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Bassmnt San Diego, Guide & Review

Bassmnt San Diego is one of the largest entertainment venues in the district Gaslamp San Diego – that occupies a large area of 15000 sq. ft. The venue has established itself as one of the most famed and renowned night clubs in the town. The atmosphere is chic and trendy. Although, Bassmnt San Diego is all about EDM music genre, however, they offer a separate room that features hip hop as well as other club music genres for a variation. You do not have to compete much as the venue has three separate bars; one larger bar and two smaller bars. Liquor and cocktail menu is miscellaneous and diverse that is exclusively in-house as well. Drinks are good enough to quench your thirst to the utmost level. Only in the upstairs lounge, smoking is not prohibited.

Bassmnt San Diego has three distinct versatile spots, which can be used for the private as well as semi-private events – the Lounge, the Main Room, and the Garden Room. The spot is great to go to when you need to dance madly off the stressful week. The best of EDM is played in Bassmnt. Bassmnt San Diego is also famous for the best bartenders, it owns – who always come up with something exotic and exuberant mixtures for you. Bassmnt SD features first-class bar and lounge furniture as well as a state-of-the-art visual and audio equipment. The most successful events happen in Bassmnt from receptions, collegiate events, and birthday parties to grand corporate dinners. The venue is so intriguing and interesting that you will not help to visit Bassmnt, more often than not, after getting there for once! Bassmnt San Diego, with its dedicated, dutiful, polite, and welcoming staff; is all waiting for you to make your night a once in a lifetime fun experience! Cheers!

Bassmnt San Diego Dress Code Guide

Do you want to spin with your loved one in the most exciting nightclub of San Diego? If so, then you should visit Bassmnt nightclub once. It’s a great place to unwind yourself and recharge your tired bones during the weekend.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code guidelines are slightly different for women. They can wear party clothes like a short cute dress or a long off-shoulder dress. There is no restriction regarding color. They have full liberties regarding accessories too. They can wear any jewelry. However, there is a strict rule regarding shoes. They can wear backless sandals or flip flops. They have to wear heels even if they are not comfortable.

So the trick is to learn dancing comfortably in heels before buying tickets of this nightclub.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself impartially, ‘Would I have asked the woman in the mirror for a dance?” If the answer is yes, then you’re ready. However, if your answer is no, then change the dress immediately.

Don’t wear sports attire, shredded and faded denim. They are not allowed in the nightclub.

Since you have to spend the entire night in Bassmnt, so wear something comfortable. Buy a classy and comfortable dress before you even plan a party in the nightclub.


Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The dress code is casual and chic. You can wear collared shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. It’s better to avoid wearing sneakers, but some kind bouncers may allow you to enter the nightclub. The catch is, bouncers are never kind.

Sports attire and gym shoes have been excluded from the nightclub dress code. So don’t go there wearing a jersey and shorts.

The best shoes for this nightclub are dress shoes. So try to wear them instead. If you have come out of your house wearing tennis shoes and flip flops, then make sure you go back home immediately. The bouncers would never allow you in the nightclub. The same is applicable for the work boots too.

Restrictions for both men and women

  • No sandals and flip flops.
  • No ripped skirts or dresses or tops
  • No drugs like marijuana and cocaine
  • No illegal medicines
  • No hats and shorts
  • No work boots
  • No tank tops
  • No baseball caps and hats
  • No torn clothes
  • No baggy clothes
  • No over-sized bag

Can you carry backpacks?

Unfortunately, you can’t carry backpacks to the nightclub. You have to manage with a small purse only. And, keep in mind that those small bags will also be checked by the doormen.

Our Suggestions 

Each nightclub in San Diego has a different set of rules and regulation. As a good customer, you must follow those rules diligently.

The dress code in Bassmnt is pretty casual and relaxed. So keep your dress simple and stylish.

You can wear comfortable jeans and t-shirt, and start grooving to the EDM music. If you want to get a clear idea, then check out the Facebook profile of Bassmnt nightclub. You’ll get lots of pictures of guests there.

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