Things to do in Valencia At Night

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Other things to do at night in Valencia

Enjoy Yoga with friends and family

You can take a break from all the activities and enjoy Yoga with your friends and family to let go of the stress and feel relaxed. Yoga with Jennison is the right place to go because they arrange yoga practices on beautiful landmarks at night, which helps you let go of your stress while enjoying the marvelous city’s stunning views. It’s a great way to enjoy your night in Valencia as you could feel energized after the practices, which would make you want to explore the city even more. 

Watch a movie at the outdoor festival

If you want to attend a movie with your friends and family in an outdoor cinema. These festivals are held in most scenic venues around the city. Radio city makes sure to double your fun by allowing tourists to watch movies in pretty places, which gives the tourists option to enjoy both the film and the scenery at the same time. This is one of the best ways to spend your night in Valencia. 

Old Town

Valencia is known for its culture, and you can explore its culture by visiting the Old Town in Valencia. This is a great place to explore with your friends and family as you can learn about Valencia’s history. Historical monuments and beautiful churches surround it. This is a great place to go with your friends and family. 

Enjoy your meal under the sea

L’Oceanografic is one of the biggest aquariums globally and has many of the fish species with the likes of great white sharks and clown fishes, and tiger fishes. It stays open till late at night and is a great place to go when you are with friends and family. L’Oceanografic is a great place to go at night with your friends and family as food is also available for you to eat while enjoying these wild creatures in the aquariums. 

Enjoy the beautiful stars at L’Umbracle

It is a garden located in the city center and is a terrace garden which allows the tourists to view and see the beautiful flowers. It also has a bar on the rooftop, and it also allows you to see the beautiful stars in the sky. L’Umbracle is a great place to visit with your friends and family and a great place to have drinks. 

Mya Locals favorite club

It is local’s favorite pick because it offers every drink and has a capacity of 2500plus and is a very stylish go to club for the tourist and offers three different dance floors and music rooms and is a famous place for celebrities to go. Mya club is a favorite club in the city to visit and is a great way to go with your friends to grab a glass of drinks and enjoy the night. 

Play Club (The best place to party)

This club is a great place to go if you are a party animal as you can party with your friend all night. This Is an up-and-coming club which is very famous in the city. The nights in Play Club are unmissable, and the Dj is also available for the customers to enjoy and gives enjoyment to the customers. The atmosphere is excellent and allows the customers to enjoy the drinks. If you are looking to spend a good night in the city, this is the right place to go with your friends.


Valencia is a great city known as the city of arts and sciences and is well known because of its futuristic buildings. It’s a very popular tourist destination and is known for its nightlife. The city is the home to one of the best cubs and is also the home to the world to the biggest aquarium.