Kansas City Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Kansas City Nightlife

Welcome to Kansas City’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Kansas City. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


If you are ever intrigued to know the largest town of Missouri, then thinking of Kansas City is correct since it covers a massive part of the geographical area and has a vast population. On the whole, it binds the region with an expected population of 495,327, making it the 38th most crowded City in the United States. 

Kansas City was founded by the port of the Missouri River from the west, and on 1st June 1850, it integrated after the establishment of Kansas province. Right from jazzing at nighttime in the central City and bar-dancing in classy areas, the nightlife panorama within the City strikes as one of the best vistas from the Midwest vicinity. 

Besides the populous town, Kansas City is the oldest district, availing plenty of cheers like vivacious, lively surroundings and chilly drinks at the region’s bars, restaurants, and nightspots. 

Nightlife In Kansas City 

Whether it is dining, shopping, collegiate sports team, professional or the landmarks & attractions of the City, all can be easily accessible and reasonably priced within the region. Though, if you have a yen to lighten up the night with an astounding and flabbergasted milieu, Kansas City offers the best experience and chance in the first Fridays at Art & Design District. 

Resides at the heart of Missouri, this City has a solid chain of razzle-dazzle bars, restaurants, and amusement venues you can access from the roofed area. One of the best clubs, namely, “The Country Club Plaza,” is not solely a shopper’s ecstasy, but it is known for a blend of cherished dining, sports & hipster bars, movie theaters, coffee shops, and many more things that ignite your need for discovery.

In parallel, the City has a live and melodic music calendar all year around that renders a handful of hangouts from local performers and house bands every night of the week. To unwind your inner soul in diverse nightlife establishments, the restaurant of “One Block South” serves you super-duper music, great food, line dancing along with Fuel and Kanza Hall. Brooding for such breathtaking nightclubs in the City? Let’s venture out: 

Kansas City Nightclubs 

As things vary from one to another, similar is with nightclubs of the City. But, one common feature is you will get plenty of autonomy, fresh vibes, and a lot of refreshing allure. The reason, at nightclubs, you have a chance to shatter the daily grind and give yourself some spare time, enjoying and indulging in the mesmerizing activities. 

The nightclubs offer you a precise selection of awe-inspiring nightspot scenes with an extensive range of audiences, restaurants, and the best reputation for rendering unforgettable evening entertainment. Don’t miss a chance. Next, visit the concert venue, having busting bars, multiple stages wherein exotic tunes, and combating pianos amused the audiences in seventh heaven. Get set-go and take vibes to a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • The Blue Room

If you’re excited to jazz up from the more authentic and more charming performance, then leave the two thoughts behind and knock on the doors of the legendary club of the Blue room. For the lively music, this club resonates with the memorabilia collected composition, admired by local, national, and international jazz bands who engage in recreation all four nights a week. 

It lists in the top 100 ballet clubs worldwide and offers friendly service, accompanied by beloved wine, beer, and cocktails amid a 1930s atmosphere in extraordinary attire. At this nightclub, you will get an odor of rich Kansas City’s history when it began. But, before you set out, give a once-over at the schedules of Blue Room jazz band, live concerts, different musical genres paired up with particular kinds of music performances. 

  • Howl At The Moon 

Among various concert venues and nightclubs, Howl at the Moon has rapidly grown and earned as a popular night alliance. Every Kansas City tourist’s choice runs in both locales, in Denver and the coasts. But, by and large, it provides you with a plethora of guitars, dueling pianos, multitudinous music genres with a critical focus on party anthems and hit dance forms; go ahead with your feet.     

Get a charge out of special drinks over here, and you can have a list of frosty munchies. A couple of them are Pineapple juice, Tito’s handmade vodka, Lemon Lime Soda (sour & sweet), and Finest Call Watermelon Puree. Aside from this, not to overlook, grab a crunch into delectable food and appetizer buffet. 

  • The Majestic Restaurant 

As the name utters, the Majestic Restaurant is known for perfect streaks amid the 1900s atmosphere. In its cozy basement, you can discover a lively and entertaining performance that thrills your soul off the charts in high spirits. From Tuesday to Saturday nights, it lets your foot tap on extremely and highly talented musicians. 

It features the emotional strains during the evenings in dinner, cocktails, and appetizers, functioned as your ticket for a great musical eve. Here, you can order standard beverages of Green Chartreuse, Beefeater’s Gin, Angostura Bitters, and Wycliff Sparkling Brut as well. Here, you can sit back, relax and relish the magical allure of Kansas’s renowned nightclub. 

  • The Kill Devil Club 

If you’re fancy of pianos, then this nightclub got you covered on cloud nine. Here, you will snoop into tuneful sounds of piano notes that burst the fame in the present scenario. Take a one-time visit, and you will get relished into the best delicacies mentioned in Food & Wine Magazine. In addition, you will have the sense of hearing instrumental and vocal expertise too. 

Alongside, you will enjoy handcrafted cocktails ever after that, such as Gosling’s Ginger Beer, Tito’s handmade vodka, fruit-infused Howlin’ Punch, as well as fresh lime vodka. Spending a non-stop party, you can have an excellent opportunity to make a go of a fun-friendly and rowdy environment, starting from early evening till last in wee hours.   

  • Green Lady Lounge 

Set your heart, level up your desire, and be prepared with a whole pack of decent outfits. Set this evening in a party-pop club and jazz up your footprints with unique dance tones. You will wonder to know the great music and ambiance inside the club are magical resonating, which further showcase you to the local and brilliant artists who’ve illustrated Kansas City’s tradition and life standards. 

Are you an economic folk? Then, look no further. Here, you will get pocket-friendly drinks, classic cocktails with an exotic aroma in sweet vermouth; Old fashioned whiskey, Campari, and a bourbon Manhattan. What’s more, this nightclub has a fantastic beer catalyst and a small wine menu with an intense focus on amusing music and handcrafted drinks. Here, you will find several appetizers wherein hummus platters or cheese are containing in acute amounts. So get a charm and make your day. 

The Best Bars In Kansas City 

In comparison with other towns, Kansas City has a list of great bars that have been there for a long time ago. The City has a cultural oasis on the landscapes wherein you will venture out chilly and cozy drinks in several varieties. Additionally, you will find a couple of finest breweries, cocktail crafters, distillers, and bartenders that you can unveil in the Midwest of martini bars, best sports bars, speakeasies, and beer bars. 

If you wish to savor what Missouri offers the best, check out the famous and best bars within Kansas City that must be on your bucket list.

  • Kelly’s Westport Inn

At this legendary bar, there are no ruffles in the Westport locale. In 1947, its original establishment came into form, and now, the place is known for its diverse range of wholehearted folks. Its formation is alive with vintage neon and furnished wood, which recalls a time of tradition and great beer pours. Simply speaking, it is an iconic bar that everyone needs to experience in good weather. So, take a seat and watch out for the razzle-dazzle surroundings that kick you on cloud nine.    

  • The Ship

Firstly opened after the revoke of Prohibition 1935, the respected bar of the Ship is a smashing place where several gamblers, politicians, and all classes’ folks, you will find freely without any fuss. In the 1990s, The Ship bar was taken into pieces and removed the decorations. However, decorations in The Ship bar were made with actual and authentic wooden Ship. In the 2000s, a local squad polishes the City to boost the core elements with an acceptable pace of original grandeur. 

  • The Drunken Worm

As the name suggests, it is one of the drunkest dives among the various bar spots. Here, the tequila bar hosts to form the best infusions around the City. It has been made with a cost of one dollar into the hundreds wherein you will discover lip-smacking food hails from the best Mexican City. You can consider this bar without any second thoughts during brunch time and make a fabulous day by adding a charm of the day out in the evening. 

  • Swordfish Tom’s

Allied with the greatest strength of twenty guests and over, you will need to wait outside for your turn. By and large, the inside milieu is outstanding, which doesn’t cease to amaze your eye lines. The cozy bar has eternal surroundings that are worth it to dumbfound you in full vigor. Here, you will find incredible drinks within your means, food portions as well as a cherished attire of concert venture.     

  • Hi-Dive 

Reaching directly next to the doorways of the Worm, the fantastic bar of Hi-Dive provides you with an excellent mixer of stiff drinks, astounding locals, as well as a great brand of Midwestern grime that might be you are pondering for! The Hi-Dive bar is laid back among the other bars, including a slot of oddest beverages, cold drinks, rolling dice, and drool-worthy foodstuffs. Here, you will feel free to enjoy the backdrop with a bit of pinch of background music. 

Night Markets 

Kansas City is home to an assorted amalgamation of merchants and restaurants that provide distinctive flowers, gifts, foods, and specialty home accessories worldwide. Every Saturday, the City hosts the biggest farmer market within the region and an additional marketplace every Wednesday and Sunday. What’s more, it surrounds the open-air market under which 30 restaurants and shops open every year around. In addition, to the night scene, these markets show an impressive array of lively events and special concerts. So get set, go and enjoy the magical allure of these markets right away!

Night Shopping In Kansas City 

If you’re looking for an incredible shopping center, then not a matter of fact, stepping onto the roads of Kansas City offers you an enjoyable and amusing moment. On average, every hamlet of the City renders a rambling mall or experiences an active strip that cherishes you to visit over again. From corner to corner, you will discover limitless forms of high-quality, trendy boutiques, homewares outfits as well as gift accessories. If you are making a plan to tour in Kansas City, make sure to aside some time and make a list of the best nightlife venues, restaurants, and outdoor offerings. Don’t miss the chance now. Open up wide horizons!   


Kansas City merges the perfect backdrop of a traditional and new city and prairie. Often known as the “City of Fountains,” it swanks a lot of outdoor activities that fill your hearts in full spring of joy. When you’re thinking of out of doors, the City feels you a friendly vibe of the local community. When it comes to the nightlife of Kansas City, you can have a great drink at budget-friendly prices, a bit of dancing and have the sense of hearing the melodious music. Here, your search for top-notch restaurants will end as you will find an endless list of unique bars that offers razzle-dazzle ambiance. The theme may be diverse concerning its formation, varying from one bar to another, culture nearby places, and traditional attire. So pick the best time for you and enjoy a moment now or never. 

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