The Best Cool Bars in or near Chicago

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You’re looking for the absolute best bar options in Chicago if you want to drink exotic liquors and have fun.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best cool Bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)
Chicago is a city that will never cease to amaze you with its food scene! Chicago is home to many different cuisines and cocktails. Moreover, apart from traditional pubs and bars, there is a growing number of bars in Chicago with certain cool elements about them in terms of ambiance and décor.

3. The Dandy Crown Chicago

The Dandy Crown Chicago

This is one of those bars where you will find a great list of cocktails made from the most unfamiliar ingredients; hence you won’t be able to recreate them. However, this bar is still worth visiting, given the warm ambiance. The ambiance is the central selling point of this bar, as the main sitting area and the patio have beautiful murals on the walls. Greenery is also promoted through the endless variety of trees and flowers, giving the customers a calm and relaxing sensation. Moreover, any bar is complete without live entertainment, and hence you should not worry that this bar invites musicians on the weekend so you can jam to their tunes live on the weekends!

2. Bokeh Chicago

This bar is all about the aesthetics and the top flavors. Bokeh offers a unique blend of a dark and soothing interior and seasonal cocktails. The bar is filled with brick walls, contemporary furniture – which leaves a lasting impression on you – to dimly lit corridors, which create a sense of mystery. All of this combines to leave the customer begging for more as they enter the premises. Here, they are greeted with seasonal cocktails, which rotate for added functionality. Bokeh specializes in solid and vegetal spirits, and hence you must try their signature cocktail, which takes its flavor from the freshest of cardamom and Fernet. The use of cacti and Mexican spirits further enhances this awe aspiring drink and makes you wonder what else this fantastic bar offers behind its dimly light corridors.

1. Lazy Bird Chicago

Lazy Bird Chicago

The lazy bird is one of those exotic places you would not have heard about before. The dimly lit corridors give a mysterious vibe to this place. One will have very high expectations about this place from the moment they step foot in it. The menu is quite diverse and offers a fusion of different drinks. The variety is fantastic over here at this bar. The drinks are traditional but have a bit of modern touch to them. The menu is so diverse you will probably find something that interests you, so check out this mysterious bar beneath the Hotel Hoxton in Chicago.

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In the end, we would like to acknowledge that these bars are excellent places to hang out, especially these cool bars we have mentioned. These bars are a great place to chill with your friends and family over a quick drink and relax. Chicago has no shortage of bars, but these bars are just some of the most amazing ones you should try if you are in the city!


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