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A pint at the neighborhood tavern is fine, but occasionally you want a bit more eye candy. Fortunately for you, this city has some pretty sultry drinking establishments. We’ve collected out the best gorgeous bars in Liverpool, from sleek establishments serving up tasty cocktails to swoon-worthy haunts that are sure to improve your Instagram account. Below is the list of the best Cool Bars in Liverpool.


JalouxJaloux is Liverpool’s prettiest venue, offering cocktails & table service in modern surroundings. Do you want to try some excellent cocktails in Liverpool? Jaloux, a Victoria Street establishment, offers potent drinks, lovely flower ceilings, and neon lighting. Gather the group for a couple of drinks, or come to this Insta-worthy pink party palace on weekends for a live DJ performance. Jaloux is the most stunning late-night nightclub in Liverpool. Expect trendy decor, robust beverages, and as many beautiful photo possibilities as you can handle. Every weekend, a DJ spins some of the most incredible music in town. Jaloux is the place to go for a romantic or girls’ night out. The venue is stunning since it is the first in the city to have a complete flowering ceiling and walls covered in neon phrases. 

Jaloux provides an experience more than merely a night out. Week after week, the in-house entertainment crew knows how to make your night unique. You’ve arrived at Liverpool’s most beautiful party location! They have stunning decor, tasty beverages, live DJs every weekend, and an outstanding crew that tries their best to make your night unforgettable! They are proud of their location and are confident that you will like it. They have the prettiest drinks in Liverpool. Their mixologists have crafted the most delectable drink menu just for you. Cocktail trees are accessible for you to share with your girlfriends. Every Friday and Saturday, sip in elegance at Jaloux. Nights Out That Will Be Remembered: They provide more than just a night out; they provide an experience. 

Every week, their in-house entertainment crew knows how to make your night special. Are you having a birthday? You can do it in true Jaloux style with their complimentary birthday package! Delicious cocktails, fantastic music, and everything in the most lovely setting. Its beautiful location is on the ever-popular Victoria Street in Liverpool, and its bright picturesque ambiance can be seen across social media feeds. The venue is stunningly gorgeous, the first in the city to have a complete floral-inspired roof. With the walls adorned with neon quotations, the Instagram photo potential for visitors is limitless. Jaloux is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 p.m. till late, featuring table packages for bigger parties, table service, Birthday Packages, and a delectable drink menu. So, Jaloux is one of the best bars in Liverpool for you and your friends to have a memorable time!

The Alchemist Liverpool

The Alchemist is a unique cocktail lounge and restaurant. Classic cuisine with a modern touch is available all day. They are Masters of the dark arts in molecular mixology and kitchen demons. The Alchemist will undoubtedly spice up your drinking experience. Expect sensuous decor, chill music, and dramatic drinks that bubble, fizz, and engulf you in smoke. This may be the spot if you’re looking for the top bars in Liverpool city center. The Alchemist on Brunswick Street in Liverpool is a must-visit for diabolical beverages and divine cuisine. The establishment, hailed as one of the most abundant in Liverpool, has a drink menu unlike any other. They propose the unusual ‘Legal One,’ made with cardamom gin, tropical vermouth, and citrus flavors and served in a bong for added theatricality! (smoke included). 

The menu features classic recipes with an Alchemist twist. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are available, with foods influenced by global cuisines. The venue also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. The venue also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Their marinated aubergine katsu curry is a vegan favorite, served with nori chips, radish, jasmine rice, and house-made katsu sauce. Pair your delectable food with their menu of concoctions and become acquainted with some of the most distinctive beverages in the business, including smoking cocktails and favorite classics. What are your weekend plans? Why not sample the Alchemist’s Praise The Rays brunch menu? Enjoy any brunch meal and three beverages for £28 on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

With a soundtrack of the beach house, soulful, and feel-good tracks, the brunch will put you in the mood for summer. The venue offers late-night beverage table bookings with drink packages available after 10 p.m. For further information, see Alchemist After Dark. Discover their Liverpool cocktail bar and restaurant! “This weird terrain seems to create a type of fifth element, a location fraught with daemonic difficulties and silences,” remarked Walter Dixon Scott of Liverpool in 1907. As a result, it is an appropriate site for an Alchemist. In a stunning grade II historic building, they’ve opened their shop on Brunswick Street, in the heart of the financial area. They exposed historic masonry, refinished beautiful oak flooring, and added a touch of their alchemy with a spectacular commissioned mural. Their experienced bartenders’ craft each cocktail with obsessive attention to detail choreographed to add a wicked splash of theater for their Liverpool visitors. 

Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six

At Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six, Successfully smuggle your liquor past the Warden and serve your time alongside a covert supply of personalized cocktails. Alcotraz is the “bar behind bars,” where serving convicts serve as bartenders, guards are corrupt, and you become a character in the drama. Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six, a private home of a speakeasy jail, has been unearthed in the heart of Liverpool. Smuggle booze behind bars and get it into the hands of the longest-serving convicts so you and your gang may enjoy tasty drinks. Alcotraz Cell Block Three-Six claims to be one of Liverpool’s most unusual cocktail bars. ​Once convicted, offenders are thrust into an exciting world of mischief, with a legendary bootlegging gang on the inside instructing them to sneak in liquor to be utilized to create delectable, customized cocktails. 

You won’t find a fixed drink menu here after all. It is a jail! Every night, the “serving” convicts will offer a variety of personalized drinks based on the booze you sneak in and your preferences. Expect your illicit whiskey to be blended with liqueurs, bitters, and flavored syrups to create unique, modern, and traditional cocktails appropriate for your stay behind bars as a new convict. Make your attempts to smuggle in booze as imaginative as possible. Alternatively, the shady Guards are on your side and have a mechanism for concealing contraband. Just make sure you don’t get caught by The Warden. Explore the history of Alcatraz and learn more about your time behind bars. Learn more about our venues and read our frequently asked questions to find out what to anticipate. All locations are available for corporate events and private use. 

Visit the jail commissary and shop for at-home beverages, products, and clothes. This list would be incomplete without Alcotraz: Cell Block Three-Six mentioned. What to expect? A prison-themed immersive experience where you’ll need to dress the part, sneak in alcohol, and be interrogated by the Warden – although with a cocktail to hand. Alcotraz: cell block three-six, a private home of a covert speakeasy jail, has been uncovered in the heart of Liverpool. Smuggle booze past the Warden and into the hands of the longest-serving convicts so you and your gang may enjoy tasty drinks. When convicts are sentenced to Alcatraz, they are thrust into an exciting world of mischief as an insider bootlegger trains them to smuggle in booze to be used in the creation of delectable, handcrafted cocktails.

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Throughout the city, you’ll discover establishments doing things a little differently, from haunts with secret roofs and one-of-a-kind tipples to clubs with ball pits and bright pink party booths. Whether you’re looking for something edgy to impress a date or a wild night out with the group, our guide of hip and unusual bars in Liverpool is here to help. We hope our list above helps you find your favorite cool bars in Liverpool.

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