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Hip Hop has been dominating most of the music since the 1970s. The rhythmic beats and groovy moves make it catchy and stick with you, regardless of the place of origin. Hip-hop has undoubtedly made the nightlife much more exciting and thrilling. 

Kansas City has an intriguing nightlife, and hip-hop clubs are the sweetest cherry-on-top. Fun themes, funky dance floors, and the best venues make the experience much more delightful.

If you are in the mood for some serious groove, then look no further! We have compiled a list of the best nightclubs here in Kansas City to quench your thirst for hip hop. From venues like Howl at the Moon, with high beats and live music, to places like Neon Wild with the best retro theme music, from Throwback to the city’s largest nightclub, BLVD Nights, these clubs will get you feeling the beats and dancing on them in no time.

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Partly a bar and somewhat a concert venue, Howl at the Moon is your one-stop for a howling night. A Kansas City Visitor’s Choice Winner for Favourite Nightlife Spot, Howl at the Moon, has become a famous place, particularly amongst the over-21 crowd. It is a perfect location for exclusive and non-exclusive gatherings. From Birthday to Bachelorette, from team-building events to graduation parties, Howl at the Moon serves them all.

Going by the motto “Find your Howl,” this Club will take you places. The live music in the Club is an experience in itself. Centered around high beats and some Jazz Music on certain nights, this Club is undoubtedly going to get you dancing in no time!

Throwback Kansas City

Throwback Kansas City

Are you looking for some 90’s music on the rocks? ThrowBack KC is the right place for you. Located at 510 Westport Road, Kansas City, this club is a total 90’s Lounge with VIP services. Chic and sophistication go hand in hand in ThrowBack KC. Everything from the 80’s to the present is available; glow sticks abound. A mix of crazy madness and liquid courage makes the experience even more worthwhile.

The club always has something interesting up their sleeves and always come up with fun themes and campaigns to upscale their crowd. Are you feeling shy? They have you covered. For under $30, you can rent your private room and some bottle service to sing your heart out. The bottle services are pretty inexpensive and very light on the pocket. Enjoy $4 Vegas Bombs, $3 Mystery Shots, and 2 for 1 Well at ThrowBack KC.

Neon Wild Kansas City

Neon Wild Kansas City

Are you looking for a place for neon lights, 80’s music, and cheap shots? Look no further; we present you Neon Wild. It is a place where neon ambiance takes a toll on you, and you cannot resist but fall for its charms.

Located on 1802 Clay St North Kansas City, this is a must-visit place for once. Good mixes, cheap shots, and good service are what this dive bar offers. The neon ambiance is best when you want to dance your heart out without dressing up all fancy. The key here is those little steps at the front of the dancefloor, giving that extra oomph moment in the club.

They only have a cash-only policy, which is befitting keeping everyone happy is their priority. For a $6 cover charge, the place is popping with people from everywhere. From crazy drinks to super friendly bartenders, you’ll find yourself having a pretty good time in no time.

Green Lady Lounge Kansas City

Green Lady Lounge Kansas City

The exterior of this Jazz Lounge may not be appealing to most people, but the interior, ambiance, and rhythmic blues this place serves are phenomenal. Kansas City is considered the birthplace of Jazz Music. The people of this city and the visitors here know that if they are craving some Jazz, they will eventually find themselves lingering around Green Lady Lounge or The Blue Room.

Kansas City Jazz has a rich history, and it is only fair to be seen in its proper form. Kansas City has some phenomenal original musicians who are showcased in Green Lady Lounge 365 days a year.

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Now that you have seen our top picks for you, we hope to give you a detailed insight into the HipHop clubs the city offers. All the venues mentioned have a regularly updated schedule, making it easy to check out and attend an event. Forget about missing out on anything anymore; book a ride, text your friends, and have the best night of your life in these nightclubs. The DJ may have the right kind of music to sway you away for the night.

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