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Kansas City has been serving some hip, jazzy beats for since long. It is undoubtedly one of the best cities having districts full of diverse cultures. When it comes to nightlife, Kansas City doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for some good dance places to impress a certain someone or hang out with a bunch of friends, Kansas serves the best Techno clubs all night long. 

The clubs usually have a theme going and are very inexpensive as compared to other clubs. From Mosaic Ultra Lounge, where VIP bottle service, funky cocktails, and super hip DJs make you go crazy, Funky Town gives you a reason to dress up. Similarly, BLVD Nights is the largest nightclub the City has to offer, with excellent ambiance, a giant dance floor, and amazing DJs to keep you on your feet all night. 

The places are pretty inexpensive and worth every penny spent. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the list of best Techno Clubs in Kansas City.

 Mosaic Lounge Kansas City

After a tiring day when you have no energy left to do anything but feeling a little outdoorsy with a view, Mosaic Kansa City is the place for you. Situated at 1331 Walnut St, it has a great outdoor patio area with comfy seats and a neon light background to click those perfect aesthetic club pictures. Mosaic has you covered if you are looking for a more intimate place just for you and your friends.

The indoor seating capacity is considerably good, with good bottle service and excellent bartenders. Mosaic gives out Miami or LA vibes with the place. It is a little on the pricey side, but the service is excellent and all worthwhile. It is by far the most sophisticated nightclub with breathtaking views of the Power and Light District.

Missie B’s Kansas City

Missie B’s is the pioneer in taking the step forward for drag shows here in Kansas City. It opened its door in 1994 for karaoke and drag shows. With the constant support of the neighborhood, Missie B’s turned from a small-scale bar to the most famous nightclub in Kansas City.

Missie’s offers the best affordable drinks in the City, dedicating their service to 21 years of age and over clientele. Missie B’s has a significant key feature; the Drag Shows has the most brilliant performers who make you laugh and dive into entertainment throughout the night. Comedy Shows, Performances with great cocktails. All this is in the “home of Good Times and Good Friends.”

The NightClub includes three separate bar areas, including a smoking patio, with the availability of three to seven bartenders nightly to ensure the best possible service!. The bar accepts Cash only, primarily to encourage tipping a reasonable amount for the show.

Funky Town Kansas City

Inspired by retro looks and neon light with a hint of feeling like a shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Funky Town is the place for you. Working for more than 20 years, This Nightclub is where you can feel your inner dancer roaring out. There’s absolutely no way you cannot have fun in Funky Town.

You’ll find yourself among the eclectic group of dancers and people, mingling around, dressed up, and dancing to their heart’s content. Food is a plus here, with reservations options given as well. The interior of the place is to be taken in. The overall decor makes the site worthwhile through lava lamps, Groovy busses, Paisley Park arch, Stairway to Heaven, and album cover art.

BLVD Nights Kansas City

Kansas City’s largest nightclub and partly event venue, BLVD Nights, is the most happening spot in town. Located in the middle of Kansas, just West of Downtown Crossroads District. The location makes it super easy to find the place. Whether you are in the mood for Techno beats, Rhythmic Blues, Jazz, or House music, BLVD Nights has it all for you.

The standard dress attire is “dressy,” You have to look sharp and worry about the crowd much. Table reservations and Bottle Service is also available in BLVD Nights. Not only this, private parties or rental bars are also available if you wish to have more of an intimate gathering with your close ones.


Kansas City knows how to make your night and has the best beats on display throughout the night. Techno clubs are famous for having great tunes to drive you into an adrenaline rush. Do not forget to check the schedule of the club before going out. Not only that, don’t forget to keep your plans on the down-low, for Kansas nights are young and full of music. Also, if you are new to the City, make sure to visit the websites, for some places have a dress code, and some might not be of your liking. 

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