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29. Nhậu Bar

By crossing the imposing golden door that gives access to the Nhậu Bar, you discover a universe that invites you to travel. Here, everything is done to make your evenings unforgettable; from the mysterious decor to the sophisticated cocktails to the menu designed by the talented chefs of the Nhậu, nothing is left to chance. The soft light of Vietnamese lanterns, the warm decor and the unique musical atmosphere create the exotic atmosphere of Nhậu Bar. The Nhậu Bar is the perfect place for an evening with friends that stretches into the night. Cocktails at Nhâu Bar, a mysterious and otherworldly basement bar, involve creativity, zing, and nontraditional ingredients. They aren’t exclusively Vietnamese, but they do have Asian influences. 

You’ll notice dozens of Vietnamese lanterns and tapestries, a long, sleek bar, and small, intimate tables as your eyes will calibrate to the darkness of Nhâu Bar. This venue is located beneath the beloved Vietnamese restaurant Hà in Old Montreal. Designer Amlyne Phillips created a mysterious and otherworldly atmosphere—precisely what a basement bar should be. Nhâu Bar, located on the Griffintown side of McGill Avenue on the outskirts of Old Montreal, attracts crowds of well-heeled professionals who spend their days in the area. The crowd comprises people who have just gotten out of work (slim suits, tailored dresses, and sparkly accessories abound) and a few local celebrities. Cocktails, which are not exclusively Vietnamese but have Asian influences, feature creativity, zing, and unconventional ingredients. 

Consider the Pandan Sour, served in a tall coupe and made with rum, pandan (a vanilla-like Southeast Asian plant), kombu, and lime, or the Nhâu Shell, a two-person drink made with strawberry wine, Oloroso, tequila, raspberries, passion fruit, and pineapple in a conch shell. There’s also a small but tasty wine list, including a few by the glass. Chef Ross Louangsignotha’s menu features cocktail-bite versions of Hà’s best-sellers. The famous chicken wings, bao buns (the crispy shrimp ones are exceptionally addictive), fried broccoli bits, and crispy imperial rolls are all available. What is the quality of service? The attentive staff is as appealing as the space itself. Finally, why are you coming here? Gather friends and catch up over inventive cocktails and delectable bites. So, Nhậu Bar is one of the best bars in Montreal to visit. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this venue at least once. Go with friends, family and loved ones!

28. Córdova

Córdova is a modern, low-key cafe & bar offering espresso, cocktails, wine & Mediterranean-inspired eats. Cordova is a new café in St-Henri that specializes in Spanish tapas, excellent coffee, and soon-to-be-delicious wines (still waiting for that Quebec liquor license!). Cordova, which debuted at the end of February 2018, is the brainchild of Anthony Benda (Myriade), Aaron Polsky, and Elayne Teixeira-Millar. Allow us to tell you about the space. Córdova’s gleaming white design, bright pops of color, and blonde wood bar top all have a sunny feel. The plants add a touch of greenery, and the subtle alternative-pop soundtrack gives it a distinct vibe. So, who will you encounter there? During the day, this café-turned-Spanish bar draws workers hunched over laptops. Some workers sip excellent third-wave coffee and others who sip mediocre but beloved Labatt 50 beer. 

Friends join them as the day progresses. Because the venue is small, the crowd remains civilized—ideal for a casual conversation. When sitting down to work or hanging out with friends, what should you order? Classic cocktails like Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Martinis are a safe bet here. Excellent white wine is also on tap, as are 750-milliliter bottles of Labatt 50, the old-is-new-again trend in hipster bars around town. The price is reasonable on all counts. And what if you get hungry? The kitchen prepares Spanish Conservas—tinned fish—with care and the flavorful vision of “MasterChef Canada” winner Aaron Polsky. Sardines are served with hearty rye bread from Hof Kelsten bakery, and delicate anchovies are served with a crunchy toast crumble on soft-boiled eggs. Other Spanish snacks include jamón serrano, chorizo Iberico, and tomato bread. 

Will the bartenders help you navigate the menu? The staff is small, but so is the establishment; everyone appears enthusiastic about the offerings and will gladly explain the ingredients. When and why should you visit Córdova? During the day, this is an excellent location for a pre-lunch meeting or a mid-afternoon snack. Everything in this bright Saint-Henri spot is inexpensive, tasty, and simple. Sabrina Barazin’s design talents have resulted in a bright, airy space that seats 25 people. Córdova is bright and cheerful, and the overall decor is simple but effective. The art application on the wall behind the bar adds a splash of color and depicts what appears to be an arcade of various buildings reminiscent of a plaza in Spain. The coffered ceiling in the entrance is an excellent design element, and the pendant lighting over the bar adds a unique and modern touch.

27. Brasserie Harricana

Brasserie Harricana is a brewpub offering many craft beer options & gourmet comfort eats in a contemporary space. It is a local brewery and restaurant between Little Italy and Mile Ex. The beer selection changes weekly and includes a wide variety of beer styles. Brasserie Harricana has been operating since 2015 and has made a name for itself. The reason is simple: Brasserie Harricana, located on the border of Little Italy and Mile-Ex, offers something for everyone. Harricana is the name of a river in Canada that is one of the longest. The first Brasserie Harricana opened in Amos, Abitibi, in 1975. Set in Mile Ex, the gentrifying neighborhood north of Mile End, this brewpub has some of the best local beers. Brasserie Harricana is a large corner brewpub with many natural lights and an uplifting design. 

A cream tile floor, wood accents, peach leather seating, and ceiling paneling all contribute to the feeling of calm and fresh air. Is there anyone else here? Regulars from Villeray, Parc Ex, Mile End, and other nearby neighborhoods. What’s your plan as you approach the bar? Skip the cocktails and wines in favor of beer. Seasonal home brews range from sour passion fruit ales to hearty, creamy Irish-style stouts, English-style IPAs, and white sake-fermented rice blondes. There is also a long list of imported bottles, but they are much more expensive. Get the whole experience by purchasing a $20 flight with four 5-ounce glasses of your choice. Beer goes well with bar snacks. Do they have us covered?

From quick snacks (deviled eggs, blue-cheese stuffed celery stalks, duck confit croquettes, salt-and-pepper fried tofu cubes) to fuller entrees, the menu features Canadian and Quebec classics (the famous Caesar salad for two, as well as beef tartare and chips, a monkfish burger, beer-braised ham). If you’re in doubt, go for the sharing platter, which includes a meat pie, ragout, baked beans, coleslaw, and fries. Can the bartenders assist you in navigating the menu? The young, dynamic staff, dressed in crisp white shirts, is fully present and ready to jump to it whenever you need a top-up. They will also provide information on the most recent brews. We believe we understand, but if you can summarize—why should you come here? The bar is ideal for twosomes or solo diners looking for a comfortable, civilized setting to try out new beers.

26. Buvette Chez Simone

Buvette Chez Simone is a convivial wine bar with a rotating list of vintages & tapas in urban digs with moody lighting. In 2008, La Buvette Chez Simone opened on Parc Ave. Since then, the venue has become an enjoyable classic spot for a drink and a bite to eat. Eric Bélanger, Michel Bergeron, Fabien Lacaille, Gabrielle Bélanger, and Simone Chevalot own La Buvette Chez Simone. They opened a snack bar instead of a restaurant, which is far superior. The restaurant was supposed to be called La Buvette because of its evocative name. Still, Simone’s friends preferred something more personal – Chez Simone – so the five owners settled on La Buvette Chez Simone. What’s the mood like here? La Buvette, with its Zébulon Perron-designed interior, was the first to bring cool to Parc Avenue. 

The small terrace present on the front porch leads to a warm atmosphere defined by exposed brick, lots of russet woods, and neon-orange wire hanging fixtures. The space is organized around a horseshoe-shaped bar and features a network of narrow counter-width tables ideal for fostering intimate group conversations. What can you learn from your fellow drinkers? Who exactly are they? The crowd here speaks English and French, and the average age is around 30. Many artsy professionals work in the nearby Plateau and Mile End office buildings. If you want a seat, arrive at 4 p.m. or around 9 p.m. after the first wave has passed. How are the beverages? Their menu here focuses on reasonably priced bottles of wine, many of which are under $40; think discoveries and edgy selections from small independent wineries. 

There is also a huge collection of wines by the glass available. Is it worth ordering something to eat as well? The food is appealing: generous platters of house-cured charcuterie, delectable salads, and a whole roast chicken with all the trimmings. How is customer service? The fast-paced staff can keep up with the growing crowd, and everyone knows their wines. To summarize: why are we coming here? This is an excellent venue for a group hangout, with plenty of tables that can accommodate larger groups of eight or ten. You’ll have to save them by arriving early. So, Buvette Chez Simone is one of the best bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this venue at least once!

25. Loïc

Loïc is a buzzy locale serving elevated bistro fare, cocktails & imported wine in a casual space with a patio. The whole vibe at this wine bar in Saint-Henri is loose and easy—drink well, eat well, and it’ll all come together. You’ve only recently arrived. What do you notice? This wine bar, located in a grandiose neoclassical building on Notre Dame, is bright and airy thanks to large windows and an unfussy, airy bistro décor. The atmosphere is unmistakably French, with cane furniture, a row of small round tables, and a gleaming red bar that dresses up the place like red lipstick dresses up an outfit. Cool. So, who’s in? Wine lovers from Saint-Henri and surrounding areas and young patrons stopping in for a bottle before heading upstairs to Turbo Haüs, a live music venue owned by the same crew, fill the room. 

We’re in a wine bar, so we expect to drink wine. Sommelier Charles Tarzi collaborated with owners Max Ruiz Laing, Michael Griffin, and chef Liam Barron to create a small, intelligent wine list with plenty of options by the glass; all focused on fun, light drinkability, and natural or biodynamic production processes. That means delicious Rieslings, Chenin Blancs, and Gamays that are all food-friendly. The wait staff will gladly recommend pairings, but the overall vibe is loose and easy—drink well, eat well, and it will all go together. The food has been recommended to us. Please elaborate. This extensive seasonal menu goes far beyond bar fare—it’s a draw in and of itself. 

The general approach is fresh, green, and vegetable-forward, with a few hits of luscious richness thrown in for good measure (like a recent, sublime ravioli Verde filled with mascarpone and taleggio). With the silky tang of labneh and a bright, sunny garlic scape pesto, a roasted beet salad cuts their caramelized flavor. Loc’s menu is a study in contrasts, with platings as simple and approachable as its price point. Choose the handsome cheeseburger, or the thick piece of Quebec halibut served on a salad of dense du puy lentils with garden green peas and tomatoes for a full-meal deal. So, when and for what is this one best suited? Loc’s small bistro tables encourage great conversations between friends. Swing by in the afternoon for a bright and airy bistro experience appropriate for a work catch-up; at night, it’s moodier, louder, and just as much fun.

24. The Coldroom

The Coldroom has gourmet cocktails mixed in a speakeasy-style hideaway with exposed-brick walls & wood beams. A small cocktail bar situated in the Heart of Montreal’s old port. Ringing a bell next to its black door and waiting for admission from one of the bartenders gets you into this stylish Montreal speakeasy. Owner Kevin Demers meticulously designed the interior, transforming a former industrial cold room into an intimate cocktail lounge with plenty of cozy nooks. People-watching is one of Coldrooms draws, having made a name for itself as a local celebrity hotspot, but it’s drinks – based on classics with innovative twists and flavors – should be enough to attract guests. The employees are knowledgeable, dedicated, and efficient. 

This venue, located at the intersection of Saint-Amable and Saint-Vincent streets, was created by Kevin Demers of Flyjin fame and has enchanted Montreal’s clubbing elite and an ever-growing list of international superstars. Where have we ended up? Ring the bell next to the big, imposing black door at the corner of Saint-Amable and Saint-Vincent streets to enter this semi-secret bar, and one of the bartenders will let you in. You’ve arrived after descending the stairs and passing through the low-ceilinged hallway. This chic speakeasy, created by Kevin Demers of Flyjin, has enchanted Montreal’s clubbing enthusiasts and a growing list of international superstars. International celebrities? Let us explain further. Every cool person in town has visited the Coldroom at least once if only to see what all the fuss is about. 

Even if you don’t drink, the people-watching is interesting: Bruce Willis, Christina Aguilera, Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Luke and Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, and members of the Montreal Canadiens all appeared. What should we eat? The drinks, like the décor, are classic with modern twists. Try the savory Kingfisher or the Japanese Highball (Toki whiskey with lemon zest and soda) (Citadelle gin with Lustau sherry amontillado, Cocchi Americano, caper brine, and turmeric). Three white and red wine options are available by the glass or bottle (all for less than $65). Did the staff treat you well? The bartenders are knowledgeable, committed, and efficient. So, to summarize: What’s the mood like here? The Coldroom has a cozy, clandestine vibe with tucked-away nooks for two. Larger groups can congregate near the bar. Expect to stand a lot because this place is trendy.

23. Flyjin

Flyjin is a relaxed cafe specializing in coffee, tea & fresh-squeezed juice served in a cozy setting. Flyjin is a Japanese restaurant and bar located in Old Montréal. At the height of his reputation, renowned Chef Daniel Ken proposes a delectable Asian fusion menu using only the best, fresh ingredients. Flyjin also has a carefully curated list of resident DJs to provide a sensational musical experience. Flyjin is mysterious and sophisticated, providing its patrons with a one-of-a-kind experience. One of the chicest hangouts in Old Montreal is this basement speakeasy-meets-izakaya, which excels at inventive cocktails. Open a low-key door in Old Montreal, descend a gilded wallpaper-decorated staircase, and proceed down the longest, narrowest corridor you’ve probably seen. 

The basement speakeasy-meets-izakaya at the end is one of Montreal’s most chichi hangouts. With a long, red, angular bar and teal leather banquettes filled with beautiful people, this moody and magical bar is dressed in rich auburn woods and exposed brick. This place has a who’s who vibe, incredibly late at night when it transitions from a restaurant serving pan-Asian fare to a club. The crowd, typically between the ages of 25 and 45, is always dressed to the nines—a sexy dress and Louboutins for her, slicked back hair, and a statement watch for him. Seasonal cocktails feature unique flavors and Asian ingredients such as sake, plum wine, Japanese whiskey, and soju (Korean vodka). Take, for example, the Ichigo Monkey Business, a boozy concoction of rum, Campari, citrus juices, rose and hibiscus syrup, and, for good measure, grapefruit Red Bull. 

Most people here, however, order bottle service; you can go big-shot with a $575 bottle of Don Julio 1942 or go casual with a $200 bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut. Aside from the club business, Flyjin is a legitimate restaurant. The menu here, created by Montreal star chef Antonio Park, reinterprets izakaya classics like tataki and sashimi with unconventional flavor combinations. The sticky, smoky Korean braised beef ribs, the Gyuniku sashimi, and the buttery lobster maki, which include tender slices of raw beef topped with Montreal steak seasoning and yuzu sauce, are all must-orders. The staff here is model-like, and the service is flawless. This is squad central, with large group tables and plenty of bar seating. Because you cannot make reservations if you do not intend to eat, your best bet is to reserve a meal and stay for the night.

22. Le Vin Papillon

Le Vin Papillon is a cozy, rustic-chic wine bar with an outdoor patio, serving eclectic, farm-fresh fare. You can’t go wrong with this Joe Beef sibling on Notre-Dame Ouest for a delectable feast and wines you won’t find anywhere else. What’s your first impression? This narrow wine bar, located two doors down from its siblings on Notre-Dame Ouest, is the third in the family of businesses owned by the Joe Beef and Liverpool House chefs. A bar faces a white-painted brick wall on one side, with black-leather banquette seating, small round tables, and extensive blackboard menus on the other—the clatter from the busy bar and kitchen blends in with the chatter from the always-present crowd-like music. What do you notice? This venue is one of the most famous wine bars in town, so it’s always packed, no matter what day. 

Furthermore, they do not accept reservations, so arrive early if you want a table. The food is delicious, but the wine keeps people coming back. And what exactly should we order? More wine, more wine, more wine. Vanya Filipovic, co-owner, has been a Joe Beef fixture since the beginning. This wine menu is her baby; it is ever-changing and reflects her insatiable curiosity and nose for the most excellent, out-there Old World products, including bottles from Hungary, Greece, Poland, and France. Filipovic favors natural, one-of-a-kind wines, which include varieties you’ve never heard of from vintners so small that they’re used to serving only their respective regions. Expect a tasty adventure and an enology lesson at a reasonable price, and take all the advice you can get about which choices to make. 

What about the cuisine? The small shared plates resemble the appetizers at Joe Beef and Liverpool House; grab a snack here for a taste of the legend. The menu constantly changes, including duck, house-cured ham, smoked mackerel, and chèvre cheese. Don’t leave without trying the whole cauliflower head, a menu mainstay that’s wood-roasted and topped with fresh herbs, lemon slices, and chicken-skin crunchies. Is there anything noteworthy about the service? Co-owners Vanya Filipovic and chef Marc-Olivier Frappier will most likely be milling about and, if you’re lucky, serving you. The service is friendly, warm, and effortless, typical of the Joe Beef restaurant group. To summarize: why are we coming here? Le Vin Papillon is the spot to go for a delectable feast anchored by unusual wines you won’t find anywhere else.

21. Atwater Cocktail Club

Atwater Cocktail Club is a buzzing, speakeasy-style cocktail bar with late hours in a stylish French brasserie. This venue is a neighborhood bar where creativity, authenticity & hospitality converge. Their ultimate goal is to share with you their knowledge & passion for cocktails in a unique and inviting setting. Atwater Cocktail Club is located at the back of Foiegwa restaurant, keeping with parent group Barraco’s MO (sister venues include Barroco, Foiegwa, Milky Way, and Super Loco). The decor pulls no punches, with a mirrored ceiling and patent silver leather banquettes lending an air of serious kitsch to the space, but the drinks are all elegant. The cocktails at this buzzy club on Atwater in Little Burgundy are flawless, ranging from classic Old Fashioned to inventive house drinks made with blackberry liqueur. 

Sneak around the back of the trendy Atwater restaurant Foiegwa to find an uninviting door that leads to a space with mirrored ceilings and a magnificent marble bar. Scenes in after-dinner mode lounge on the colorful leather banquettes that make this Little Burgundy favorite sparkle all around you. This much-talked-about club, owned by the same people who own Foiegwa, attracts a crowd of hip 30-somethings looking for after-dinner drinks. The excellent cocktails and speakeasy vibe draw in Montrealers from all over. There are bubbles by the glass and bottle, as well as beer and wine. On the other hand, the cocktails are flawless, from classic Old Fashioned to inventive house drinks like the Bonne Maman, which is made with Jim Beam, port, blackberry liqueur, and vanilla syrup, with berries muddled with lemon and thyme. 

There’s also an element of showmanship; the Smoke Show, for example, includes just that. Atwater Cocktail Club, the sister restaurant to Foiegwa next door, serves a full menu, including upscale snacks (garlic escargots, salmon terrine) and main courses (truffle spaghetti, black Angus steak fries). If you arrive at the venue early enough, you can dine just like at Foiegwa—without needing a reservation. You may be competing for the bartender’s attention, but the staff is efficient and combines exemplary service with easy banter. On a weekend night at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., Atwater Cocktail Club will be buzzing—glasses clinking, loud laughs emanating from all corners of the room—but you may have to line up to get in, and you may have to wait a bit at the bar. Have patience because this is a fantastic place to live as a hip Montrealer.

20. El Pequeño Bar

El Pequeño Bar has craft cocktails & Cuban bites on offer in this tiny, charming outpost with exposed-brick walls. The Coldroom presents the smallest cocktail bar In Quebec. El Pequeno Bar translates as “the little bar,” and they’re not exaggerating. The 150-square-foot space seats only 11 people (two seated, nine standing) and is the smallest space we’ve seen with such a large chandelier. Drinks include Cuban classics like the Daiquiri and the El Presidente and a few original cocktails like The Mystic, which combines dark rum with maraschino, orange, lime, and a good selection of international rums to sip or mix as you please. This tiny Cuban bar in Old Montreal serves four drinks and only has one menu item: a delicious Cubano sandwich. This bar is relatively small. This is a tiny Old Montreal bar. 

It is Canada’s smallest, with only 150 square feet of floor space. The bright space, previously a gift shop, has two bar stools, one standing table, and a small bar squeezed between the large windows on one side and exposed brick on the other. Despite the 11-person total capacity (including two bartenders), there is still room for plants. El Pequeno attracts people waiting for a table at Cold Room, its sister bar next door, and scenesters looking for the rum drinks and Cubano sandwiches, which have become popular in their own right. A daiquiri, a mojito, rum and Coke, and an El Presidente are among the four drinks on the menu (Havana Club three-year aged rum, Plantation Original dark rum, vermouth, citrus liqueur, and grenadine). The rums are drinkable on their own. 

There’s only one item, but it’s a doozy: the team traveled to Miami to perfect the Cubano sandwich. And it appears they were successful: the version here is crunchy, nicely flattened, and filled with tender, juicy pork marinated for 24 hours before roasting. There is no better way to complement the house drinks. You’ll have the undivided attention of two staff members if you arrive right when the bar opens or at odd hours. Even if it is full, you will only be competing for attention with a dozen other customers. This place fills up quickly, so go during the off-season to get a seat at the bar. Come alone or with one friend (maximum) to try the Cubano sandwich and a rum drink before venturing somewhere more spacious.

19. Cloakroom Bar

Cloakroom Bar is a stylish speakeasy-style bar featuring specialty cocktails in a cozy, dimly lit space. Speakeasy is a word that’s bandied around relatively too lightly these days, but in the case of Cloakroom, the classification is earned. Hidden inside the men’s tailoring store and barber Maison Cloakroom, this 25-seater comes without a menu but with tremendous bartending skill. So, chat with one of the bar experts, and a cocktail will be made to suit your tastes. Logically, hand-carved ice features heavily, alongside many drinks inspired by pre-Prohibition classics like the Martinez or the Old Fashioned. It’s an impressive venue all-round, and sister bar Stillife over in Cité du Multimédia is also very much worth a visit. This is a neo-speakeasy hidden in the faded grandeur of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile. 

It is a veritable choose-your-own-adventure. So you wait in a wood-paneled lobby for the hostess to emerge from a hidden door. You make your way down a dimly lit corridor with photographs of Steve McQueen and other tough-guy fashion icons. Then you could take a seat in a candlelit 25-person room. You tell the bartender your preferred base alcohol and whether you want something bitter or sweet, spirit-forward or refreshing. A few minutes later, you’re sipping on a custom cocktail that’s sure to become your new favorite drink. Until whatever you come up with next. A negroni made with 1950s vintage Campari. It’s a 30-minute walk to drink from the Basilique de Notre Dame. Does it seem far? Maybe, and if you get thirsty along the way, you’ll pass by many of Montréal’s weekend watering holes (Brutopia and Taverne Dominion Square). 

Get a beer, but save some juice for Cloakroom Bar, Montréal’s crown jewel for cocktails. A tiny speakeasy is hidden behind The Cloakroom, a tailored menswear shop, and The Cloakroom Barber in Montréal’s Golden Square Mile, behind a 19th-century facade. Stand outside until a server arrives. Follow them down a dark corridor with small twinkling lights. Enter a cozy, intimate room with about 25 seats. There will be a welcome shot (on the house). Then the fun begins. There is no menu at Cloakroom; each drink is bespoke, made to order, and highlights their selection of fine spirits, liqueurs, house-made tinctures, fresh produce, hand-shaved ice, and champagnes. Refreshing? Dry? Fruity? Gin-based? Your bartender will lead you through a series of questions, similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book but much more mature.

18. Bar Pamplemousse

Bar Pamplemousse is a charming tavern featuring artisanal tap beers, wine, cocktails & nibbles from a wood-fired oven. Gastropub situé dans le Quartier des Spectacles de Montréal. Bières en fût, vins nature et cocktails. Bonne ambiance, atmosphère fantastique. Salle privée disponible sur demande. Pamplemousse is considered a breath of fresh air in the present Latin Quarter, with a great beer list and food by Joe Beef alum chef Pelo Brisson-Tsavoussis. Bar Pamplemousse is a welcoming bar in the Quartier des Spectacles that opened in May 2018. It offers an exciting variety of craft beers on tap. Pamplemousse is the brainchild of chef Pelo Brisson-Tsavoussis (ex Joe Beef, Blackstrap BBQ, and Bishop and Bagg), Jean Philippe Gagné, and Grégoire Merlot, as well as David Schmidt (Tiradito, Pelicano, Kabinet), Graham Warner, Alex San Gregorio, Gregoire Merlot, and Tino Rizk behind Le Mal Nécessaire. 

The idea behind the bar is to be a place to savor an exciting selection of homegrown craft beers in a friendly atmosphere. They serve fun and contemporary beers, including several sours and light beers. Pamplemousse designer Sarah Pelletier (along with Tiradito co-owner David Schmidt) chose pale-wood flooring, exposed brick, cream-colored paint, and pops of peach to avoid the typical dark atmosphere of a brewpub. The result? A light, airy, sorbet-like vibe is a breath of fresh air in the Latin Quarter. Before or after the shows hosted in the surrounding Entertainment District, a stylish, casual crowd of 30-somethings congregates. Many people come just for the beer. The Pamplemousse team drove across Quebec to compile the beer list, which includes 20 local tap brews covering a range from wacky sours and seasonal fruit beers to reliable stouts and ales. 

The Pretty Bastard, a creamy stout with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla notes, or the Buenos Dias, orange rind, and an ale with Mexican lime and sea salt, are recommended for first-time visitors. Kombuchas, Ciders, and a small selection of wines and cocktails are also available. Pelo Brisson-Tsavoussis, a Joe Beef alum, oversees the menu, which includes fire-roasted French-Caribbean fare like roasted asparagus, jerk cauliflower, deep-dish butter-chicken pizza, Nordic shrimp with green curry mayo, and Haitian griot ribs with fried plantains. Pamplemousse is ideal for both group gatherings (with high seating that can be reconfigured as needed and a raised banquette section that provides some privacy) and solo beer-lovers looking to try something new at the sexy peach-pink bar.

17. Henrietta

Henrietta is a hip lounge for drinks & nibbles, with amber-hued chandeliers that warm up an all-white decor. This bright, airy bar in a neighborhood that’s half Outremont, half Mile End, and half Plateau prioritizes natural wines from the Old World, cocktails with Caribbean flavors, and Portuguese snacks. Set the stage. Henrietta has breathed new life into the old Baldwin Barmacie space with gleaming white tile behind the bar and wood chairs backed with cream leather (from the same owners). The new look is chic, polished, and retro, reminiscent of a Portuguese tavern from the 1960s. And who are your bar companions? Because the neighborhood is half Outremont, half Mile End, and half Plateau, you’ll find friends from all three areas congregating here. That means 20- to 40-year-old hipsters with a taste for fine wine. 

What’s the latest on the beverage front? Henrietta specializes in natural wines from the Old World, particularly Portugal (try the reasonably priced Tejo 2015). The cocktail menu is also impressive, deviating from the Portuguese theme with Caribbean flavors such as the Goldeneye, which combines brown rum with lime, orgeat, jerk spices, and bitters, and the Betty Flanagan, which combines mandarin juice with brandy, lemon juice, bitters, and ginger beer. Is it worth ordering something to eat as well? Depending on how many shared plates you order, you can have a small or full meal here. We guarantee that the manchego popcorn is an addictive snack you’ll want to replicate at home. The Bafana pork-and-cheese sandwich is filling and messy, and the tuna-and-swordfish ceviche (served with yams) is light and refreshing. 

How is their customer service? The staff is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about wines. Feel free to set your price and leave the final decision to them. So, when and how should you visit Henrietta? This adaptable space, which is lovely in the daylight and amber in the evening, is ideal for meetings and social gatherings with friends. There are tables for every size party, and the bar is a relaxing spot for a solo drink and snack. The music becomes louder, and the crowd becomes younger as the evening progresses. So, Henrietta is one of the best bars in Montreal. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this bar at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

16. Milky Way Cocktail Bar

Milky Way Cocktail Bars innovative cocktails are the draw at this trendy haunt with colorful lighting & stylish furnishings. Head up the twinkling staircase to Milky Way, a kooky cocktail bar from the Baroque group (Barroco, Foiegwa, Atwater Cocktail Club, Super Loco) within its pizzeria Fugazzi. A vaulted glass ceiling is surrounded by hanging plants, a polished marble bar, and glass brick walls glow neon by night. Drinks are complex but deliciously drinkable, and the menu thoughtfully notes each cocktail’s ABV. The tropical Bon Pour le Moral (Good for the Spirit) mixes coconut vodka with blue curaçao, elderflower liqueur, dark rum, orange, pineapple, lemon, and vanilla. At the same time, the boozier Island in the Sun blends gin, Rhum Agricole, absinthe, lemon, grapefruit, hibiscus, and pine. 

The Milky Way already turned heads for Canada’s Best Bars in 2020, and they kept them turning all summer long when all we wanted was refreshing drinks in a refreshing setting. The décor is fun and funky, and the mixology is fun and funky, keeping things equal parts familiar and funky. They keep changing their menu constantly, so there’s always something new to keep you coming back for more, but even glancing at their menu reveals a fountain of creativity at work. Nicely cooked pizza and tasty pasta are the tastiest dishes. At this bar, visitors may have good parfait. It is nice to enjoy delicious whiskey. The homely atmosphere of Milky Way Cocktail Bar allows guests to relax after a hard-working day. Most patrons share that the staff is energetic. 

The excellent service portrays a high level of quality at this place. Many people share that prices are average for what you receive. Go to this spot for the unique decor. You might not expect much to pass by the brick building with Fugazzi Pizza in Pointe Saint-Charles. However, if you make your way up the Milky Way Cocktail Bars fluorescent blacklight-splattered stairwell, you’ll feel as if you are sent to a different galaxy — the ideal spot to have a date if you wish to escape the winter blues. Its delicious pizza menu, neon lights, intergalactic jungle vibes, and unique drink options are no surprise. The drinks are visually appealing and tasty, with cups shaped like birds, swans, Easter Island Moai statues, and more. Milky Way offers a full menu of Fugazzis pizza, homemade pasta, and other modern Italian sides.

15. Big in Japan Bar

Big in Japan is one of Montreal’s most beautiful bars, if not the most beautiful. It is an extension of the same-named restaurant. A magnificent cocktail bar is popular in Japan. It was once a traditional Portuguese bar with poker machines. André Nguyen, Julie Bisson, and designer Bruno Bran designed a new space that is both modern and intimate with the surroundings. It has a ‘speakeasy’ vibe, and you enter a perfect intimate ambiance once you pass through the heavy curtains. So, just looking at all those whiskey bottles hanging in their proper places confirms you’ve arrived. The velvet curtains, a U-shaped bar, fabulous house cocktails, and Japanese whiskeys and shakes make the atmosphere distinctly speakeasy on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Rachel. 

Set the scene—where are we now? This Big In Japan, on the corner of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Rue Rachel, is a high-class drinking den with a near-missable sign and door. Do not confuse it with the popular izakaya of the same name (and same owners) down the street. The atmosphere here is decidedly speakeasy, thanks to velvet curtains, a long, shiny, U-shaped bar, tea lights, and hanging fixtures made from old Japanese whiskey bottles. So, how is the crowd? Without trying too hard, she is stylish and well-dressed. Do the drinks live up to the name of the establishment? Suntory Toki, a Japanese whiskey worth trying, is among the sakes and Sojus on offer. The house cocktails are also fantastic. The Tokyo Mule is a snappy, Mojito-esque concoction of sake, ginger syrup, soda, lime, and mint, and the Rum Sour is a delectably sweet blend of rum, lime, and tonka bean syrup. 

Classics like Champagne cocktails, Negronis, and Manhattans are expert-level, and the punch (a pitcher of cider, cognac, and local honey) is an instant party starter. And what if we get hungry? Snacks are limited to chips, kimchi salsa, soya-roasted pecans, pickled vegetables, and tuna tataki. How is their customer service? Even when the crowd grows, the bartenders remain calm and collected and know how to work the U-bar like a boss. To summarize: why are we coming here? This is an excellent location for a romantic date, an intimate conversation, or a fun night out with a few friends (in that case, order the punch). So, Big in Japan Bar is one of the best bars in Montreal for you and your loved ones.

14. Terrasse h3

The h3 terrace is the trendiest place in downtown Montreal! In the heart of downtown Montreal, a stylish and elevated summer oasis. The modern eatery h3 is located in the excellent Humaniti Hotel Montreal and is divided into three sections: restaurant, lounge, and terrace. While the ground-floor restaurant and second-floor lounge are open all year, the 9th-floor terrace is only open during the summer. The lush and stylish Terrasse h3 is an urban escape above the heart of Montreal, described as a “seaside destination.” Enjoy stunning views of the downtown skyscrapers from the comfortable lounge furniture or the sparkling rooftop pool. Up here, you can savor seasonal and delectable h3 dishes like oysters and arancini, as well as fish tartar and beef flank steak. 

The food is complemented by refreshing and expertly crafted signature cocktails and an extensive wine list. Terrasse h3, open daily and only has chill vibes, has a vibrant and fun-filled summer schedule. From Jazz-live Mondays to h3ART events on Wednesdays and the best DJs in town, there’s something for everyone. Every Thursday to Sunday is an excellent day to visit the rooftop. Located on the roof of the Humaniti complex, the view is incredible! Whether it’s for a happy hour with cocktails, between work colleagues, or for dinner in the sun, come and discover their menus with summer flavors! Please take the opportunity to discover their program of Jazz, DJ, and Visual Arts events. 

The h3 terrace is the trendiest place in downtown Montreal! Located on the rooftop of the Humaniti complex, the view is incredible! Whether it’s for a happy hour with cocktails, colleagues or to dine in the sun, come and discover their menus! Take the opportunity to discover their Jazz, DJ, and Visual Arts events.” Whether for a relaxing moment or a quick pause, with a group or alone, for a glass or a cocktail, their lounge space will meet all your requirements instantly. Allow yourself to be captivated by all of the elements of their lounge while admiring Marc Séguin’s “Hannum” sculpture, which creates an urban dining space with a one-of-a-kind ambiance. So, Terrasse H3 is one of the best bars in Montreal. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this venue at least once. Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

13. Messorem Bracitorium

Messorem Bracitorium has beer & comfort food dished up in an airy, warehouse-style microbrewery with a vast beer garden. Messorem Bracitorium is a craft brewery near the Lachine Canal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A 25 000 square feet brewery with a taproom and a beer garden so you can drink on site. Messorem also has a little boutique inside their facility with beer cans, t-shirts, beer glasses, and much more. Messorem Bracitorium (roughly translating to ‘The Grim Reaper’s Brewery’ from Latin) has quickly risen to the top of everyone’s lists for thick ‘n’ creamy and sour IPAs, some crowd-pleaser lagers. The owners have pinpointed a perfect recipe for a brewery bar with a spacious canalside terrasse for summers and a large taproom for winters, an off-the-beaten-path charm of discovery to it, and pure quality of sour-type beer. 

Not to mention their kitchen that pairs perfectly with downing pint after pint, usually helmed by local stars. Marc-André Filion, Sébastien Chaput, and Vincent Ménard created Messorem on paper. Each member has unique strengths linked to creating a brewing company, a passion that has consumed them for many years. Messorem Bracitorium links their hobby (microbrewery beer) and their day-to-day work with friends. Messorem Bracitorium is a microbrewery that uses only the finest ingredients available. Their primary goal is to create beers they would want to drink based on their personal preferences and criteria. Their beers have a distinct and specific taste, mouth texture, and appearance. 

What you see and drink at Messorem is the exact result that beer had to have. They specialize in Taticent or sour Hopbeers, to use English terminology. Large brewhouse in an old industrial district in Montreal’s south end. There is plenty of parking on the streets surrounding the brewery—ample space with plenty of sitting space inside and outside when the weather permits. Small food items are available, but the main draw is beers—lots of great beers and some more gimmicky items like slushies. Excellent service. Not cheap, but this is the cost of quality and hype. So, Messorem Bracitorium is one of the best bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

12. Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles is an outpost of a small chain of neighborhood brasseries serving comfort food & cocktails. Sky-high rooftop bar and restaurant with stunning 360-degree views of Montreal. The local bistro chain Les Enfants Terribles has locations throughout Quebec. The one branch on top of the Place Ville Marie office and the shopping complex is the one to visit for a genuinely sky-high experience. The city’s highest dining and drinking establishment is located 44 floors above downtown Montreal. There are 300 seats divided between indoor and lush outdoor seating, with panoramic windows providing 360-degree views of the city and river. Their rooftop menu includes a large selection of comfort food, from burgers and tartar to ribs and shepherd’s pie. It is sleek and stylish while maintaining a familiar, comfy, and festive atmosphere. 

A full bar is also available, with everything from crafted cocktails to wines. Les Enfants Terribles, located at Place Ville Marie, is a sure bet for elevated and memorable summer nights in Montreal. Friendly and always very lively, this neighborhood gem offers two addresses with a tasty and comforting menu, carefully concocted by its owners, Francine Brûlé and Serge Bruneau, who welcome each customer at home. In a decor where nostalgia and innovation intermingle with finesse, one inevitably finds a warm, vibrant and unpretentious atmosphere. Experience the highest point of dining in Montreal: located on the 44th floor of Place Ville Marie; this restaurant invites you to savor its bold and original Montreal cuisine while admiring the panoramic view! You will love the restaurant aspect. 

A romantic dinner before the Jay du Temple show at the Bell Center is excellent. You can sit at the bar, and the waiters are super friendly. We decided to taste several cocktails, and they were all delicious! We fell in love with the pudding chômeur dessert. We also loved their reinvented shepherd’s pie. Recommend that without hesitation. So, Les Enfants Terribles is one of the best bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend you visit this rooftop bar at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

11. Terrasse Nelligan

Terrasse Nelligan is Hotel Nelligan’s seasonal rooftop bar & grill, offering views of the Old City & St. Lawrence River. This amazing space on the roof of Hotel Nelligan offers a summer menu bursting with color and freshness. Rather than rising too high above Old Montreal’s monuments, it faces its magnificent roofs, including the Notre Dame Basilica, providing detailed views of its centuries-old architecture. You will face the beautiful river port that flows along the magnificent St. Lawrence shores with a simple 180-degree turn. This chic rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of the Old Port and the Notre Dame Basilica. The chic and swanky Terrasse Nelligan, located on top of the classic and fantastic Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal, serves some fantastic views of the Old Port, St. Lawrence River, and Notre-Dame Basilica. 

Among many other things. During the warmer months, the restaurant is open daily for delicious lunches and dinners, as well as thirst-quenching cocktails and vibes just about anywhere between. The balcony-style terrace is surrounded by greenery and lit by the sun or cozy hanging lanterns. They also have a retractable roof and heaters, allowing the Nelligan rooftop to remain open in almost any weather (closed in case of heavy rain). The rooftop bar serves a wide range of food and drinks, including creative and well-executed cocktails, the famous clear sangria, and a large selection of wine, as well as premium cuts of meat, fresh fish, burgers, and refreshing appetizers. 

Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations for Terrasse Nelligan are recommended. Especially if the weather is nice, the vibrant terrace is a popular hangout that can quickly fill up. This opulent Downtown hotel is a fantastic place to stay because of its style and amenities, but its best feature is its rooftop bar and restaurant, where the drinks may be a little pricey, but the views and ambiance are second to none. Boasting unique views in the heart of Old Montréal, this is the perfect venue to make the most of a summer day or night. Nestled on the iconic Hôtel Nelligan rooftop, this fabulous restaurant offers fresh and colorful lunch, brunch, and dinner menus. Enjoy a new menu as well as a fantastic cocktail menu. The terrace has heaters and retractable awnings for your comfort, making it the place to be even on cooler days and evenings. In the event of heavy rain, the terrace will be closed.

10. Nacarat

Nacarat is a polished hotel bar offering craft cocktails & choice nibbles in a contemporary interior. It is a sophisticated cocktail haven in the heart of downtown Montreal. The stunning Nacarat Bar and Terrace is a lively cocktail lounge on the third floor of the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel in downtown Montreal. Bar Nacarat, which was renovated in 2018, offers a darker and more traditional indoor lounge and a brighter and more comfortable open-air terrace from which to watch the action on the central streets below. Nacarat is a cocktail lover’s paradise, with a wide selection of one-of-a-kind and expertly crafted creations. The experienced mixologists will likely shake up something suitable for everyone, divided into Unami, Bitter, Sour, Spicy, and Sweet. Aside from high-end cocktails, the rooftop bar also serves a fine selection of beers, ciders, champagnes, wines, and aperitifs and a tasty selection of elevated bar bites. 

The Nacarat rooftop bar, with its upscale and trendy atmosphere, is ideal for a stylish after-work drink or a fun night out. Enjoy first-rate service, fantastic cocktails, and local DJs who keep the party going. Bar Nacarat is located within the wealthy Queen Elizabeth and features a seriously chic cocktail lounge and an elegant roof terrace. In non-COVID-times, the drinks menu is experimental in presentation and technique – think hand-carved ice and spherical garnishes – but because the world is still infected, only the outdoor space is open, and the menu has been adjusted accordingly. The cocktails include crowd-pleasing spritzes and sangrias and a frozen Bourbon & Coconut, combining bourbon, coconut, pineapple, banana, and lime. 

There’s also barbecued food and regular DJ sets – it sounds like a party. You can enter a modern and sensual cocktail haven, where you might run into 21st-century Ziggy Stardust. Instagramming the scenery as you are served a desirable potion mixed by expert mixologists to leave you electrified. The atmosphere is inspired by the fusion of Ziggy Stardust’s glam rock era and the modernity of the twenty-first century. The sensual and sophisticated bar exudes electrifying energy. Its name refers to vibrant orange-red hues. Artists master liquids as chefs do food behind the counter. So, Nacarat is one of the best bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this venue at least once! Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a fun and memorable time.

9. Terrasse Carla

Terrasse Carla is a charming terrace located on the 6th floor of the brand new Hampton Inn by Hilton hotel. Terrasse Carla is located in the heart of Montreal’s Chinatown and specializes in French bistro cuisine, enhanced with contemporary Vietnamese flavors. The menu will constantly evolve according to the inspirations of the incredibly talented chef Chanthy Yen and the offer of seasonal products. In a festive and elegant atmosphere, Terrasse Carla celebrates the diversity of cuisines found in Montreal, offering an exciting selection of world wines, sangrias, champagnes, and incredible cocktails that will enhance the breathtaking view of Old Montreal! Modern rooftop bistro and bar with views of Old Montreal. Terrasse Carla, located on the 6th floor of the newly constructed Hampton Inn Montreal Downtown, is an equally new addition to the Montreal rooftop scene. 

The rooftop, located on the southern edge of Chinatown, is a mix of sleek marble surfaces, lush vegetation, and covered and open-air seating. All with breathtaking views of the Old Montreal skyline and Chinatown rooftops. Vietnam’s French colonial architecture inspires Terrasse Carla’s setting, and Chef Chanthy Yen has created a menu filled with French and Vietnamese flavors. Try the ‘Pho-Tine’ or a Saigon Burger, which are accompanied by highly creative cocktails and other refreshing drinks. Terrasse Carla, open seven days a week and packed with trendy and cool lounge vibes, is bound to make elevated evenings in Montreal a little bit better. The terrace is designed in the shape of a long L, with a DJ in the back and two bars, because the creators know it will be a fan favorite. 

There are a variety of colorful cocktails on the menu, including the Ba Lua Spritz, Fanxipang, and Spiced Cà Phê, created by the masterminds behind The Coldroom, Kevin Demers and Sam Kirk. They will, without a doubt, quench your thirst during any upcoming Montreal heat waves. The menu was designed by Chef Chanthy Yen, also known as Justin Trudeau’s chef. Carla’s menu combines French bistro flavors with modern Vietnamese flavors. The Bánh M Tôm was my personal favorite. So, Terrasse Carla is one of the best rooftop bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend that you visit this bar at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

8. Terrasse William Gray

Terrasse William Gray is a seasonal rooftop bistro at the Hôtel William Gray, offering elevated comfort food & panoramic views. The venue is situated on the 8th floor of the Hôtel William Gray. The Terrasse William Gray is the ideal place to savor the summer season. Enjoy a breathtaking view of Place Jacques-Cartier, the St. Lawrence River, and the Montreal Ferris wheel to taste their refreshing cocktails, summer wines, and beers. Their relaxed and soothing lunches, ideal for taking a bite, turn into lively evenings as soon as the sun goes down—an elegant rooftop terrace with stunning views of Old Montreal. Terrasse William Gray, perched on top of the excellent William Gray Hotel in the heart of Old Montreal, is a stylish rooftop bar and a genuine summertime hotspot. 

The terrace, located eight floors up, provides stunning panoramic views of the city, including the St. Lawrence River, Place Jacques-Cartier, and Montreal’s Ferris wheel. The rooftop is modern and sleek in design, with retractable awnings to safeguard them from the sun and heaters to keep the patrons warm and cozy on cooler evenings. Terrasse William Gray is open daily during the summer season (beginning in April) for dinner and drinks and rooftop brunch on weekends. The rooftop bar provides a wide range of beverages, including bubbles, wines, pints, bottomless mimosas, and creative and crafted signature cocktails. They make a combo with the drinks, fresh and innovative bites, and dishes inspired by the Maggie Oakes restaurant on the hotel’s ground floor are served. 

Shareables, appetizers, and salads are available, as well as signature burgers, tartar, tuna, and more. Terrasse William Gray is a great Montreal rooftop destination for many occasions, thanks to its friendly service and urban-chic vibe. Bring a date for the impressive sunset views and drinks, or come with a group of friends to enjoy the nightly lounge vibes. So, Terrasse William Gray is one of the best bars in Montreal for you. If you are in the city, we recommend that you visit this rooftop bar at least once. Go with your family, friends, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

7. Labo Culinaire – Foodlab

Labo Culinaire – Foodlab is a Cocktail Bar & Restaurant at the SAT arts space, turning out contemporary Canadian fare in a sleek rooftop setting. This venue is situated in the center of the Quartier des Spectacles. The Culinary Lab is the gastronomic experience that the Society for Technological Arts invites you to experience. The restaurant offers seasonal cuisine, both sophisticated and refined, which highlights Quebec agriculture by drawing inspiration from the “farm to table” philosophy. At the roof terrace, they serve a 100% biodynamic wine list. It is a hidden rooftop gem that invites you to an elevated and gastronomic experience. Labo Culinaire, located on the Société des Arts Technologiques, is a hidden Montreal rooftop gem that serves inventive and locally sourced cuisine and drinks. 

The charming third-floor terrace is furnished with communal tables and offers views of the surrounding skyscrapers and the next-door (and very impressive) Stratosphere. You can enjoy an ever-changing menu of seasonal products, most organic and local. A carefully curated and 100% biodynamic & natural wine list, a creative cocktail list focused on local distilleries, and a large selection of local beers from the best microbreweries in the area complement the thoughtful “from farm to table” dishes. The rooftop of Labo Culinaire is an ideal place to unwind after work and enjoy the best Montreal offers. Make sure to reach there early, as the venue has limited hours. Menus that change monthly, locally-sourced products, natural wines, and a cutting-edge techno/arty vibe make this place a must for any food enthusiast. Le Labo Culinaire is the culinary experience of the Société des Arts Technologiques. 

The restaurant, located on the same floor (3rd) as the Satosphère, provides artists, artisans, designers, spectators, and passers-by in the downtown area with the opportunity to enjoy rich, refined, comforting, and responsible cuisine prepared by chef Timothée Vielajus. Sommelier Louis Zeppetelli will gladly walk you through his organic wine selection. Enjoyed indoors or on the restaurant’s magnificent terrace with an unrivaled view! This specialty includes Fish, Trout Coils, Mezze meat, Naked oat Tabbouleh, Homemade Breads, and Organic Natural Wine from the farm to the table. The chefs cook the grilled meats & others next to you. The menu changes regularly. We went during the Southern Italy week & everything was excellent! Starting with grilled sardines, some delicious anti-pastis & a thousand flavors, then a “sandwich” of braised lamb. 

6. Terrasse Sur L’Auberge

Terrasse Sur L’Auberge is a classic bistro offering French fare & drinks, plus a seasonal rooftop terrace with sweeping views. Rooftop bar and restaurant situated on top of l’Auberge du Vieux-Port with two panoramic views. Terrasse Sur L’Auberge is located near Montreal’s Old Port and is probably the best rooftop bar in Montreal regarding grand, historical, and diverse views. You can see the Old Port and the St. Lawrence River in one direction and St. Paul Street in the other. The Terrace, perched on top of the magnificent Auberge du Vieux Port, is outfitted with classic bistro-style tables and chairs. Aside from the views, the rooftop bar is most famous for its incredible selection of Sangria. You can order red, white, melon, or bubbly Sangria in glasses or pitchers. 

There is also an excellent collection of cocktails; you can get wine and bubbles without the fruit and soda mix. The menu includes dishes perfect for sharing, such as a seafood platter and updated summer classics. The atmosphere and service at Terrasse Sur L’Auberge are usually excellent, with a diverse crowd enjoying the open-air breeze and spectacular views. Quite frequently, live DJs fill the Terrace with music. During the hotter months, this is a great place to catch a sunset, the beautiful lighting of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, or the International Fireworks Competition. Just keep in mind that Terrasse Sur L’Auberge is not significant and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early to secure a table. La Terrasse Sur L’Auberge is a rooftop restaurant on the Auberge du Vieux-Port. 

The Terrace is ideal for cocktails and dinner, with stunning views of the Old Port, the Saint-Lawrence River, and Saint-Paul Street. The views from the Terrace on the Auberge paint an incredible portrait of the historic district of Montreal. From June to August, admire the sky during the international fireworks competition. Organize a colorful event or even your dream wedding on the roof of the Auberge and enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere while enjoying a panoramic view of Old Montreal. So, Terrasse Sur L’Auberge is one of the best bars in Montreal. If you are in the city, we recommend that you visit this rooftop bar at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

5. Marcus Restaurant + Terrace

Marcus Restaurant + Terrace is a chic venue in the Four Seasons Hotel serving brunch, seafood & meat plates, wine & cocktails. The venue, created and named after the visionary and Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson, is not on the hotel’s roof but has excellent views of downtown and the iconic Leonard Cohen mural. Mainly from the lush and covered terrace, which blends with the marble-styled interior. Marcus, which takes the traditional brasserie in exciting new directions, is open for breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night cocktails. Expect fantastic culinary creations, signature cocktails, bottle service, and a fine wine selection. Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Canadian start at the Four Seasons Montreal goes beyond the typical “slap a name on it” celebrity-chef-in-a-hotel restaurant. 

It has a distinct feel, from the design to the menu. Spend $170 CAD on a seafood tower, then choose one of the well-seasoned crudos (we enjoy the yellowtail with chilis and wheat berries). So, a robata grill section of the menu feels particularly in sync with other dining trends. The whole-grilled sea bass is perfectly executed, and the tomahawk steak with shishito peppers and wild mushrooms is a satisfying choice, even at CAD 220. What kind of people are we likely to see here? Marcus has swiftly established itself as the new destination for food enthusiasts, business travelers, and local date nights, emphasizing seafood. So, what should we drink? 

There are many small producers and interesting natural wines on the wine list, but don’t expect any bargains. What does the kitchen excel at? How do the front-of-house employees treat you? There have been a few reports of kitchen delays, but who cares when you’re in a space this beautiful or sipping a signature cocktail on the terrace? So, why would you recommend Marcus, and to whom would you recommend him? It is unquestionably better suited to high-rollers and expense accounts. Even if you’re looking for an elegant downtown happy hour, the restaurant is worth a visit. So, Marcus Restaurant + Terrace is one of the best bars in Montreal. If you are in the city, we recommend that you visit this rooftop bar at least once. Go with your friends, family, and loved ones for a memorable and fun time.

4. Perché

Perché is a laid-back rooftop eatery in the Hotel William Gray serving Californian-inspired food & cocktails. The terrace has been completely renovated and now features an intimate, sophisticated lounge with a West Coast flair. Perché, a terrace restaurant in Montreal’s Old Port, is nestled on the 4th floor, overlooking Place Jacques-Cartier. It reveals a sophisticated and lush décor wrapped in a warm and welcoming ambiance. This urban oasis serves a healthy culinary menu with a California-inspired mix of hues and textures. Perché, located in the heart of Old Montreal, is the place to go this summer. Rooftop oasis with urban and stylish Californian accents. Perché Montreal is a lush and sophisticated rooftop oasis above Old Montreal’s bustling Place Jacques-Cartier. 

While the William Gray Hotel’s very top floor (home to the Terrasse William Gray) is already taken, this 4th-floor terrace still offers some great views of the charming rooftops, the Port, and the St. Lawrence River. The Perché terrace, reminiscent of a Californian lounge, brings a large slice of summery vibes to Montreal. The rooftop is filled with greenery, colorful lounge areas, and retractable awnings for shade and heaters for the cold. Keeping with the West Coast theme, the Perché menu features fresh and vibrant street-food favorites such as poké bowls, tacos, and dumplings, a global wine list, refreshing and seasonal cocktails, and mocktails. Perché rooftop bar is a lovely Old Montreal rooftop retreat for friendly lounge vibes and music, refreshing food and drinks, and a warm, vibrant, and welcoming ambiance. 

Beautiful terrace with unbeatable service, the chefs can transform ordinary dishes, with colors on the plate, into extraordinary dishes. Bravo, it was exceptional. We recommend it with confidence—a great spot overlooking the city. We loved the setting and food, & the staff made us feel at home with exceptional service! Rooftop patio in Montreal with views of the old Port. Tacos of fried calamari and shrimp served with White Sangria and Whiskey Sour. A breathtaking view paired with first-rate service! Samantha was so swift at the door, finding us a table even though we were five girls celebrating a ladies’ night after quarantine. Such a pleasant vibe and atmosphere. Audrey provided us with prompt service and a fantastic vibe. I adore this location! Catalina, the manager, you are the best. Great venue for a memorable evening. So, Perche is one of the best bars in Montreal for you.

3. Taverne Atlantic

Taverne Atlantic is an airy bar with a patio & a trendy ambiance offering unpretentious meals plus cocktails. It is a great tavern, one of the best bars in Montreal, offering creative cocktails, microbrewery beers, natural wines, and a large selection of spirits. A large and airy space with a magnificent design. Large roof terrace. A popular spot in Mile-ex and Mile-end. One of Montreal’s best bars serves signature cocktails, microbrew or craft beer, natural wines, and a great selection of spirits. A wide room, beautifully designed, and a grand rooftop terrasse. A popular spot of the Mile-ex and Mile-end. Stylish and retro tavern with a lovely rooftop terrace. Taverne Atlantic, which opened in 2019, brings a mix of trendy and cozy vibes to Montreal’s Mile Ex. 

Part of the interior features an Art Deco and retro-inspired design, while the other features a lush and charming rooftop terrace. The terrace is chic and quirky, combining plants, bistro-style seating, and lawn games with stunning views of the surrounding area. Perfect for having a drink and bites in the sun, but also warm and cozy under the string lighting. The Taverne Atlantic menu features some inventive signature cocktails and an impressive selection of draft and bottled beers and sustainable wines. There is also a snack bar menu with pizzas and gourmet hot dogs. The Taverne Atlantic rooftop is open most afternoons and nights of the week and is ideal for some relaxing and chilled drinks, a date night, or a vibrant and fun late night with friends. Taverne Atlantic has opened in Montreal’s Mile Ex, heralding the end of summer 2019. 

This lovely new tavern on the corner of Avenue du Parc and Rue Beaubien is the venue to be if you want to party until the wee hours of the morning or indulge in delicious snacks and inventive cocktails. There is a long list of excellent cocktails for refreshments and a fine selection of wines, beers, ciders, and bubbly – there is something for everyone! Frédérique Fortin (Manitoba’s sommelier) is responsible for the well-balanced wine list, which comprises 75% private imports and natural labels. Alexandre Taillon is in charge of the cocktails. Consider the Royal Daiquiri (violet liqueur, white rum, simple syrup, lime) and an updated Indian Summer (elderberry liqueur, tequila, grapefruit and pepper syrup, soda). The bar has curated an impressive selection of beers for beer fans at an even more impressive price ($2 per Lager)!

2. AIR Rooftop Terrace

AIR Rooftop Terrace is an elegant rooftop pool bar with stunning views of downtown Montreal. The AIR Rooftop Terrace is perched atop the fantastic Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel, right in the city’s heart. This two-level rooftop lounge and restaurant is located eleven floors up. The lower level is partially covered and houses the lively rooftop bar, while the upper level is open to the elements. From one of the comfortable loungers or the stainless-steel rooftop plunge pool, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Montreal skyline. From April to December, the AIR rooftop bar is open daily and serves signature cocktails, champagne, fine wines, and draft beers. Bistro-style fare is also available, such as fresh salads, burgers, and cheese plates. 

AIR Rooftop Terrace’s vibrant atmosphere, friendly service, and nice lounge vibes are ideal places to get together with friends and enjoy drinks and views. It might be a good idea to stop by this restaurant after seeing Christ Church Cathedral. It’s a pleasure to order well-prepared salads. Waiters, according to visitors, serve good parfait here. Among the drinks available at AIR Rooftop Terrace is good wine. This establishment’s homey atmosphere allows customers to unwind after a long day at work. The staff is said to be excellent. 

People make mention of professional service in their reviews. Pay low prices to eat at this restaurant. The spectacular decor awaits you inside. This heated and covered patio atop the Renaissance Montreal Downtown Hotel is one of the rare rooftop bars that take reservations, which is essential when you want to schedule a date with its plunge pool. Open April to December, the terrace temperatures here are never too chilly for their mojito or too hot for their pulled pork poutine. This place is fantastic in every way. The food is spectacular. The sangria was epic. The service and presentation were top-notch. 

1. Club Unity

Club Unity has different music styles played nightly in 2 rooms at this festive bar/nightclub with a rooftop terrace. It is a lively bar and nightclub with a rooftop terrace in the summer. The tri-level Club Unity is best known for being a lively venue where everyone is welcome to enjoy late-night entertainment on two dance floors and in the VIP lounge. However, we believe the top-floor rooftop terrace is the best location. The wooden decked rooftop is open and airy, with its bar and fantastic 360° views of the Montreal skyline. The rooftop invites guests to enjoy refreshing cocktails and bites in a vibrant and festive setting during the summer, as a warm-up for a whole night of dancing below, or simply for a relaxing evening with views. 

The Club Unity nightclub keeps the late-night party going year-round during weekends, while the rooftop terrace is usually open daily for drinks at 5 pm when the weather allows. Club Unity is Montreal’s most prominent gay bar in the heart of the gay village. There are three bars and a rooftop. Their drinks are reasonably priced, and there are multiple floors with different music playing. This is a place to have a good time and dance like crazy. The people here are relaxed and friendly. If you’re in Montreal, this is a must-see gay club. 

If you arrive late on a busy night, you may have to wait in line. You can always degust nicely cooked parfait at this bar. According to visitor feedback, servers serve good beer. Consume is not well-liked by Club Unity’s customers. You can select between indoor and outdoor seating. The employees are said to be well-trained. This establishment’s prompt service is a significant plus. Several guests have shared that the prices are reasonable for what you get. Reviewers are impressed by the cozy atmosphere.

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