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With Liverpool’s cultural circles expanding at an astounding rate, the city’s cocktail culture has refused to go away, becoming an integral component of the city’s nightlife. Drink eccentric cosmos in underground haunts, fiery margaritas in chic speakeasy bars, and daiquiris in old cathedrals… Yes, please. We’ve produced a list of the top cocktail bars in Liverpool to let you sample the best the city has to offer.

MOJO Liverpool

MOJO Liverpool is a lively rock ‘n’ roll-themed cocktail bar hosting cocktail-making events & hen parties. MOJO provides a sleek, high-octane environment with pleasant and informed personnel, combining shabby New York City dive-type flair with excellent booze and Rock n’ Roll from the previous five decades. MOJO has established its reputation as one of the most extraordinary party venues in the country since its inception in 1996, and it is constantly revising its offerings to fulfill the requirements and aspirations of its clients. MOJO is far more than your ordinary dive bar, featuring barrel-aged hard shakes, American comfort cuisine, and thirst-quenching drinks. 

Head to The Stables for a few excellent bevies in its laid-back environment, decorated with neon lights and eccentric wall prints. MOJO provides everything for everyone, combining New York City dive-style sophistication with great drinks, the coldest beers, excellent home-cooked barbeque cuisine, and the finest music from the previous five decades. When the night falls, MOJO Liverpool throws the most fabulous party in town; their kind and experienced crew believe that good times last forever and will undoubtedly provide you with a night to remember. We had a terrific experience at Mojos since we were seeking a place that could accommodate a table for 12 and was a little different. The web code made ordering drinks simple, and the music was excellent, reminiscent of Red Hot Chillies and Blink 182. 

This was our first visit to Mojo’s; I’d been following them on Facebook for a while but hadn’t had the opportunity to go! With your first drink, you’ll get free wings! What’s not to enjoy? Even on the weekend! And the wings were incredible! The drinks and meal were delicious. Flavorful and fresh! Best chicken thigh I’ve ever had! On Saturday, October 27th, a group of 11 “Hens” finished a cocktail-making Masterclass. We had a great day and would suggest it. It was good value for money for what we got (a welcome drink and the ability to prepare and consume four cocktails), and our “teacher” was patient, down-to-earth, and ready for a good laugh. We stayed for a drink and then went to other pubs that were only a short walk away because MOJO is so centrally located. We knew it was our sort of place when we came in, heard the tunes, and saw all the framed posters on the wall. So, MOJO is one of the best bars in Liverpool.


If you’re looking for stylish pubs in Liverpool, this one-of-a-kind establishment combines New York dive bar vibes with a rock ‘n’ roll style. Teddy’s offers two levels of drinking, dancing, live music, trademark drinks, and neon decor. There is drinking upstairs and dancing downstairs. Teddy’s, the sibling pub of the Motel bar in Liverpool city center, has answered your late-night rock ‘n’ roll venue requests. Teddy’s has two levels of fantastic beers and pure rock music. Stepping inside Teddy’s is like taking a journey to New York; with their enormous red booths, American look, and rock ‘n’ roll vibes, you are instantly transported to the Big Apple. Teddy’s is the place to go if you enjoy a good party, with enormous booth packages and a lot of space for you and your friends. 

Each package is unique and includes drinks, spirits, beers, and their signature Jell-O shots. My twin brother Stephen and I discovered Teddy’s Bar on Slater Street when a pub hopped in this section of town, and that was a terrific find. Walking in, I knew I’d enjoy my visit here; an American-style dive bar spread over two floors; the ground floor, which I had never drunk on this occasion, looks superb; the ground floor is a cool little area of this Bar, great decor and furnishings, cool Americana decor, looks superb, there’s also a great looking serving bar. Despite its relatively small space, plenty of seating options spread throughout this Bar; it is a very cool bar indeed. My brother Stephen and I were here on Saturday afternoon; we shared our details of the name and then sanitized our hands and ordered a beer each. 

We chose a Heineken beer, these were served in excellent condition, being iced cold and sparkling, and we just kicked back and took in the great Bar we were in. My beer was excellent. I love Heineken beer. This delicious Dutch beer is such a light, hoppy lager style beer bursting taste, straightforward to drink, and a beer style my twin brother Stephen is particularly fond of. We enjoyed our beers here, and although our visit was only fleeting for a first-time visit here, we were impressed. Teddy’s Bar is located along Slater Street, a street and area teeming with pubs and bars. So, Teddy’s is one of the best bars in Liverpool for you. If you are in the city, you have to visit the spot once!

Point Blank Shooting Liverpool

If you are searching for something ordinary, go no farther than Point Blank Shooting. Go to Castle Street and put your abilities to the test on the simulated shooting range. Do you want something to eat? Enjoy its famous shared pizzas while sipping on two for £10 drinks. Point Blank Shooting provides an entirely new and one-of-a-kind experience to Castle Street. Consider tough competition, personalized drinks, and delicious cuisine to eat while playing for parties of 2-100. The ranges provide a variety of scenarios to test your timing, aim, and reactions. Are you unconcerned about the shooting? No problem, sit at the bar and work through the two for £10 drink menu. Are you ready for a wild night out? We’re talking about custom drinks, icy steins, limitless pizza, and competitive shooting ranges! 

They have over 200 shooting scenarios to choose from and a leaderboard waiting for your high score on it. Their ranges offer exceptional shooting realism. The five real replica guns you will find when opening your armory have been replaced with their laser technology, Glocks, desert eagles, and AK-47, just to name a few! Their systems are accurate to 0.3 of a millimeter and are used worldwide to train professional shooters. Their scenarios test your time, aim, and reflexes. They’ve taken off the bullets and replaced them with alcohol and pizza. Winning may be a thirsty business. Are you unconcerned about the shooting? No worries, have a seat and relax at their cocktail bar; they have a lovely happy hour and a wonderful assortment of food to choose from! Are you feeling fortunate, punk? 

The off-peak rate is £10 per person. Tuesday, 4-12; Wednesday, 4-12; Thursday, 12-4; and Sunday, 12-12. Peak price is available on Thursday from 4-12, Friday from 12-12, and Saturday from 12-12. Their combos include up to 4 shooters for £45 per hour, five shooters for £52.50 per hour, 6 to 7 shooters for £60 per hour, and 8 to 10 shooters for £65 per hour. These prices are per range, per hour, for groups of 4 or more. On their ranges, they propose 2 hours to guarantee that all visitors have ample playtime. Reservations are essential, especially during busy times. However, walk-ins are welcome for beverages in our bar and ranges if available. (Before you begin, the crew will go through all you need to know, and food and drink service will be given to the ranges.)

Revolution Liverpool Albert Dock

Revolution Liverpool Albert Dock is an individually styled chain bar with a global menu of comfort-food classics and nightly happy hours. Revolution Liverpool is known for its mellow vibes and unique mixes. There are many opportunities to take in views of the renowned Royal Albert Dock, thanks to the excellent open-plan layout and spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows. When is the sunshine? Proceed to the terrace. This historic Atlantic Fleet, located on the renowned Albert Dock, has undergone a dramatic restoration and is now the destination of one of the City’s most significant party locations. Revolution, famous for its magnificent decor, provides a fantastic combination of cocktails, entertainment, and inventive, fresh food. The open concept layout and floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a few more incredible views of the City. 

Have a drink on the patio while watching the sunset over the Mersey River. Alternatively, you may dance the night away till the early hours while listening to the greatest in the chart, pop, and disco music. The magnificent bar, restaurant, and Club are ideal for any event. So, the gorgeous settings and stunning views make every occasion seem extra special, whether it is for a romantic dinner for two, a business lunch, or a corporate function. The renowned Albert Docks’ Revolution cocktail bar and restaurant offers a fantastic combination of cocktails, entertainment, and freshly produced seasonal cuisine. Revolution provides a fantastic combination of beverages and excellent food, dishing up wonderful hearty classics and current tastes seven days a week in the renowned Albert Dock on the banks of the River Mersey. 

Their stunning Manhattan loft-inspired design features floor-to-ceiling windows and a mezzanine floor. Their snug rear bar, situated under intriguing brick arches and filled with VIP booths and chairs, contrasts this bright, open room. Join them and discover one of Liverpool’s most fabulous cocktail bars and eateries. Enjoy sunsets while dining or enjoying one of their legendary cocktails on the patio, or dance the night away to the most incredible live DJs, chart floor-fillers, and club music. Revolution is the place to be if you’re in Albert Dock for cocktails, food, or dancing. Gather your gang and travel to Revolution Albert Dock for an incredible night in Liverpool! With non-stop classic tunes from their live DJs and a comprehensive cocktail and craft beer menu, we’re confident you’ll be vibing regardless of your taste! There’s something for everyone, and we’re confident you’ll leave smiling. Are you ready to celebrate?

The Alchemist Liverpool

The Alchemist is a unique cocktail lounge and restaurant. Classic cuisine with a modern touch is available all day. They are Masters of the dark arts in molecular mixology and kitchen demons. The Alchemist will undoubtedly spice up your drinking experience. Expect sensuous decor, chill music, and dramatic drinks that bubble, fizz, and engulf you in smoke. This may be the spot if you’re looking for the top bars in Liverpool city center. The Alchemist on Brunswick Street in Liverpool is a must-visit for diabolical beverages and divine cuisine. The establishment, hailed as one of the most abundant in Liverpool, has a drink menu unlike any other. They propose the unusual ‘Legal One,’ made with cardamom gin, tropical vermouth, and citrus flavors and served in a bong for added theatricality! (smoke included). 

The menu features classic recipes with an Alchemist twist. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are available, with foods influenced by global cuisines. The venue also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The venue also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Their marinated aubergine katsu curry is a vegan favorite, served with nori chips, radish, jasmine rice, and house-made katsu sauce. Pair your delectable food with their menu of concoctions and become acquainted with some of the most distinctive beverages in the business, including smoking cocktails and favorite classics. What are your weekend plans? Why not sample the Alchemist’s Praise The Rays brunch menu? Enjoy any brunch meal and three beverages for £28 on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

With a soundtrack of the beach house, soulful, and feel-good tracks, the brunch will put you in the mood for summer. The venue offers late-night beverage table bookings with drink packages available after 10 p.m. For further information, see Alchemist After Dark. Discover their Liverpool cocktail bar and restaurant! “This weird terrain seems to create a type of fifth element, a location fraught with daemonic difficulties and silences,” remarked Walter Dixon Scott of Liverpool in 1907. As a result, it is an appropriate site for an Alchemist. In a stunning grade II historic building, they’ve opened their shop on Brunswick Street, in the heart of the financial area. They exposed historic masonry, refinished beautiful oak flooring, and added a touch of their alchemy with a spectacular commissioned mural. Their experienced bartenders’ craft each cocktail with obsessive attention to detail choreographed to add a wicked splash of theater for their Liverpool visitors. 

Pins Social Club

Pins Social Club is a lively, spacious bar offering deli sandwiches & burgers, plus bowling lanes, table games & Karaoke. PINS is about having a good time, severe and genuine fun. We’ve returned to socializing to its former glory when a night out was more than simply some drinks at the bar, but an experience, an actual event. PINS is all about interacting with one another honestly, and we provide a variety of alternatives to make your night stand out. PINS is revolutionizing your night out by infusing fun and engaging experience into Liverpool’s up-and-coming Duke Street. We have everything from rooftops to bowling lanes, Karaoke, shuffleboards, and ping pong. We have it all, from first-rate meals to the finest beverages. 

PINS is for everyone. There are no limits. It’s your purpose-built playland where you can connect and interact via experience. Go to Pins Social Club on Duke Street to elevate your night out. From day to night, this spot serves up banging brunches with flowing beverages and a beautiful range of activities like bowling and shuffleboard. PINS Social Club is the place to go if you want a good time, and we’re talking about real fun. They are more than simply a location to have a drink; they are also a venue for an exclusive evening event. PINS is all about offline socializing and revolutionizing your night out. They have an excellent range of activities, from bowling to shuffleboard, beer pong to pool. Not to mention their excellent cuisine, which includes pizzas, burgers, and roasts. 

The drinks flow, the beer flows, and the music never stops all night. PINS is for everyone, and everyone may connect and interact via socializing. We reserved bowling, snooker, food, drinks, and Karaoke, as well as live music and a trip to the roof garden, which was fantastic. We had a fantastic time. We had a great time! Most people were surprised when the Director joined in on the Karaoke. PINS is the ideal location for your company’s night out. The employees were excellent, and the location was entertaining yet elegant, spacious, and well-planned. Jen (our PINS contact) couldn’t do enough for us from the moment we booked the event until the day after. So, PINS Social Club is one of the best bars in the city! If you are in Liverpool, we recommend you to visit this spot at least once!

Be At One Seel Street

Be At One Seel Street is a lively chain bar that serves sweet, sour, and spicy cocktails and offers mixing masterclasses. Located on Seel Street, our Liverpool bar boasts neon lights scattered amongst the pop art-esque interior and beautiful outdoor terrace. You will feel the fantastic vibes and be eager to dance when you walk in. The original party starters are wreaking havoc in Liverpool! Whatever the occasion, we have the music, beverages, and attitude to get you in the mood! Join us for the best night out you might not remember in the morning, with over 100 drinks to select from, the happiest of Happy Hours, professional bartenders waiting to get the party started, and bars ideal for dancing. Make your reservation now! Be At One, the 32nd location of a longtime franchise that began in 1998, is situated on Seel Street, just set back from the clamor and bustle of the weekend crowd. 

So, there’s no food, draught beer, or sports here; the drinks are the draw. There are over 150 options on the menu, including classic favorites, luscious ice cream combinations, and mocktails for any palate. There are colorful chairs, faux grass hedges for walls, and neon lettering to tempt you inside. There’s also an outside courtyard, which adds a lot of charm to the space and is ideal for passing the time on sunny days. There is a Happy Hour, which lasts at least three hours and all day on Sundays. So, before you go, download the Be At One app, which allows you to create your own customized ‘Appi Hour,’ which will be included in Monday through Thursday Happy Hours. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, produce a cocktail for a fiver with the app’s ‘Be Adventurous’ function, or use the cocktail help wheel to help you decide. If you’re searching for some budget-friendly bevies, visit Be At One Liverpool. While its happy hour is one of the city’s best, the mouthwatering concoctions and eclectic interiors keep this Seel Street spot strong. Be At One Liverpool is a cocktail institution and one of the most recognized brands in the cocktail world. Expect exceptional service, a great party environment, and a no-nonsense approach. Expect a sprinkling of neon interiors, unusual furnishings with exciting bookable areas, a late-night ambiance, and DJs far into the night come the weekend. So, Be At One Steel Street is one of the best bars in Liverpool!


AbditoryAbditory is a pleasant neighborhood meeting spot seating 55 people inside and quietly occupies one floor of a listed house with a beautifully concealed outside terrace. Abditory embraces a return to elegance and the great art of hospitality, where care and craft are vital. One of the city’s best-kept secrets, Abditory is a hidden bar on Queen Avenue that serves up decadent cocktails. On sunny days you’ll find a hidden terrace rammed with happy sippers quaffing craft beer, and on those cooler nights, there’ll be cozy corners to enjoy late-night bevies. Abditory bar is your new friendly neighborhood hangout. The pub provides freshly ground coffee, classic drinks, superb draught beers, and some fine wines on Queen Avenue, one of Liverpool’s most loved secret locations. 

Abditory, a place to hide away,’ gives a touch of old-school cool to the heart of the metropolis. It’s an adult-oriented yet fun-filled environment within a short walk from the central business district and the LiverpoolOne retail district. It has an outdoor and covered terrace area ideal for a bite to eat or a refreshing beer in the summer. Abditory accepts table reservations for 2 to 20 people and may also be reserved privately for special events and social groups. In reaction to the pervasive pub culture that exists these days, the necessity of being able to detach oneself from the crowds yet feeling a part of the city has never been higher. Abditory is a well-designed and comfy retreat staffed by people that care about your presence. Abditory combines old-school grandeur with the feel of a private members’ club. 

It seats 55 people inside and discreetly occupies one floor of a listed property, including a well-hidden outside terrace. It embraces a return to elegance and the fine art of hospitality, where care and craft are essential. Abditory is the polar opposite of establishments where consumers queue ten-deep at bars, with friendly and intelligent service being the norm of the day. Guests may enjoy contemplative and talkative moments with comfort in this quiet and grown-up setting, where familiarity is championed, from the nostalgic 80’s soundtrack to drinks menus that contain many well-loved favorites. House cocktails are created with a keen sense of harmony, and how ingredients interact is infused with subtle twists known only to your bartender. Wines and champagnes will be gathered worldwide, with bottles from these shores. Food options are geared toward a familiar palette, with fantastic deli items and toasted sandwiches.

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A pint at the neighborhood tavern is fine, but occasionally you want a bit more eye candy. Fortunately for you, this city has some pretty sultry drinking establishments. We’ve collected out the best gorgeous bars in Liverpool, from sleek establishments serving up tasty cocktails to swoon-worthy haunts that are sure to improve your Instagram account. So, we hope our list of the best Cocktail bars helps you!

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