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Nightlife has become quite an essential part of many cities, including Kansas, Missouri. In today’s era, people prefer to enjoy their early evenings and late nights thoroughly. RnB clubs and bars mostly dominate the city. Listening to DJs spinning to some latest tunes with the side of old classics creates a timeless continuum.

If you love taking over the dance floor and dancing to the tunes of Lionel Richie or Aretha Franklin, RnB Clubs is the right place for you. Here, we have skimmed through some of the hottest spots for RnB vibes to get you going. Check them out and indulge yourself in some bling and extravagant dance floor.

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Partly a bar and somewhat a concert venue, Howl at the Moon is your one-stop for a howling night. A Kansas City Visitor’s Choice Winner for Favourite Nightlife Spot, Howl at the Moon, has become a famous place, particularly amongst the over-21 crowd. It is a perfect location for exclusive and non-exclusive gatherings. From Birthday to Bachelorette, from team-building events to graduation parties, Howl at the Moon serves them all.

Going by the motto “Find your Howl,” this Club will take you places. The live music in the Club is an experience in itself. Centered around high beats and some Jazz Music on certain nights, this Club is undoubtedly going to get you dancing in no time!

 The Blue Room Kansas City

The Blue Room– named after the famous 1930s Street Hotel club in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, is a functional Jazz Club part of the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. The Club features some of the best original Jazz Musicians known to date and creates an ambiance worth listening to and moving on to. The Blue Room gives a platform to all those Local and National Jazz talents in an intimate setting. It doesn’t get any more authentic than The Blue Room and Green Lady Lounge as it already is. The best part is that no cover charge is taken on many of the singers performing most nights.

Want to be convinced even more to visit this place? DownBeat Magazine has nominated The Blue Room in its list of Top 100 Jazz Clubs of the World. The best part, even minors are allowed to attend the shows, provided that a parent or an adult accompanies them.

Throwback Kansas City

Are you looking for some 90’s music on the rocks? ThrowBack KC is the right place for you. Located at 510 Westport Road, Kansas City, this club is a total 90’s Lounge with VIP services. Chic and sophistication go hand in hand in ThrowBack KC. Everything from the 80’s to the present is available; glow sticks abound. A mix of crazy madness and liquid courage makes the experience even more worthwhile.

The club always has something interesting up their sleeves and always come up with fun themes and campaigns to upscale their crowd. Are you feeling shy? They have you covered. For under $30, you can rent your private room and some bottle service to sing your heart out. The bottle services are pretty inexpensive and very light on the pocket. Enjoy $4 Vegas Bombs, $3 Mystery Shots, and 2 for 1 Well at ThrowBack KC.


With brimming beats and bustling dancefloors, these RnB Clubs will have you spinning to the tunes in no time. It is the sole reason why Kansas City is where you find something according to your taste. You will have a night to remember, whether it is busting a move on Rihanna or keeping it subtle with Drake’s music.

If you are only into RnB Clubs, Kansas City is the right option for you. It is always the music that attracts the crowds. The ambiance, decor, DJ turntable, and drinks are all perks to an incredible young night. As you have seen, our top picks for RnB; don’t forget to check in their schedule before going out.

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