable. 

They have a beer pong table as well as two pool tables. The service is quick and friendly! The only drawback I’ve discovered is that if you leave, you should plan on not returning or pay cover a second time. I would recommend this nightclub to anyone over the age of 18. It’s spotless, with staff who do their jobs and sometimes go out of their way to assist those in need. So, Fame Nightclub & Bar is one of the best bars that Winnipeg has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this venue at least once. Go with your friends and loved ones or meet fun people there! The nightlife aspect of this venue makes it one of the most fun bars and spots in Winnipeg.

5. Yellow Dog Tavern

Yellow Dog Tavern has draft brews & varied bar food (burgers, wraps, pizza & salads) served in cozy, relaxed environs. It is a neighborhood pub specializing in local beer and housemade comfort food. On June 6, 2010, Yellow Dog Tavern first opened its doors. Draft beers and bar food (burgers, wraps, pizza, and salads) are served in a cozy, relaxed setting. The Tavern opened on the owner George Hughes’s 24th birthday. Hughes’ dream has always been to open his bar. At the time, he was employed as a gym trainer. He built this bar with every penny he had saved. To his surprise, the Tavern took off, and people kept coming back for more. Many like the place because of the relaxed atmosphere and excellent service. 

The open mic nights that take place every night also attract a lot of crowd. Because the Tavern was such a smashing success, the founder decided to open another location in Canada. For over a decade, the always-friendly Yellow Dog has been the place to go before and after Garrick or Burt concerts. Apparently, the frontman of Modest Mouse once showed up after a concert, grabbed his guitar, and jumped onstage to perform for the few dozen people drinking there until the early morning hours. How amazing is that? The friendly Yellow Dog has been the place to go before and after concerts at the Garrick or the Burt for over a decade. Apparently, the frontman of Modest Mouse once showed up after a concert, grabbed his guitar, and jumped onstage to perform for the few dozen people drinking there until the early morning hours. 

Check out this venue for some drinks and the ultimate live concert experience. I adore this location. We ordered an ok Caesar and a messy nacho platter with no spoons or forks, but the staff was fantastic and upbeat. It was lively. After a show or a Jets game, this is a great local hangout—friendly staff serving traditional bar fare at a reasonable price. The staff was excellent and extremely friendly and helpful. The beer selection was limited but adequate. I got their club sandwich, and it was tasty. Instead of fries, the potato option is chipping. I prefer fries, but the chips came with some onion dip, which helped them stand out. So, Yellow Dog Tavern is one of the best bars in Winnipeg for you and your loved ones.

4. Earls Kitchen + Bar

Earls Kitchen + Bar is a modern, upscale restaurant chain that serves gourmet burgers, global comfort food, cocktails, wines, and beers. Earls Kitchen + Bar is a collection of restaurants that serve globally inspired food and drinks in a casually sophisticated setting. From brunch to late-night meals, their menu is tailored to each location and includes various healthy and indulgent options to suit your mood. Earls Kitchen + Bar was founded in 1982 by Bus and Stan Fuller, a father-son team. Since its inception, this bar has been built on the family’s foundation. They believe that great hospitality begins with genuine relationships. It’s about the partnerships they’ve formed with esteemed chefs and world-renowned bartenders, the long-standing relationships with vendors and suppliers, and the lifelong friendships formed while people work for them. 

The genuine connections made here bring their restaurants to life. Its mission is to work daily to provide the best dining experiences possible. The food is excellent and the environment is exceptional. You can enjoy your time there with your family and friends. It is one of the top restaurants to visit in Winnipeg. Lovely, lively place to spend time with some good food! Hands down, the crab cakes we had were the best I have had so far. I was drawn to Earls because of their efforts to provide people with cook-at-home options. At the same time, restaurants could not open other than allowing skip the dishes or whatever delivery company to pick them up from the premises. I later discovered that this chain was feeding the front lines several hundred meals daily going to the Health Sciences Center. 

This company cares about its customers and the city as a whole. Their food and service are self-explanatory. Their food and service speak for themselves. This venue is a gem! They have great service and excellent staff. We enjoyed lots of cocktails and a few late-night happy hour appetizers. This place was packed full of people, young and old. They not only have top-notch service but a clean atmosphere, great drinks, and good food. If you are looking for a nice place to hang out with excellent food quality, then Earls is the best place in town. So, Earls Kitchen is one of the best bars and restaurants in Winnipeg. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this venue at least once. You will have a memorable time guaranteed.

3. Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery

Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery is a busy Irish bar offering classic pub fare, live music, karaoke nights & a range of beers on tap. Shannon’s Irish Pub & Eatery welcomes you with the warmth of a traditional Irish pub. It is the best place to drink and dine with your friends while watching a few fantastic local and international performers on the Jameson stage. Celtic dancers, Celtic jam, Indie artists, local musicians, and bands are among the performers on the stage. There is also Karaoke. They accept event bookings and allow their excellent chefs to prepare dishes based on your specifications. Private reservations and bookings for buffets, appetizers, and other services are welcome. Enjoy fine Irish whisky, fine scotch, local craft beers, wines and beers, and home-style dishes. 

Shannon is the best place to go for dining and entertainment. Shannon’s Irish Pub is Winnipeg’s best-kept secret, hidden beneath the streets of downtown Winnipeg. Come down to 175 Carlton Street and become a member of the family. Their staff will greet you with the genuine warmth of an Irish pub. It’s a great place to meet with friends for a pint or some comfort food while watching local talent on the Jameson Stage. They serve homemade food and have 21 beers on tap and V.Q. Wines, local craft beers, fine scotch, and Irish whisky. Throughout the week, live entertainment is provided on the Jameson stage. Karaoke is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Wednesdays are open mic nights, and Fridays feature local musicians. Saturday afternoons are Celtic jam sessions. 

From vintage to modern music and even a little country, they have something for everyone. See what’s going on tonight on the official website. Until 7:00 p.m., it is family-friendly. They have quality food and drink specials daily, so stop by and look. Pub games are also available so ask your bartender! For private bookings and reservations, content them. Their George Brown-trained chef has worked as a Sous Chef/Executive Chef across Canada and will prepare meals or pairings tailored to your needs. To them, happy hour is more than an hour. It is open daily from 4 to 9 p.m. The ideal location for a casual meet and greet! The owner and staff are friendly and accommodating to all of their needs! We would recommend it for any gathering! So, Shannon’s Irish Pub is one of the best bars that Winnipeg has to offer!

2. Thirsty Lion Tavern

Thirsty Lion Tavern has been an old-school pub since 2007, with bar bites & many beers on tap, plus pool tables & TVs showing sports. Thirsty Lion Tavern was established in 2007 and had been proudly serving the Charleswood community for over ten years. They attribute their tremendous success thus far to their unique atmosphere, fantastic community, and outstanding team. They have a decent selection of beers on tap, including dark rich stouts, pale ales, and frothy lagers, as well as a large selection of premium spirits and liqueurs. They have something for everyone, whether you want to cool down in the hot weather with a frozen peach Bellini or warm up in the winter with an Irish coffee. 

It’s all served in our welcoming Pub atmosphere, where you can sip a cocktail on the patio, grab a pint and play pool at one of our tables, or relax and catch up with friends. Since 2007, this old-school pub has served bar bites, many beers on tap, and pool tables and TVs showing sports. The Thirsty Lion Tavern is one of the more laid-back establishments on this list. Expect a laid-back atmosphere where you can watch a hockey game and order traditional pub fare. They have pool tables, large TVs, and a great selection of beers on tap. Thirsty Lion brought a burger between deep-fried mac and cheese for burger week. You can grip it if you want the classic satisfaction of preparing to unhinge your jaw and take a bite of this solid, massive, true-to-photo burger (unlike certain places, like my dig at Kyu Bistro experience). 

It was delicious, and the burger was satisfying in all the ways that burger patties should be: generously portioned, juicy, flavorful, and not too salty for me. The mac and cheese tasted authentic, so it was an enjoyable experience! The onion rings are not overly greasy and remain crunchy! The service was fantastic, and the ladies were highly attentive and prompt! PUB vibes are chill. The staff is friendly and helpful—excellent pitcher selection in the draft. So, Thirsty Lion Tavern is one of the best bars Winnipeg has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Go with your family, friends, or loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

1. King’s Head

King’s Head is a relaxed watering hole with regular live music offering a British & Indian menu, plus draft beer. It provides an Authentic English pub experience in the heart of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. The King’s Head began as a 40-seat pub with only six beers on tap and has since grown to its current capacity of 400 seats plus an outdoor patio. They now have one of Winnipeg’s most extensive draft beer selections. King’s Head Pub is one of the oldest businesses in the Exchange District, and they are proud to say that they have remained true to their values as an independent family business since its inception. King’s Head opened its door to Winnipeg as the first pub in the city in August 1987. 

Relaxed watering hole with live music regularly, serving a British and Indian menu and draft beer. It would not be a mistake to call this a first-time meeting place for stressed-out Red River College students and an English-style pub where businessmen can grab a greasy burger for lunch. It’s a bit of a maze there, with seating areas on three different floors. The knowledgeable staff and the memorable photographs are what make this place legendary. Head to the King’s Head Pub for a lively atmosphere in a well-known downtown establishment. This relaxed and casual establishment is ideal for a comforting meal and a cold pint of beer. They specialize in British dishes like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, but they also make a mean curry. 

This venue is undoubtedly one of the best bars in Winnipeg for travelers and visitors looking to sample the local nightlife in a relaxed setting. As an English-style pub, you’ll find plenty of great beer options and bar eats to keep you going late into the night. One of our favorite spots in town! I adore the owner and everyone on the staff. Food is delicious, and there are plenty of beer options on tap, as well as local breweries, incredible live music, drag brunches, pool tables, dart boards, and more. The summer patio frequently expands for special events in the Exchange/Old Market Square. So, King’s Head is one of the best bars Winnipeg has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this venue at least once. Go with your family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones!

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