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You’re looking for the absolute best bar options in Chicago if you want to drink exotic liquors and have fun.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the unique Bars in Chicago. (More in-depth further below)
Several bars in Chicago offer a lot more than alcohol and beers. Some of the bars in Chicago offer some unique elements. These could be unique design elements that enhance their ambiance. The ambiance can either make or break a bar. Hence it’s a vital part of a bar. The uniqueness could also come in the form of unique cocktails with rare ingredients and other things, setting the whole experience apart from the rest.

3. Whiner Beer Company Chicago

Whiner Beer Company Chicago

This bar is not your typical bar serving regular beers. Whiner Beer Co. also serves the most premium Barrel-aged beers. The founders had a vision, which involved Belgian Beers and only the best ambiance. Their signature Le Tub Barrel-aged beer is a must-try, and we would highly recommend it. Their taproom is on the same premises, and their whole operation is quite eco-friendly, as they have no net emissions.

Moreover, greenery is promoted at this bar in many different ways. The interior has green planters here and there so the guests can get acquainted with their planter friends while waiting for their favorite beer. Any good bar will usually have a separate dining menu for those of us who like to munch on something while sipping our beers. Whiner Beer Co has an in-house pizza parlor named Pizzeria Le Pizza, which offers some of the best sourdough pizzas you’ll find in the area. The pizza ingredients and the toppings go magnificently well with the barrel-aged Belgian Beers to create a unique culinary experience for you.

2. Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar Chicago

Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar ChicagoThis place is known for its vibes and ambiance. The Polish founders have ensured that their culture and traditions are reflected in the bar’s atmosphere. Usually, bars like these have the most expensive and exquisite lights and furniture but not this bar, as it represents the bar of an ordinary man. People come here to bond with each other, talk which each other, and most importantly, have a conversation over a drink. The Chandelier in this Bar is made entirely out of bottles, which matches their aesthetic. Moreover, there are plenty of eating options around this bar, so you can grab your friends after a drink for a quick bite while catching up with them.

1. The Map Room Chicago

The Map Room Chicago

This casino is really for those of us with a passion for traveling. The Map Room offers many delicious snacks along the way. A bar needs to have a variety in its drinks, but The Map Room takes it a bit further and offers bears from different cities to enjoy exquisite flavors and beers from around the world while sitting in your seat in this bar. Moreover, the early morning lattes and cortados are famous in the region, and people come here to try them. As we told you earlier, this bar is not just about expensive beers but the delicious cheeses and meats it offers to pair with your drinks for a hearty and wholesome meal. One should visit this bar to relive their memories if they are avid travelers.

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We want to say that these bars, which we have listed above, have some unique elements in their décor or drinks, making it a wonderful experience to drink here. Moreover, these bars offer a lot more than just quirky interiors and funky beverages, the food served at these bars is also great, and one can enjoy a good lunch here!


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