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The Best Places to go Clubbing in San Diego

1. Spin Nightclub San Diego

Spin Nightclub San Diego

Spin Nightclub San Diego  SD was established in the year 2009 and it has been doing great since then. Spin SD is famous for taking the nightlife of the town to a whole new level. It is a grand nightclub that comprises over 10K square foot and has 3 multifaceted levels. The venue is huge and takes pride in providing its guests with the ultimate as well as the intimate night out experience.

2. Side Bar San Diego

Side Bar San Diego

Side Bar San Diego is just an intelligent mixture of both the nightclub and an ultra lounge, which provides its guests with the most dynamic, ultimate, and intimate fun experience. The venue is also famed for its classic sex appeal. An array of velvet couches and leather booths serve for both the bottle service tables and the lounge seating.

3. Sevilla Nightclub San Diego

Sevilla Nightclub San Diego

Sevilla Nightclub San Diego extends an intimate ambiance, VIP bottle service, salsa lessons, bachata lessons, merengue lessons, roomy dance floor, amenities, and more. The dance lessons are given Tuesday to Thursday. The best DJs, not only the resident but globally-acclaimed artists make their appearance at Sevilla and keep this venue alive and kicking. Sevilla is always looking to extend a unique and exuberant atmosphere with the most paramount in Latin as well as live entertainment and open format DJs.

4. Phantom Lounge and Nightclub San Diego 

Phantom Lounge and Nightclub San Diego 

Phantom Lounge and Nightclub San Diego is one of the few indoor spaces that allow their patrons to smoke a hookah. Added to hookah facility, liquors and cocktails menu of Phantom is just unparalleled and outstanding. The prices of drinks are pretty reasonable as compared with other similar spaces in the town.

5. Parq Nightclub San Diego

Parq Nightclub San Diego

Parq Nightclub San Diego comes second to none in providing its patrons with an ultimate and intimate clubbing experience. Guests enter via an awe-inspiring Grotto tunnel, which opens up to 10K square foot of lush event space. Thus nightclub space is equipped with a grand 32 ft. LED screen, 42 ft. stage, 2 in-house premier bars, and additional space for dinner and cocktail receptions. The best DJs of all times have made their appearance at this one of a kind nightclub.

6. The Casbah San Diego

The Casbah San Diego

The Casbah San Diego has been the only preeminent as well as rock-and-roll venue in San Diego since its birth, in the year 1989. The venue is growing better and stronger with each passing day. It is one of the most favorite spots of partygoers in San Diego. People, from far off places visit this ultimate nightlife spot and keep it alive and kicking.

7. The Rail San Diego

The Rail San Diego

The Rail San Diego SD is arguably the first and foremost gay bar in San Diego. Originally launched for the business in the historic building of downtown Orpheum Theatre – The Rail saw the light in the year 1930. Soon after its inauguration, the venue became an instant hit among the business professionals, who had started visiting it daily for lunch. In the evening, the venue got heat up as one of the top-notch meeting destinations. Back in those days, the law enforcement authority was known to get entered with the flashes saying ‘All hands above the bar”, that is, to keep the men from holding each other’s hands.

8. Oxford Social Club San Diego 

Oxford Social Club San Diego 

Oxford Social Club San Diego is nothing less than an elevated and overhead nightlife. With the avant-garde ambiance, chic atmosphere, and state of the art sound and lighting systems – Oxford Social Club has established itself as one of the most arresting and attractive nightlife spots in San Diego. This most awe-inspiring and exuberant club is located in the core of the Gaslamp District, in San Diego. People from far off areas visit this marvelous place after hearing about the fun that Oxford Social Club is extending out. The venue is a swanky and lush nightclub that offers the culture, attitude, and energy of the vibrant 5th Avenue.

9. The Tipsy Crow San Diego

The Tipsy Crow San Diego

The Tipsy Crow San Diego is always inviting you for stepping in an old and vintage world experience while leaving the conventional downtown behind. Blending craft beers, unique and gastronomic bites, classic decor, and quality cocktails, The Tipsy Crow came up with the years of upscale service and experience. The venue is a corner bar and one of the most preeminent destinations on the most famous block in the district Gaslamp of San Diego. The venue also got featured in the ScoopSD.

10. Whiskey Girl San Diego

Whiskey Girl San Diego

Rush to the Whiskey Girl San Diego as early as possible before it gets crowded. One of the longest-running entertainment spots in Gaslamp Quarter is the Whiskey Girl. The venue is conveniently revealed within walking distance from Pecto Park and Convention Center on 5th Ave in street G. Unlike its name, the Whiskey Girl is more popular for its gastronomic and plate-licking good cuisine than for its whiskeys.

11. F6ix San Diego 

F6ix San Diego 

F6ix San Diego is located at the Sixth Avenue and F Street in the district Gaslamp. The modest entrance of the venue features a beautiful staircase, which descends you to reveal its hidden gem downstairs. The venue occupies 6,000 sq. ft and designed by one of the most notable and renowned design teams of San Diego, named OCIO Design Group. F6ix glows with vibrant colors and extend the electrifying hip-hop beats.

12. Onyx Nightclub San Diego

Onyx Nightclub San Diego

Onyx Nightclub San Diego  takes pride in being one of the most paramount representatives of San Diego’s nightlife scene for many a year. Onyx features a multifarious local talent as well as international DJs spinning the world-class performances for keeping this venue alive and kicking. For those watching out for the most exuberant clubbing experience, Onyx Nightclub is simply the best!

13. BKYD Club San Diego

BKYD Club San Diego

BKYD Club San Diego  which is considered second to none, in providing its clientele with a once in a lifetime kind of fun and entertainment. The venue is located along the most popular corner of Mission Blvd. and Garnet Avenue in the Pacific Beach. The location itself is a nature’s marvel. BKYD Club has all the entertainment aspects and elements, which, a most paramount and exotic day and nightlife spot must-have.

14. OMNIA Nightclub San Diego

OMNIA Nightclub San Diego

OMNIA Nightclub San Diego stuffed with burgundy-colored velvet wallcovering as well as the mirrored portal, which is lined with the arresting and massive LED screens. OMNIA is modeled after its counterpart club in Las Vegas. OMNIA SD prides itself in taking San Diego’s nightlife to a whole new level of excellence featuring the highest-rank talent with paramount DJs such as Afrojack, Tiesto, 3LAU, Gareth Emery, Calvin Harris, and more, gracing the deck.

15. Bassmnt San Diego

Bassmnt San Diego

Bassmnt San Diego is one of the largest entertainment venues in the district Gaslamp San Diego – that occupies a large area of 15000 sq. ft. The venue has established itself as one of the most famed and renowned night clubs in the town. The atmosphere is chic and trendy. Although, Bassmnt San Diego is all about EDM music genre, however, they offer a separate room that features hip hop as well as other club music genres for a variation. You do not have to compete much as the venue has three separate bars; one larger bar and two smaller bars. Liquor and cocktail menu is miscellaneous and diverse that is exclusively in-house as well. Drinks are good enough to quench your thirst to the utmost level. Only in the upstairs lounge, smoking is not prohibited.

16. Moonshine Flats San Diego 

Moonshine Flats San Diego 

Moonshine Flats San Diego  boats a colossal wooden dance floor as well as one of the biggest LED screens in San Diego. Moonshine Flats has established itself as one of the top-notch and highest-rank go-to place in San Diego to party, dance, and let loose! The most famed elements of the venue include line dancing, live music, and globally-acclaimed DJs spinning rock, pop, and top country.

17. Bang Bang San Diego

Bang Bang San Diego

A relatively new and most up to the minute entertainment venue in San Diego is none other than the Bang Bang San Diego. The venue prides itself in extending the most paramount and scrumptious Asian-fusion cuisine. As you enter the place, you will feel as you have checked in some make-believe and dream-like place. A tunneled stairway is your entrance, which reminds you of the Tokyo subway station. This tunnel takes you in the most unique and exotic dimension of Bang Bang to create your own exclusive and memorable experience at the venue.

18. Loft 25 San Diego

Loft 25 San Diego

Loft 25 San Diego comes second to one, which has established its name as one of the most paramount night-out spots in Gaslamp district. You will witness the best of Gaslamp fun at this venue. People from far off places come here to relax and enjoy with their loved ones. The best events and parties of San Diego happen at Loft 25. The venue seems so quiet and settled as you check in earlier than club timing. After some time, it will turn around in one of the most vibrant and electrifying places you have ever been to. The lighting and sound systems are just state-of-the-art!

19. Atomic San Diego

Atomic San Diego

Atomic San Diego is unique and exuberant spot is located right in the heart of the district Gaslamp. Atomic, like its name, is the most central element in the entertainment scene of San Diego. It has the most amazing and exotic lights and sound systems. The theme is casual, however, possesses all of the modern and up to the minute flavors of San Francisco. Visit Atomic at your earliest for getting a reclining experience like no other!

20. La Luz Ultralounge San Diego

La Luz Ultralounge San Diego

La Luz Ultralounge San Diego is most arguably, your thing! Formerly, La Luz Ultralounge was known as ‘Caribe Nightclub and Restaurant’, that kept serving for 14 years and was considered as the kept hidden secret of South Bay. The venue undergone restructuring and remodeling with its name change as La Luz Ultralounge, which too has established itself as one of the hottest nightclubs of San Diego.

21. Altitude Sky Lounge San Diego

Altitude Sky Lounge San Diego

Altitude Sky Lounge San Diego is located on the 22nd storey of Marriott hotel right in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. If you reach AS Lounge before nightfall, you will get to see Coronado Island, Point Loma, Coronado Bridge, and even Mexico. Among all other most acclaimed sky bars in the town, the Altitude Sky Lounge has the most on offer. The place is worth it to go and check out the most awe-inspiring and picturesque views, in case, you do not drink.

22. Fluxx Nightclub San Diego

Fluxx Nightclub San Diego

Fluxx Nightclub San Diego is the most loved and famed for intimating the live music performances by the top-tier artists and hottest DJs of the present epoch. Fluxx is the habitat of the elite of San Diego, that surpasses all the standard VIP experiences by making its patrons feel at home and enjoyed with the first-class service. Believe it or not, all of your senses will be heightened and intensified soon as you enter this exuberant venue. People from all over San Diego come here to recline and relax. Fluxx guarantees you the most unforgettable and arresting experiences. The party keeps revolving around you all night. There is not a party that Fluxx cannot throw. This is why it keeps getting voted as the San Diego’s most paramount nightclub almost every year.

23. Air Conditioned Lounge San Diego

Air Conditioned Lounge San Diego

Air Conditioned Lounge San Diego is one of the most paramount and exuberant dance clubs in San Diego – serving people who are young at heart, since the year 2004. The AC Lounge is a legendary dance club that is best known for its zeal and dedication in making people’s celebrations memorable and arresting forever. The venue is for the partygoers above 21 years. The AC Lounge has established itself as one of the most unique lounges among the crowded nightlife scenes of San Diego as it has stayed true to itself – a chic and up to the minute neighborhood dance club that truly takes care by ensuring its clientele feel welcomed and embraced. The Air Conditioned Lounge prides itself on being one of the go-to, exemplary, and finest San Diego celebration spots. The Air Conditioned Lounge has distinct spaces for you to party from an outdoor and all-new Glampisphere social and business meeting space to its inside and most noted Sunken Living Room.

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What area of San Diego has the best nightlife?

The heart of San Diego’s nightlife action is found in Downtown’s lively Gaslamp Quarter. Here, 16 walkable city blocks are filled with rooftop bars, hot nightclubs boasting celebrity DJ’s, moody jazz clubs and happening restaurants spilling out onto the sidewalk.

What do you wear to a club in San Diego?

f you plan on hitting some of the nicer clubs in Downtown San Diego, common dress codes include no open-toed shoes, athletic shoes, hats, T-shirts (unless you’re wearing a sports coat of similar over it) or baggy jeans for men

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