The Best Jazz Bars in or near Chicago

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You’re looking for the absolute best bar options in Chicago if you want to drink exotic liquors and have fun.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best jazz bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)
Several bars in Chicago offer some of the best cocktails, and appetizers are needed to make for a good drinking experience. These bars often come up with quirky fun-filled activities for their clientele while waiting to get their drink fixed. Several musical performances and live shows are set up at these bars, where local artists can perform and entertain the crowd. Jazz lovers throng such bars, some of which are listed below!

3. The Dandy Crown Chicago

The Dandy Crown ChicagoThis is one of those bars where you will find a great list of cocktails made from the most unfamiliar ingredients; hence you won’t be able to recreate them. However, this bar is still worth visiting, given the warm ambiance. The ambiance is the central selling point of this bar, as the main sitting area and the patio have beautiful murals on the walls. Greenery is also promoted through the endless variety of trees and flowers, giving the customers a calm and relaxing sensation. Moreover, any bar is complete without live entertainment, and hence you should not worry that this bar invites musicians on the weekend so you can jam to their tunes live on the weekends!

2. Delilah’s Chicago

Delilah’s Chicago

Delilah’s bar is known for its music scene, as it invites the most known DJs and R&B artists to perform in the local scene these days. Moreover, the vast collection of whiskeys and drinks invites people from all over Chicago. One of the best things about this bar is the vibe here is chill, which is helped partly by a pool table, a favorite among the regulars as sometimes the games run late, and so does the drinking. Moreover, the pinball machine is an added distraction that can help calm the nerves, and some heavy drinks are offered at this bar. Delilah’s proud that it serves hundreds of kinds of whiskeys, so you should ask your bartender for a suggestion.

1. Sleeping Village Chicago

Sleeping Village ChicagoSleeping Village is not just known for its quality beers but the cheap entertainment it provides for the masses. You can expect random shows, musical nights, concerts, and gigs at this venue with affordable tickets and beer to enjoy. This place is great to meet your next group of friends as people here like to party! There is a list of the liquors served near the bar so you can choose in peace without getting bothered, and when you do, ask one of the waiters to pour you your drink as they will cater to all your drinking needs. This place is almost always filled in the summers, so you should book in advance for one of the tables if you are coming with the company.

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These bars mentioned above sport some of the liveliest music scenes in any of the bars you will find in Chicago. Hence, you must come here for your cocktails and enjoy quality music in a good crowd for the best drinking experience!


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