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Atomic San Diego, Guide & Review

One of the most popular restaurants, lounges, and nightclubs in San Diego is Atomic. This unique and exuberant spot is located right in the heart of the district Gaslamp. Atomic, like its name, is the most central element in the entertainment scene of San Diego. It has the most amazing and exotic lights and sound systems. The theme is casual, however, possesses all of the modern and up to the minute flavors of San Francisco. Visit Atomic at your earliest for getting a reclining experience like no other!

The venue has three grand and distinct levels; Tiki Room, Main Level, and Graffiti Bar. Tiki Room is located upstairs that has most reclining and satisfying hookahs, vapes, as well as bottle service. It has the capacity of 40 individuals in a given time. It is also reservable for the private buyouts.

The main level of Atomic is nothing less than a hub of most paramount Southern California DJs, artists, musicians, and performers. Not only the resident talent but the most acclaimed and renowned artists from all over the world come here to perform. The main level is all surrounded by the lights wall in a 360-degree pattern.

The downstairs has the most awe-inspiring and picturesque level. This is Graffiti Bar that has its own DJs and dance floor. This level is so edgy and chic.

The restaurant started in the year 2009. Soon after its inauguration, the restaurant won the hearts of food maniacs and is considered as one of the treasures of Gaslamp that has a variety of delectable tacos with corn tortillas or homemade flour. So, what stops you visiting Atomic! For a once in a lifetime fun experience, visit the Atomic as soon as it is possible for you! We can only give you sincere recommendations. Well, the choice is yours!

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