The Best Fun Bars in or near Chicago

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You’re looking for the absolute best bar options in Chicago if you want to drink exotic liquors and have fun.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the most fun Bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)
There are many bars in Chicago where you can get your favorite drink served to you; however, some are more fun due to musical shows or some other attraction the bar has set up for the customers, and it’s always a welcome change. These bars listed below will provide you with the best drinks and quality entertainment.

3. The Violet Hour Chicago

The Violet hour has long been in the liquor business, as it was one of the first bars to introduce in-house syrups, carved ice cubes, and different types of cocktails. In short, this bar paid close attention to detail and changed the way people of Chicago looked at Bars. Even today, the menu is not entirely old school or isn’t too experimentative either. The people over at The Violet Hour know how to combine the old school methods with the finest ingredients of today to create a unique drink and hence a unique experience for the people, for which it has gotten quite famous in the area. One of the best things this casino has done is to force people to talk and interact with each other and not get lost in their screens. According to the old school culture, talking to the person next to you was peak entertainment in those times and often the start of a perfect friendship. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take calls inside the premises. However, the policy has recently changed a bit, and now you can take pictures to adjust to the age of social media.

2. Time Out Market Bar Chicago

Time-out bar in Chicago is one of the best bars you can go to. The cocktails at these bars are some of the best in Chicago, and they are known to extinguish your thirst like nothing else. Hence make sure to run to this bar after a tiring day at work or during the summers. This bar uses local spirits, and therefore you can be sure that you are supporting local businesses when drinking at this bar. The flavors of cocktails at this casino can be very funky, experimental, and delicious. Some of the best combos in cocktails can be found at Time Out Market Bar. Some of their items are made in-house, which further attracts customers as it builds the brand image and trust. This bar showcases some of the best wines hand-selected by the Bar director, so you can enjoy the best of the best while you are here. Moreover, this bar also uses brews from local producers who have been in business for quite some time now. Hence you can expect to enjoy top-notch beers.

1. Queen Mary Tavern Chicago

Queen Mary Tavern is a sailor’s dream as this bar tries to recreate the atmosphere found in the old bars where sailors used to go after coming home from a long voyage. The day’s highlight is the Daily Gorg, an old sailor drink rich in citrus and spices. Moreover, this old-school bar is filled with wines and pitchers for those of us who want to drink in company. Several snacks are available for people to munch on after a couple of heavy drinks, like crackers.


Bars in Chicago have always been top-notch; however, people are used to going to a bar with dim lights and old country music to have their favorite drink fixed. These bars in Chicago take the bar experience to another level by offering a variety of welcome distractions while you are out there sipping your favorite cocktail alone, with your partner or friends. These bars have welcomed the change and allowed their customers to experience a livelier scene and vibe with the place! You should visit these bars if you are in Chicago.


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