Top Cool Bars in Nashville

Are you on the lookout for the most entertaining Sports Bars in Dallas? Then we have you covered! Keep in mind, this article is in ascending order. We’ve saved the best Cool Bar for last. Enjoy the list!

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Nashville Nightlife • A Guide You’ll Love Want to go to a cool bar tonight? East Nashville has some fancy spots, but many have opened up throughout the city. From speakeasies to rooftop lounges, Nashville has got it all! There’s no shortage of bars that the city has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a rustic place that focuses more on music or a more elegant and classy option, there is a bar for all of you in the city. Here’s a list of places in Nashville that would be a good option.

7. Attaboy Bar Nashville

Jason Seiden, Micky McIlroy, and Sam Ross, the owners of Well Favoured Hospitality were attracted to the food and art scene in Nashville, which then led to the opening up of Attaboy. The all-time famous Attaboy is a minimal-style speakeasy coming here from New Tork. The best part? There is no menu. Everything is personalized and chilled on ice. ‘Its cocktails are accorded near mythological status by connoisseurs’; this is what they have to say for themselves. Unlike its other branch, this one at least has a sign painted on one of the walls and a patio. There are a lot of bars, shops, restaurants, and businesses in the area around the bar, which attracts a lot of crowds to the place. You just have to knock on the door, and one of the staff members will guide you if seats are available. The mixologist asks you a few questions about your tastes and preferences, and then you leave it up to them to serve you a mix of their choice. There are larger booths and more minor, more private sitting areas. Opening at 5 pm, it stays open till 3 am for you all. With a lot of fun, creative people living in the city, it felt like the best spot for a bar like this. Only those who like to experiment would be willing to try it out. In describing Attaboy, Seiden said: “It’s the most comfortable, cool, unpretentious place you would want to have a drink, and it’s about elevating your evening, not changing direction. It’s good cocktails, rock ‘n’ roll, and a perfect time.` They charge a flat rate for cocktails. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, such as cheeses and charcuterie, will also be available on the menu. The place will be open for you to try out seven days a week.

6. The Patterson House Bar Nashville

With limited seats and reservations, the Patterson House offers you luxury and class in one place. With commendable customer service that everyone raves about, this place also has various choices on its menu. The intimate and comfortable experience is curated for the guests to enjoy classic and modern cocktails. Using the highest quality ingredients, they also offer you a small variety of savory and sweet dishes to share with your friends. You can either get a table or sit around the bar and watch the mixologists do their magic by mixing up some potions for you. From a mix of the old world to a more contemporary drink, their drinks are one of the most well-made ones in Nashville. The staff knows what they are doing. Each glass is mixed to perfection with skill. The house rule is not to text while you’re here, no standing, and you only get served if you are sitting. The rules keep the place accessible and fun without any distractions. The chandeliers and velvet accents mesmerize you while you get lost in the conversation going on around you. Opened up by one of the most prominent restaurant groups in the city, it is creative with a subtle hint of sexy. As you go through the curtains that separate the waiting area from the sitting, the anticipation builds up, and you step into the luxurious sitting space. You must try out their in-house syrups or bitters, which speak for themselves. The quality is impeccable. Seasonal cocktails are introduced every few months for you to get a taste of warmth in winters and freshness in spring. You might have to empty your wallet, but it’s all about the experience at the Patterson House.

5. Old Glory Bar Nashville

Old Glory is an underground bar in a place that used to be Nashville’s largest steam cleaning facility. The Soler sisters executed their vision in this place. Being bartenders themselves, they wanted a class of their own. They are often found behind the bar experimenting for your tastebuds to try out. The place has a dramatic aura of its own; with around 50 feet tall ceilings, it has a grandeur. The place has been transformed into a more homey space with plants hanging on the walls at a height; the sunlight shines through the window and makes the greenery stand out. Adding on to the Art-Deco-inspired decor, even the tiles have the custom ‘OG’ pattern that adds character to the space. The bar focuses on the fact that nothing in there should be fussy, from the space itself to the drink options presented to you. They’re not too complicated but do focus on fresh ingredients. The focus is more on what component goes with another than the fact that they need eight different things to make a cocktail. Open from noon till the late hours of the night, and there are times when the rush is crazy but come in during the daytime, and you can soak in everything around you. The focus of food is also on experimentation. With no stoves or heat source in the kitchen, the staff just comes up with dishes that are curated well in the house and are different from the typical ones we get everywhere else. There is no proper entrance for it. You will have to come in from behind the alley and make a grand entrance down the staircase. There might not be a sign even if they plan on keeping it exclusive and mysterious.

4. Bar Sovereign Nashville

An eclectic experience, Bar Sovereign is a place that might not be the same the second time you visit it. They have a knack for switching up interiors often. The entrance is simple, with a brass plate with the bar’s name engraved on it on the side. Nothing too fancy, and you won’t find cool people here. Although the interior screams cool, artsy yet elegant, everyone here is chilling. There is a fireplace and bear rug for the feel of it. The walls are full of art, each one different from the next, adding character to the space and something for its customers to admire while their orders get to them. What was once an office space now has some good music, and sounds of laughter welcome you as you step in. There are dark wooden bookcases with the most random things in them. Like a bullhorn plastered with big, black letters that spell ‘COCAINE.,’ some stuff in here might be a bit unsettling for you, but hey, it’s all a part of the experience, no matter how bizarre it is. You can grab a seat at the bar of the banquettes and choose any drink from whiskey to top-shelf spirits, affordable wines, and a roster of beers. The drink menu keeps rotating, and the beer taps will also be on rotation with many local options. Food options are a mix of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines. The DJ will play some tunes at night that might make you want to dance in a close intimate space. Leap and do what we recommend. Attracting people from 40-year-olds to college students, you will find them all here. Even the dress code is a mix like the art on the walls. If you want to dress up, sure, do it. Or you could walk in with a t-shirt and sip on Guinness while the owner chats up with you.

3. The Fox bar & Cocktail club Nashville

The Fox gives its customers all the knowledge they need to know about the ingredients they have to offer so that you can choose carefully about what drink you want to go for. Or you could ask one of the staff members to suggest an option to you. You even have the chance to experience a personally curated tour with the bartender. You will get to see the mixes being made and also know their history and where they come from. They might sneak in a recipe or two to enjoy when you get home. A speakeasy-like cocktail bar, The Fox has decor inspired by the Art Deco. With old books, plush velvet seats, and a fantastic cocktail menu. There is a deserved cult following for the vegan pimento cheese on the menu. With cocktail prices starting at $13, you have options like San Sebastian, Cat Dad, Fox Daiquiri, and The Devil You knew, amongst many others. Order the Fox Daiquiri if you want a blend of Appleton 8 reserve, Rhum clément & el dorado five rums, lime stock, pineapple skins, sea salt, sugar, and lime oil. You also have a few nonalcoholic options to choose from or some snacks to nibble on while you savor your drink. The decor involves textures like wood, leather, and brush strokes on the wall that add more character to the place. Even the washroom has beautiful wallpaper in an all-black color palette. The teal-colored plush booths make you melt into them as you have a seat. You could also sit at the stool tables or the bar itself. With a dark aesthetic in general, the place has a mysterious vibe going on that you must come in and try to figure out on your own.

2. Tootsies Orchid Lounge Bar Nashville

An accidental purple orchid color paint job is now the identity for Tootsies. You really cannot miss the building if you’re on the street. Opened in the 1960s, the place has served many famous people over the years that you can look at on ‘Tootsies Wall of Fame.’ The owner’s husband wrote and recorded songs and was a part of the band that led to the idea of this place. The place was famous for slipping in a few bucks to aspiring singers and writers. You just have to pay a standard entry fee to get in. The atmosphere is just what you need after a tiring day at work. There are three sections outdoors, primarily for groups with a stage for performances. NFL Network broadcasted from their set in front of Tootsies in 2019. Someone even called it a real-life Lego house; we can’t unsee it now. One day you might bump into Pink, Chriss Pratt, or even Jake Owen. This is a famous spot for all the a-listers. There are a lot of food and drink options for you to choose from. From breakfast to dinner, they have it all covered. Their cocktail and wine selections are also impeccable. Maybe ‘the steve drink’ is the one for you. If not, then how does cinnamon toast crunch sound? This is a historical place just behind Ryman auditorium. The place has five floors for you to choose from for your event. Where you want one floor, several semi-private events, or even VIP gatherings, they have all options available. You can request duos or bands for your bachelorette here for entertainment. The place also hosts many events you can walk into and enjoy with a bunch of others.

1. Never Never Bar Nashville

Never Never is a hidden gem of Nashville. It is elegant and straightforward and offers a beautiful socializing experience. With some awesome outdoor music, boutique cocktails, and food that makes you want more, this place should be on your list whether you’re visiting or a local. If you wish to be the one sharing a story or hearing it, just grab a beer, and the staff will listen to you or take you on an adventure through their experiences. It is where you stop, away from all that keeps on running. You might get a chance to be a part of a concert here at Never Never. Even your dogs can accompany you while you’re here. They’re allowed in the patio area; just keep them on a leash. You have a few cocktail options, beer, tequila, and wine. The prices are excellent. Young professionals can get together here to make interesting conversations. This is a good networking place for those who want to expand. There are no TVs, so you get to talk about everything you have kept with you since the last time you met. The building is an old welding shop, so you see a lot of metal and steel used all around rather than plastic. It’s a classic that stays authentic no matter what the trends are. You can go here to celebrate when you’re happy or sulk when you’re sad. If you need some courage, go on and sip on it. You will find everyone here after a wedding or a funeral. This is where people are found when they’re lost. Sometimes you’ll find love; other times, you encounter trouble. It depends on what you’re in the mood for, really.


The fun part of Nashville is that it offers you comfort food, drinks, and cocktails. If you want a break from home food, go out and try one of these bars. You would like to try out a drink or two while eating here. You might also want to try out a few games and music activities on the weekend. Some unique bars focus on the music while others are more inclusive. Pick your favorite from the list and do give it a shot.
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