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The Best Casinos you’ll love to visit in Chicago

Horseshoe Hammond

Horseshoe Hammond

Horseshoe Hammond boasts an excellent location in downtown Chicago and hence is one of the local favorites. It also offers a lot more space and is relatively larger than all other local casinos – it is nearly 300,000 square feet! Horseshoe Hammond has an insane number of slot machines, over 300o to be precise. Moreover, around 700 of them are the newer models with the ability to order food from the machines, so you don’t even have to leave your seat. This is the best gaming experience. Most of these machines are interlinked and progressive, which enhances your gameplay. The highlight of Horseshoe Hammond is their poker room, as it also hosts WSOP tournaments and offers around a 38 table poker room. This room is full of luxuries and amenities players might need during or before their play. The experience is all that matters, and this contemporary poker room of Horseshoe Hammond offers it.

Moreover, Horseshoe Hammond now offers a sports center that allows you to witness games live and place bets on them. You can watch the games on their giant screens and place bets on your favorite ones simultaneously. There is quite an adrenaline rush. The quality of a good casino is not just the number of slot machines or its multi-table poker room; a good casino also offers other services to enhance the user experience. Hence, Horseshoe Hammond offers many fine dining options after you have played your best game and are looking for a quality meal. Many dining options serve fresh food and live musical performances. This casino has it all; hence you should consider it if you look for a luxurious casino in Chicago.

Rivers Casino Des Plaines

Rivers Casino Des Plaines

Rivers Casino Des Plaines is all about the experience and not the number of slot machines or games offered. Rivers Casino Des Plaines provides a unique experience when it comes to gaming as it offers beautiful views of a nearby river. This casino is built near a river. Rivers Casino is all about the attractive nightlife aboard a riverboat. The casino rests on a body of water only inches thick. This casino has over a thousand slot machines and offers 50 different types of games. Hence you can be sure that you will pick the game from these and enjoy the night. Since this casino is all about ambiance, you will find that the design language is very contemporary and beautiful. The architecture is praiseworthy as well of the riverboat. Rivers Casino has been recently renovated, and that means that the casino space is now more spacious and luxurious than ever. Rivers Casino offers many dining options. There are many coffee spots and fine dining restaurants in the complex if you want a coffee or want to go out on a date in one of these fine dining restaurants. Moreover, the restaurants are now renovated, offering more menu items and a better ambiance. The casino now also requires proof of vaccination, and hence it is pretty safe in these troubling times.

Harrah’s Casino

Harrah’s Casino

Harrah’s casino is not about the numbers but the quality. This casino is located in Chicago. Harrah’s casino is part of a chain of casinos spread throughout the US; hence you can be sure that you will receive quality service since there is a proper check and balance on these casinos. Moreover, it offers many contemporary games, and the slot machines are up to date as well – there are over a thousand machines in this small but modern casino. Harrah’s casino is an example that space does not matter, and the experience does. For this sole reason, the staff at Harrah’s Casino is very well trained and offers you a very courteous and warm welcome. The nightlife is fantastic at this place and offers many promotions. Harrah’s casino also offers a mix of dining options if you want to grab a quick bite or look for a more refined dining experience. There is a dedicated restaurant for BBQ as well.

Moreover, there are numerous games offered in Harrah’s Casino. There is a hotel with it, and it also offers many conference rooms. Harrah’s casino is all about the ultimate gaming experience and is designed to give it.

Quick Tips for going to a casino in Chicago

Respect the dealers

The biggest mistake most people make is that they hate the dealers and think of them as the enemy. They believe the dealers represent the house. This is not the case; these dealers know that if you win, you will leave them a tip and are mostly rooting for you to win. You should include them in fun, and chances are they can give you some good help on your techniques later, and you will end up making friends! Just remember always to leave tips and make an excellent lasting impression.

Ask the dealer for advice

Continuing on the lines that the dealer is not your enemy, you should ask them for help. Of course, they will not tell you your next move, but they will help you to strategize. The dealers are the employers of the house and will get paid whether you win or lose, so if you ask them for advice, they will tell guide you with honesty and their years of experience. Since they’re mostly the most experienced players on the table, it’s always better to have them in your corner. However, the most important thing is always leaving a good tip for them. 

Bring your guide

Most casinos allow you to bring your guide with you with playing these games. You should use this exception and get your printed guide when playing with others. These guides can help you remember the rules or strategies you should forget in a high-pressure, high-stakes game. Guides are meant to assist you only, and there is no shame in bringing one to the table. After some practice and experience, you won’t need them anymore!

Play the man

The best advice any poker player or gambler will give you is to always look around the table and read the players and the dealer. You should judge from their facial expression or body language what is going on in their mind and deal accordingly. Playing the man requires a lot of practice and experience; hence don’t expect to master the technique after a few rounds!

Common Questions our customers ask us before going to casinos in Chicago

Which is the best casino in Chicago?

Several unique casinos in Chicago offer multiple games and thousands of machine slots. These fantastic casinos have many dining options at hand if you want to play well and eat even better. Horseshoe Hammond is one of the best casinos in Chicago. It is the largest as well. Hence, you must try this casino in Chicago for a luxurious gambling experience.

Should I borrow money for gambling?

No, you should never borrow any money from either the house or anyone else for gambling. If you were good enough or had control over your emotions, you would not be out there borrowing money for gambling. Remember that the debt solution and lost money isn’t getting more money but rather making do with what you have and learning how to make sound decisions.

Can you win at the casino?

Yes, you can win at the casino if you know which game to play and how to play it. You can succeed in casinos if you know when to stop and how to deal in a high-pressure game. Moreover, it would be best to play low-budget games with a low entry fee.

Which is the best game to play at the casino?

There is no particular game in these casinos that can be deemed the best. Some people can get luckier in Blackjacks than they do at craps. Hence, you should try every game and bet less, have a budget, and see which game works for you and allows you to use your skills to win. Craps is usually the best game for beginners.

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In conclusion

In the end, all we can say is that these casinos are great recreational places, and most of them offer other luxurious amenities and services to make your visit even better. It is up to you how much you bet, win or lose in these casinos, so don’t be afraid to go in there and try your luck. Moreover, often there are other games like table tennis, etc., going on these casinos so that you can try them as well. This article has compiled some of the best casinos to visit and play at in Chicago.

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