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Air Conditioned Lounge San Diego, Guide & Review

Air Conditioned Lounge is one of the most paramount and exuberant dance clubs in San Diego – serving people who are young at heart, since the year 2004. The AC Lounge is a legendary dance club that is best known for its zeal and dedication in making people’s celebrations memorable and arresting forever. The venue is for the partygoers above 21 years. The AC Lounge has established itself as one of the most unique lounges among the crowded nightlife scenes of San Diego as it has stayed true to itself – a chic and up to the minute neighborhood dance club that truly takes care by ensuring its clientele feel welcomed and embraced. The Air Conditioned Lounge prides itself on being one of the go-to, exemplary, and finest San Diego celebration spots. The Air Conditioned Lounge has distinct spaces for you to party from an outdoor and all-new Glampisphere social and business meeting space to its inside and most noted Sunken Living Room.

The AC Lounge has anything and everything that the best nightlife spots have on offer. The bottle service is accessible, with more than 60 exclusive in-house beers and liquors. All the days of the week offer something distinct and special. DJs, local as well as internationally-acclaimed, are here to serve you with the best of their talents and skills. The music scene is diverse that caters for the listeners of all the taste. Events and parties jam on a daily basis. VIP Freon Room is a lineup corner booth having stripper poles and door beads. For your private events, the AC Lounge is well equipped in getting you the most delectable food by the best of San Diego’s caterers and restaurateurs. However, it is accommodating for your favorite restaurateur as well. If celebrating, dancing, and drinking is something you are fond of, The AC Lounge has got you covered thoroughly! The choice is all yours!

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