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ToyRoom Mykonos, Guide & Review

Toy room is the famous club that has arrived from London straight to cosmopolitan Mykonos Island. Toy room is located in the heart of the most renowned area of the island, Little Venice, in Mykonos town. Here the party starts after midnight! Feel a luxurious, unique experience of entertaining that only Toy room can offer and it will be a night to remember. Designed furnishing and custom-made artworks by Philippe Cardinal, along with the ground-breaking sound and lighting, create a cozy and luxurious atmosphere perfect for a refreshing cocktail or finest drink from the expert Toy room mixologists.

From the initiators of London’s Toy Room comes a summer dance bar pop-up along the Little Venice Boulevard in Mykonos. Luring a trendy crowd of Londoners and Athens weekenders, Toy Room Club offers a nightlife alternative to long drives to the beach come 2am. The club is surrounded by a large terrace that begins to fill after sunset and perks with life until around 12am when the DJs raise the volume with an eclectic mix of house and EDM tracks. Inside, charcoal gray walls contrast to creamy white leather furnishings with wrap-around banquette and double bars that tend room that often reaches capacity – and that’s not even in August.

Since its opening in September 2014, it has been frequented by celebrities and socialites alike, literally becoming the talk of the town. Situated at the heart of pleasant Little Venice, the most picturesque spot of sophisticated Mykonos! Whether dancing on the dance floor-or on the tables-or enjoying a drink prepared by several of the top mixologists in city, Toy Room’s guests feel as part of a special, blessed family while partying their nights away. Be ready for days and nights filled with glamour, decadence and fun, in true Mykonos style.

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