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The Rail San Diego

San Diego

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The Rail San Diego, Guide & Review

The Rail SD is arguably the first and foremost gay bar in San Diego. Originally launched for the business in the historic building of downtown Orpheum Theatre – The Rail saw the light in the year 1930. Soon after its inauguration, the venue became an instant hit among the business professionals, who had started visiting it daily for lunch. In the evening, the venue got heat up as one of the top-notch meeting destinations. Back in those days, the law enforcement authority was known to get entered with the flashes saying ‘All hands above the bar”, that is, to keep the men from holding each other’s hands.

The Rail got relocated to Hillcrest in the early years of the 1960s and its clientele continued to come here as well, on account of its lounge-style atmosphere and arresting surroundings. Hence, the venue continued to thrive as one of the landmark destinations in the town. The furnishings and decor are modern, however, reminiscent of the country’s rich history with details of wood, brick, inviting outdoor/indoor patio areas, crimped wall treatments, and exclusively designed private spaces.

The Rail SD serves up the ultra-modern versions of lunch and brunch menu, crafted beer, and artisanal cocktails. So, it functions as both the daytime social venue and a nightlife hotspot. The Rail takes pride in providing you with its heritage. Being almost a century old, this family-owned business has been contributed to the time-tested legacy of dedication to its community. People from far off areas come to experience the ultimate clubbing and dining here.

The Rail SD is looking forward to serving you with San Diego’s most paramount talent in artists, dancers, performers, and DJs. So, without any further delay, make it to this one of a kind venue. Go, hang with the wonderful crowd at The Rail!

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