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Nightlife without Salsa is like water without Hydrogen. Tapping your feet to the melodious tunes and rhythms, swaying into the night is what Latin Clubs is all about. The best thing about Latin Clubs is their mutual love for music and dance, all combined to express their emotions. Kansas City has the best to offer in this regard, from BLVD Nights, with their spin-off Latin days, to The Kill Devil Club, a club dedicated entirely to Latin Dances and Salsa; Kansas City proves to be the all-rounder in Nightlife and social gatherings.

If you love Salsa or Latin Clubs, Kansas City may be the correct choice for you. We have hand-picked some of the topmost visited Latin Clubs in Kansas City, especially for you. Take a look at the recommendations; you certainly won’t be disappointed. 

 The Blue Room Kansas City

 The Blue Room Kansas City

The Blue Room– named after the famous 1930s Street Hotel club in the Historic 18th & Vine Jazz District, is a functional Jazz Club part of the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri. The Club features some of the best original Jazz Musicians known to date and creates an ambiance worth listening to and moving on to. The Blue Room gives a platform to all those Local and National Jazz talents in an intimate setting. It doesn’t get any more authentic than The Blue Room and Green Lady Lounge as it already is. The best part is that no cover charge is taken on many of the singers performing most nights.

Want to be convinced even more to visit this place? DownBeat Magazine has nominated The Blue Room in its list of Top 100 Jazz Clubs of the World. The best part, even minors are allowed to attend the shows, provided that a parent or an adult accompanies them.

BLVD Nights Kansas City

BLVD Nights Kansas City

Kansas City’s largest nightclub and partly event venue, BLVD Nights, is the most happening spot in town. Located in the middle of Kansas, just West of Downtown Crossroads District. The location makes it super easy to find the place. Whether you are in the mood for Techno beats, Rhythmic Blues, Jazz, or House music, BLVD Nights has it all for you.

The standard dress attire is “dressy,” You have to look sharp and worry about the crowd much. Table reservations and Bottle Service is also available in BLVD Nights. Not only this, private parties or rental bars are also available if you wish to have more of an intimate gathering with your close ones.

 Mosaic Lounge Kansas City

Mosaic Lounge Kansas City
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After a tiring day when you have no energy left to do anything but feeling a little outdoorsy with a view, Mosaic Kansa City is the place for you. Situated at 1331 Walnut St, it has a great outdoor patio area with comfy seats and a neon light background to click those perfect aesthetic club pictures. Mosaic has you covered if you are looking for a more intimate place just for you and your friends.

The indoor seating capacity is considerably good, with good bottle service and excellent bartenders. Mosaic gives out Miami or LA vibes with the place. It is a little on the pricey side, but the service is excellent and all worthwhile. It is by far the most sophisticated nightclub with breathtaking views of the Power and Light District.

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Howl at the Moon Kansas City

Partly a bar and somewhat a concert venue, Howl at the Moon is your one-stop for a howling night. A Kansas City Visitor’s Choice Winner for Favourite Nightlife Spot, Howl at the Moon, has become a famous place, particularly amongst the over-21 crowd. It is a perfect location for exclusive and non-exclusive gatherings. From Birthday to Bachelorette, from team-building events to graduation parties, Howl at the Moon serves them all.

Going by the motto “Find your Howl,” this Club will take you places. The live music in the Club is an experience in itself. Centered around high beats and some Jazz Music on certain nights, this Club is undoubtedly going to get you dancing in no time!

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Before you decide to hop on a cab and book a ride to a place unknown, have a look at our best picks for you. Latin Clubs are not just dancefloors and high beats music; it is a channel between a heart’s desire and wants. It is also a fun way to socialize, interact and even exercise with the help of music. It is a way of life, an unforgettable spirit that many embrace with open arms. Just make sure that you have those suede soles with you while going out, for this may take you on a journey worth remembering for a lifetime.

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