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The Trestle Inn Philadelphia, Guide & Review

The Trestle Inn has a deep and rich history. It has catered to a wide range of people such as salesmen, circus performers, immigrants, factory workers, and journalist, etc. Step into our place, and we will take you back in time. Low lighting combined with the disco ball creates a hip scene. Various images, decorations, and show pamphlets are found hanging on our walls. All of the things mentioned above will charm you.

Our place attracts a diverse crown elderly reminiscing about their first drinks and young people who live nearby, etc. First-class musicians play at the Trestle Inn you will have a blast. Eighteen craft cocktails, over 70 domestic and 13 craft beers are available here. Along with this we also offer several snacks such as Cheesy Vegan Popcorn, Chips & Dip and Old-Fashioned Drunk Nuts, etc. We reintroduced the idea of Whiskey sours. Do give them a try you won’t be able to find them at any other nightclub.

In July every Saturday, our club will be holding a Far-Out Disco Party during which multiple DJ’s such as Kai Fentross, Billa, Steve J, and Elvin T will perform live. Go Go Girls will also be present in the event mentioned above. On Fridays, Electric Hot Pot will be organized during which Motown, Ye Ye, Boogaloo, Afrobeat, 60’s and 70’s songs will be played. Along with this Souled Out and Heatwave event will also be hosted here. During these events, you will hear Soul and Funk music. All of the music genres mentioned above are played in the Trestle Inn regularly as well. Rock out to your heart’s content. The Happy hour starts from 5 pm to 8 pm and is available from Wednesday to Saturday.

Want to experience the craziness of the 60/70’s? Then come to The Trestle Inn.

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